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--- taught by ms. munroe, open when class is not in session

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((I'm just going to mention one of my other characters, for roleplaying purposes. I'm not roleplaying as her, though))

A small, gentle featured boy sat in the back of a crowd of students-feeling a lot smaller than usual... A group had gathered around a girl with dark hair that faded into blue. She's got a weird style... Kiyoshi noted distantly, wincing when a particularly energetic guy next to him burst out of his seat and came bounding down the steps to start talking enthusiastically with another student. Feeling a bit small, Kiki did his best to sit up tall-the way his father encouraged-but found himself hunching over his music instead. There was a gentle pounding in the Japanese boy's head ever since the start of the tremors, and he was wishing it would stop. Because medication wasn't working, tea wasn't working, nothing was working. But, hey, it wasn't as bad as some of the heavily moon influenced students-now those were people going through a world of pain...

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muuumew | 29 comments Max stretched his arms as he walked. He had been wandering around Addermire's large campus, with little to no care for the world. Despite being nothing close to a singer, he found himself standing in front of the choir room. The door was opened slightly, so he slipped in, and looked around. One could easily tell that he was skipping class. While he didn't skip often, every once in a while he needed a break from the constant droning of his teachers. Max walked over towards the back, finding himself sitting next to a lonely looking boy. At first, he didn't say anything. He simply watched the large group, but then he turned to the other boy. "Why aren't you hanging out with them?" Max asked. He probably should've just introduced himself, but his curiosity got the best of him.

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Jumping slightly, wide brown eyes flickering over to the stranger's face, Kiyoshi took a moment to take in the other's appearance. Swallowing slowly, Kiki sucked in a quick breath and mumbled out a quiet "hello". "I'm Kiyoshi Ito, it's a pleasure to meet you... I am not the best in social situations, so I choose to avoid them." The neko reshuffled his papers, a bit of a nervous tic really, and the question slipped out before Kiki could bite it back, "You're not a choir student, are you?"

((sorry, I'm actually going to bed right now. I'm trying to go to bed earlier, now that school's starting. I'll be going to bed at 9 or 9:30 pm central now-just to let you know))

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muuumew | 29 comments ((okay! oops, i should be going to sleep earlier too :') ))

Max's large wings definitely weren't low-key, despite him trying to keep hidden in the back. In fact, a few people even looked in his direction. He adjusted the visor he was wearing, even though he was indoors. A playful, almost mischievous grin made its way onto his facial features. "Of course I'm not." Max said, and held out a hand. "I'm Max Williar, pleased to meet ya." He added, and turned back towards the crowd. "Hm, I can understand that. Not everyone is a social butterfly. Or- Social griffin." He said, gesturing towards his wings and laughing like the pun he made was one of the funniest things.

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((XD School startin' for you, too?))

Curling his hand, Kiyoshi returned Max's handshake with a gentle handshake in return. Smiling a bit, Kiki nervously patted the seat next to him, "Maybe you can sit in on the choir lesson-if all you're doing is skipping your actual class?" The smaller boy's grin was shy but sincere, and full of amusement. "I'm a neko," he responded, motioning to himself.

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muuumew | 29 comments ((sadlyyyy, tomorrow is actually my first day))

"Mm, that actually doesn't sound too bad." Max said, accepting the other boy's offer, and taking a seat. He angled his body so that his large wings wouldn't hit Kiyoshi. "That's cool. What's your cat form look like?" Max asked, leaning forward curiously. Before giving the other boy a chance to reply, he spoke again. "I'm a mix between a griffin and a sphinx." He said, not going into further detail.

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Eyes catching on Max's wings, curiosity lighting up the boy's gaze, Kiyoshi turned his head away from the sight and met the other's eyes. "My cat form is a Japanese Bobtail-white with dark ebony, grayish splotches." Shifting around so that he faced the hybrid, Kiki's lips turned upwards in another smile, "That's very cool," he murmured, bowing slightly when he said "very" before leaning back up, straight and tall. Well, short compared to Max-but... Whatever.....(( 0-0 Height differences and me = struggle is real))

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muuumew | 29 comments ((oof,, max is like 5'4 kiyoshi must be very small lol))

Max grinned. "Really? I wish I was a neko." He said, in response. He would love to simply turn into a cat and lie around all day. If Max were a cat, he'd definitely be very lazy. "Mm, I wouldn't necessarily say it's cool." Max began. "It's kind of confusing, but whatever." Despite the shift of tone in their conversation, a mischievous smile tugged at his lips. "So, do you sing?"

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((kiki is actually 5' 3"-an inch shorter. It's still "tall" for him))

Scratching the back of his neck, the Japanese boy gave Max a shy smile, "Being a neko is pretty cool, but not as cool as your wings..." Kiyoshi wasn't... The best at giving compliments... I mean, he gave them a lot-but they always came out with a stutter, not nearly as smoothly as others could manage.

"Oh!" Cringing, Kiki nodded slightly, "I-I do, actually. I'm a soprano," he added quickly, in a very small voice. Kiyoshi didn't have the highest pitched speaking voice, but his singing voice could reach fairly high tones before cracking.

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