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July 2018 Discussion: The Alchemist

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Ashley Cummins | 47 comments Mod
A thread about our July 2018 book choice!

Ashley Cummins | 47 comments Mod
I am actually so surprised with the writing of this book. I usually am not the type of person who enjoys stories that are heavily based in morals/lessons, and tend to more often than not, think that they come off as corny. But I actually thought that this was done pretty well. Although it WAS based in a lot of hoary plot, I think the fact that there was small lessons that built on top of one another instead of one huge "life changing moral" really made the difference in how much I liked this book.

I also enjoyed how much the novel talked about a person's own power and how important it is to put your path/dreams in front of everything else. I don't think enough people learn to let go of fear, and many settle for situations that they'll never be truthfully happy in, because they are scared of change. It also makes me reflect on my own situations of stagnancy in my own life, and how fear holds me back from the situations that will best serve me and the world around me.

This book wasn't a 5 for me, but I did think I read this at a time in my life where I both needed this and was more receptive to the lessons that it was trying to highlight. It also was pretty well developed considering how small the piece of literature actually was. That was enough to afford it a 4 from me. Yes, what is captured in this book has been done before, but I definitely think that this stands on it's own in a way that makes it worth the read.

Julie Catone | 14 comments First of all, sorry I am so late with this.

This book was recommended to me by a friend who said he read it at least once every year because that's how good it was so I was interested.

That being said, when I first starting reading this, I was kind of bored. I thought this was going to be preachy and super religious but as I continued with the book (which was a super quick read, by the way!) I got more into it. I found that it was more inspirational, not in a preachy way. And the lessons you learn from the book were given at good paces. It wasn't just one lesson right after the other.

I think my favorite part was when he met the girl and the relationship they shared together. I thought it was a super important lesson that it's okay to be your own self in a relationship and that one doesn't complete the other but they compliment each other.

Ashley, I totally agree with you on having fear hold me back from going after certain things in my life. More often now than when we read this book.

I didn't love reading this book. I think I will go back and read it again one day. It's one of those books I think you have to read and keep rereading every once in a while to check in on yourself.

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