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-- taught by sarang

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 125 comments Zayn entered the large workout room knowing he wanted to warm up before class started. It was already a late start on his regular routine and he was feeling out of sorts. He had been, ever since everyone got shaken up, over a week ago. He laid his gym bag down in the corner and started to wrap his knuckles with boxing tape. During class hours all clothes were required, but during free periods guys could sweat without their shirts clinging to their skin. He started on the five hundred bag and drew back fist and knees plowing into it with the clash of thunder every time he made contact.
He continued running the thought of a cold Canadian winter biting against his lips until it hurt to speak or even breath. He felt sweat already dripping from his brow and not realizing at all he had taken on the appearance of a swirling humanoid storm. The entire room was filled with wind and lightening. He struck the sand bag with his arm and lightening ricocheted all over the room. He finally settled and calmed down. Human for a bit, but his form continued to flicker. He was breathing heavily and with each of his breaths the air pressure changed in the room. He controlled himself as he continued punching the heavy bags, but he wasn't going to lose focus again.

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It wasn’t unusual to have enthusiastic students. Sarang had seen decades of them come and go, sometimes losing that enthusiasm and sometimes not. It was really a toss-up, in his opinion. The hybrid watched some of the students in his class galavanting around the room at what they likely perceived to be their designated or best stations ( whichever it was, he didn’t care ). Head tilted to the side, he twirled the rings on his fingers as he observed them a moment longer. He hadn’t bothered looking at his roster recently and at this point didn’t know names - but they wouldn’t matter in a couple hundred years, most likely, so what would be the point?

“Sparky, Ms. Spider-monkey; care to join us on the floor?” His smile didn’t quite match the not-so-playful bite of his words and harmless name calling. They’d likely be stuck with those names for however long they were stuck in this class. The sleeves of his shirt were probably much too long for this class, though the bottom half of his attire certainly fit more. He toyed with the hem of his sleeves, fingers just barely peeking out of them.

He flipped silver hair from his eyes, revealing them to be much the same color as he surveyed the students gathering in the center of the room. He had to do this introduction spiel every single time and Sarang could confidently say he was tired of it. “Welcome to Magical Combat. I’m sure you all think you know what this class is about, but as our lovely little stormboy and squirrel have demonstrated, you’re probably wrong. Before we get started, I want you all to show me what ability you think is your strongest.”

A simple enough task. Making the students line up, he went down it as each demonstrated what they thought they had the most control of. Some of it wasn’t anything spectacular, and some of it was bordering impressive. But then again, Sarang had been around a long time and he’d seen a lot of things; what really impressed him these days? Not a lot.

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 125 comments Zayn's form still flickered from solid to storm as if someone were going to open a window and he would quickly blow away. Breathing heavily he pulled his shirt back over his head. The sleeves were cut out of it and the collar quickly became soaked by his sweat. Zayn had taken this course for the second time and was not about to go through what his weaknesses were again. He never even noticed the classroom filling up and people starting up for class. Sarang was no one to test and Zayn knew he should file in with the rest. He was lost to the back of the group while fae would flash sparks or show a cool kick in mid-air. A Siren sang and broke her nail followed by running and crying. Another showed some sort of impressive burning light and so on. He was hopeful that everyone got enough of what he can do and didn't wish for Sarang to say anything to him. His bag was in the corner still and his image slowly became more real as he focused more on what his procedure was before starting class. Zayn's chest rose and collapsed hard still from his vigorous workout. He felt this day was going to be a hard one for him. He had no idea where the moon phase was, but he had noticed that his powers were not in check and he was losing control more and more.

