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Diane  | 2041 comments Rating: 4 stars

This is the story of a young Armenian refugee working as a fashion photographer in Paris. It is 1915. He has survived the Armenian genocide, but had to leave his homeland in order to survive. He is in a strange country very different from his own. He struggles with whether or not to assimilate to the new culture or hold on to his traditions. To complicate matters further, he has fallen in love with a Parisian girl and finds himself in a love triangle.

Great look at the refugee/immigrant experience. Even though the story took place over a hundred years ago, much is still relevant today.

message 2: by Tracy (new)

Tracy (tstan) | 558 comments This is hard to find- you must have a fantastic library system!

Diane  | 2041 comments Tracy wrote: "This is hard to find- you must have a fantastic library system!"

My library system didn't have it. I bought it online about 2 years ago. I kept tracking it on Amazon until it reached price I could justify. Still higher than I wanted to pay.

Amanda Dawn | 1082 comments I gave this one 3 stars. Diane described it well above. It was good and I was most interested in the parts about the Armenian genocide and the plight of Armenians and Turkey, and how it was for him to live as an Armenian in Paris. I was much less besotted and interested in the love triangle aspect and was largely bored by that section.

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