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Shomeret | 1388 comments 9)All Out: The No-Longer-Secret Stories of Queer Teens Throughout the Ages ed. Saundra Mitchell
(Historical LGBT Anthology) 353 pages.
Source: Library Started: 7/24 Finished: 7/31

Why Read: I read some reviews on Goodreads that attracted my interest. I love good historical fiction and an anthology fits this slot in my reading schedule.

Comments: I read eight stories. "Roja" by Anne Marie McLemore is a really original Little Red Riding Hood retelling that takes place in Mexico 1870. I loved it. The stories I read averaged to a B- rating.

10)The Deadliest Lie by June Trop (historical mystery) Source: Amazon
Started: 7/25 Finished: 7/28

Why Read: I agreed to review the fourth book in the series, The Deadliest Fever. Since I already had this book which is the first one in the series, I decided to read it for background. It takes place in ancient Alexandria and the protagonist is Jewish. Both of these caused me to be interested in the series.

Comments: This is June Trop's first novel. She has huge info dumps and the mystery doesn't start until 31%. The protagonist is seventeen and I found her annoyingly immature. Rating C+. I don't recommend trying to RIO this series.

11)The Deadliest Fever by June Trop (historical mystery) Source: Net Galley
Started: 7/28 Finished: 7/30

Why Read: See Why Read for previous book.

Comments: Much improved. The mystery starts on the first page and the protagonist is now a mature woman of thirty. If you think you would like to read The Deadliest Sport which is focused on gladiators, I have to warn you that there are huge spoilers for the resolution of that book in this one. I rated this one B. See my review at

Although I read three M/Ts in July, none of them were standouts. I'm hoping August will turn out to be better for M/Ts.

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OMalleycat | 1448 comments Shomeret wrote: ".Although I read three M/Ts in July, none of them were standouts. I'm hoping August will turn out to be better for M/Ts."

I hope so too for your sake, though I always enjoy reading your reviews whether the books are good or not so much. You bring a wide range of books to my attention.

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Ceelee | 211 comments Great review. I learned a lot about books I was not aware of but sound interesting.

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