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The Darkest Legacy (The Darkest Minds, #4)
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BUDDY READ: Dystopian/Sci-Fi > The Darkest Legacy (The Darkest Minds #4) by Alexandra Bracken - Starting August 22nd 2018

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Lara (Bookish_turtle) | 833 comments Five years after the destruction of the so-called rehabilitation camps that imprisoned her and countless other Psi kids, seventeen-year-old Suzume "Zu" Kimura has assumed the role of spokesperson for the interim government, fighting for the rights of Psi kids against a growing tide of misinformation and prejudice. But when she is accused of committing a horrifying act, she is forced to go on the run once more in order to stay alive.

Determined to clear her name, Zu finds herself in an uncomfortable alliance with Roman and Priyanka, two mysterious Psi who could either help her prove her innocence or betray her before she gets the chance. But as they travel in search of safety and answers, and Zu grows closer to the people she knows she shouldn't trust, they uncover even darker things roiling beneath the veneer of the country's recovery. With her future-and the future of all Psi-on the line, Zu must use her powerful voice to fight back against forces that seek to drive the Psi into the shadows and save the friends who were once her protectors.

From #1 New York Times best-selling author Alexandra Bracken comes a harrowing story of resilience, resistance, and reckoning that will thrill loyal fans and new readers alike.

Dalziel Mapp (dalzieldestroyedbybooksdailymapp) Sorry I'm late! Starting this today!

Lara (Bookish_turtle) | 833 comments My copy only just came!! About to start :)

Kelli (kk00) | 712 comments I’ll be joining too after I finish my current book. Give me a couple days and I’ll be in!!

Kelli (kk00) | 712 comments Chapter 1-13
It took me a little while to catch on to how everything was going in this book. From the summary I knew that this was Zu’s story, but still had to kind of get a grasp for what was going on and what had changed. It seems as though the Psi have been integrated back into the population, but definitely not given all the same rights. People are scared - ok, the Psi can definitely do harm - but there are bad people in the world too you know?
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Sanah Shabbir (szs_30) | 479 comments Ch 10 (view spoiler)

Sanah Shabbir (szs_30) | 479 comments Ch 20 (view spoiler)

Sanah Shabbir (szs_30) | 479 comments Ch 30 (view spoiler)

Sanah Shabbir (szs_30) | 479 comments finished (view spoiler)

Kelli (kk00) | 712 comments Chapter 32
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Kelli (kk00) | 712 comments Thru chapter 40
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Kelli (kk00) | 712 comments Finished
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message 13: by Lara (new) - rated it 3 stars

Lara (Bookish_turtle) | 833 comments Finally making decent progress on this!!

Chapter 20: (view spoiler)

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Lara (Bookish_turtle) | 833 comments Chapter 38: (view spoiler)

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Lara (Bookish_turtle) | 833 comments Chapter 43: (view spoiler)

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Lara (Bookish_turtle) | 833 comments Finished: (view spoiler)

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