Zayn had given no thought to the previous week's event of an earthquake. Sure it was the first ever recorded earthquake in Portermount, but what did that have to do with anything. He wasn't sure how it effected him, but he did notate the loss of control he once held over his powers. It was as if his natural element was trying to rip him apart to be free. He felt as if something inside of him wanted out. He wanted out of himself and nothing was going to stop it from happening. He felt his soul tearing in two and his body pushing to become shreds. Then reality hit once more. He realized "Sparky" and "Stormboy" were references to him. That was good, he wouldn't have too much he would need to demonstrate. "Sir, sorry to interrupt what I presume was a well rehearsed introduction to the newer students, but wouldn't it be easier to know your weakness before finding your strength?" Stupid, stupid...stupid!!! What was Zayn thinking, trying to get everyone killed by this demonic professor who has seen the best of them fail? He only opened his mouth to make sure he was still in reality and his words weren't leaving his head out his mouth. Oh no, they were leaving his head and running rampant out his arse. Now he just made the wrong decision and he felt it coming. He even held a slight blush over his cheekbones. He was about to be singled out and he knew it. He looked over at the girl referred to as "Squirrel. He hadn't noticed her previously, she must be a year or so below him, but that made no difference he was losing track all over again. He had to get out of the situation. Maybe he could play it off as if he were in the wrong room...No! Sarang has seen his face and wouldn't be so naive to believe something like that..."Bathroom!" Awe man, now it came out...What was he doing? Zayn's eyes were wide his palms as sweaty as his collar and he knew this was his moment of defeat. He had simply self-sabotaged just by opening his mouth. "I mean the.... fourth floor bathrooms are flooded if you wish to inform our janitorial squad?" Oh yeah, way to play it off smooth, dumbass.

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There was one student that seemed intent on digging himself into a grave. The same boy he’d called two ridiculous nicknames in a row, and yet he didn’t seem to get it. The hybrid merely watched him fumble with his words with a brow raised. He hadn’t asked for chatter of any sort, but somehow that had escaped this student. He wouldn’t say the boy was familiar but to have the gall to question him? Interesting. Sarang smiled sweetly while the boy got out all that he needed to say. “Are you done? I think you’re just about done. Squirrel won’t be of much help to you, other than trying to get you to shut up.” His voice was light and airy, no hint of anything other than amusement in his tone.

“Now — the reason I ask for your strengths is because you’ll be using them against me.” His smile widened, enough that his eyes turned into little crescents. “I won’t be going easy on you, and you’ll certainly have anything else you want to use at your disposal.” The point of the exercise ( other than getting to beat the shit out of students ) was to force them to use all of the weapons in their magical arsenal — regardless of how small they thought it might be. With ease, all eight of his tails unfurled behind him. “Interrupt me again, and you’ll be cleaning those bathrooms you’re so concerned about with your mouth.” Maybe not that, but probably something close it.

With a wave of his hand, he gestured for them to get on with their demonstrations if they would. His eyes darkened slightly, flickering obsidian for a moment before settling on a glimmering gold. “I’ll give you all a moment to consider how you’ll come at me; talk amongst yourselves.”

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 125 comments Zayn moved toward Ava as they were dismissed for only seconds before having to fight this crazy teacher of theirs. "Sorry, I just...I've been feeling weird recently and I don't feel balanced." He tried to explain how he felt about a week ago when his world became upside down. "It's just like my powers are running wild. I don't know what I can and cannot do anymore." He felt his face blushing again and glared toward their dog-breathed instructor. He even gestured for a few kids to come their way. "The key to fighting a guy like this isn't in the defeat, because I promise we will be defeated....It's just we need to keep more flashes as a distraction. Who is good at that?" Zayn continued looking around, before pointing at Ava, "You can move around from place to place if you do that why not try to keep his focus on you while we fight, okay?" He was trying hard to take lead of the group, but it seemed almost natural for him to do so. He wasn't very good at following others as it was. Sweat dripped from Zayn's brow and he glanced toward the professor once more. "I am looking to get out of this with minimal damage. If we keep him distracted he will have no choice but to take us out quickly so less pain on our parts." He was trying to be reassuring. He wasn't sure why he even tried to get out of the classroom to begin with or was it he wasn't sure why he didn't go through with leaving. This had t be the worst group effort ever to take place in Addermire history.

