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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Paranormal Romance - alpha saves mate in a bar. Lets her live her life before he claims her

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Lauren | 3 comments Hi all,

I read a book last year about a girl who visits a bar with her sister. I believe her sister is seeing a werewolf guy and flirts with everyone , whereas the main character does her homework on the bar while her sister is flirting with others. She is reluctant to go but eventually agrees to go to the bar with her sister.

The main character meets her mate in a bar, he is scary looking and has tattoos and saves her from a group of bikers who show up in the bar. He claims her as his to save her, but turns out to be his mate.

She goes home, and forgets all about it. However, the Alpha wants to mate her but she is too young. He speaks to her grandma (i think) and they decide not to tell her about him. He pays for her college (without her knowing) but when she returns back to her town he wants to claim her (years later).

He kidnaps her and takes her to his house, where she meets his pack. She is reluctant to mate with him and tries to escape.

i believe eventually he realises that she is unhappy and lets her move back in with her grandmother. Something happens and he fights for her. Then they mate and live happily ever after.

I know this is a long post, but help would be appreciated. Been looking for this book for a while. Hope you can help!

Lauren :)

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Shelia Williams | 747 comments Sounds interesting

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Kate Farrell | 4072 comments Mod
Lauren ~~
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Hanna suwad (hannasuwad) | 27 comments Very interesting story

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Melanie | 494 comments bumping bc i'm interested

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