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J.G. MacLeod (jgmacleodauthor) | 6 comments Intro:
Hi everyone. I'm J.G. and I am new to Goodreads & fairly new to the publishing world. I published my debut novel, Abalone, at the end of June, and my 2nd novel, Lady Ellen, mid-July.

My novels are so different from one another that I cannot classify my writing into just one genre.

My Novels:
Abalone is about a young woman in a small, northern town in her final year of high school. She meets an older student the first day of school and he changes her life forever. The tale delves into first love, familial abuse, and relationship violence. It was an important story for me to tell, because I began writing it many years ago and left it unfinished until recently. While the story is fictional, it was inspired by personal experience with the feelings and situations the characters go through, as well as from interviewing several women at a local crisis centre. I hope that I have captured the self-doubt, indecision, and trauma that come with the cycle of domestic abuse. Most of all, I wanted to communicate the strength and resilience of Liz, the main character in the story. Hopefully readers will find something in this novel that resonates with them.

Lady Ellen, on the other hand, is a work of historical fiction. I travelled throughout Ireland and photographed numerous historical landmarks, as well as the landscape of the regions I visited. This inspired me to craft a series called The Adventures of Lady Ellen Montagu, which stars a young woman who has just come out in society. She falls in love with a man whom her father will not consent for her to marry. Instead, she is exiled to a remote island to live with her unmarried aunt. The story describes her adventures, challenges and love interests, weaving in elements of Irish culture from the 1840s. I do not profess to be an expert in these areas, but I do have a history degree and did extensive research. The main purpose of this series is entertainment, however, and I hope very much that readers will get lost in the lives of these loveable characters.



About Me:
I am a Canadian secondary school teacher, and a mother to three awesome children. I teach English & writing to senior students, as well as life skills to students with developmental disabilities.
I dedicate time to writing every day and have 2 current projects on the go.
I enjoy the online writing community that I have met through Twitter. You can follow me at
I would also like to share my author website with you:

I'm looking forward to sharing and connecting with other readers and writers.

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Dwayne Fry | 560 comments Mod
Hi J.G.

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J.G. MacLeod (jgmacleodauthor) | 6 comments Hi Dwayne. Thanks for the greeting.

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Anna Faversham (annafaversham) | 71 comments Hello J.G. and I hope you enjoy Goodreads and this helpful group too.

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J.G. MacLeod (jgmacleodauthor) | 6 comments Thanks Anna. Still figuring everything out, but so far so good. I love how many features it has for writers.

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