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Leaned up against the wall, the picture of nonchalance, he wondered if any of them realized he could hear them just fine. Stormboy, as it were, was 'looking to get out of this with minimal damage'. The hybrid had to admit that he had a good plan, but it was more a matter of how well they could execute it. And, with the situation as he had mentioned - those moon influenced were at a bit of a disadvantage; Sarang could include himself there, but not by too much. Gold eyes were fletched in silver for a moment, before the color washed over in its entirety. The appearance of weapons was a bit tasteful in his opinion - this was a magical combat class after all.

No matter. They'd realize that those would be no more than hunks of useless metal soon enough. He stretched idly, pretending not to pay much attention to the group as they prepared. His brow furrowed with false concentration as he slid easily into a lunge, flicking hair from his face. It wouldn't be much longer before they set upon him.

"We don't have all day."

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Zayn pointed at Ava, "Blind him now!" He shouted as he clinched his fist and flexed every muscle in his body. Lightening surged in his fist while sparks began to ignite all around him. It was like a giant energy surge meeting in one place for an even bigger explosion. His eyes turned lightning blue and for a second his body seemed transparent. He started to look more like a whirlwind than a person. Zayn shouted pushing his fist in front of him as his entire form shifted into a swirling storm in the flickering shape of a horse. The stormy creature galloped across the room Zayn's voice sounded like white-noise from a radio. "Take him out!" The horse shouted as rain and lightening suddenly filled the entire room with all strikes arching at the professor.

The horse galloped toward Professor Sarang. blast of electricity were jolting off of the punching bags and snaking around the metal chains. Every bit of the storm was wired to head straight for Sarang, but the horse lost momentum in front of Sarang and from the cloud Zayn came flying out right toward the professor. The horse vanished into nothing and the storm seemed to have filled the entire room. It was like an indoor typhoon about to wash everyone of them away. Zayn's face turned from a champion charging to a frightened boy trying to control his fall. The ventus fell flat on his stomach at the professors feet. The rest of the group had their chance, but Zayn was clearly out of the fight. He charged up way more energy than he desired and he lost it all at once having no idea how to control that much power. He lost it all to lack of focus, that had to be the answer. He just wasn't focused right now. He beat his fist on the floor before his instructor. "Damn it!" He shouted in vain as he watched a couple of fae kids flash their sparks and flowers and was that an arrow that just clipped Zayn's ear?

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There was a stark difference in control with each student. Regardless of the ability, the hybrid found that there was the underlying sense of fear or perhaps even some bit of arrogance. Watching Zayn fall flat on his face in front of him and Ava attempt to blind him with her shadows was proof of the latter. That they thought their plan would work out - with Sarang’s many, many years of this and their inexperience - he didn’t see how they could even think such a thing.

They were slow. At least, to him. As Ava vaulted herself upward, it didn’t take much more than a thought for him to conjure up the same storm horse that Zayn had attempted to attack him with - and another copy of himself. Both smiled up at the girl, before her vision was clouded with smoke. The whole room, in its state of storm and chaos, was filled with echoes of his voice as he spoke.

“Now, that — that was sloppy. I don’t recall saying we could use weapons in this class. It’s called magical combat for a reason, dear.” And as if he’d been speaking in her ear when she landed, glowing gold eyes would appear behind Ava. Beside Zayn and several others would be eyes either silver or black as night and they might think they were being lifted off the ground, dangling from some great height as the floor fell away. “I’d give that a solid F.”

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Zayn kept his head down as he stood finding the winds and storm easy enough to tolerate before everything suddenly felt like it was turning inside out. The entire room turned into a void of storm and now the floor seemed entirely distant as it vanished into nothing. "What's happening?! Stop this!" He urged their instructor, but he knew better than to expect anything less than what was happening now. Zayn felt weightless in the room which was now a darkness filled with eyes. He couldn't muster a single bit of his storm to his will. He felt nauseous and could feel the blood leaving his face. If it were ever possible for a Ventus to be afraid of falling this was that moment. He had been rendered useless in battle just by losing the tiniest bit of focus. The classroom was no longer present and for Zayn neither was the class. He felt his vision tunnel and that was it for him before he blacked out entirely. He felt his body going limp and cold and for a fraction of a moment he actually thought he might be dying.

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