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message 1: by Melissa (new)

Melissa Looking for Alaska by John Green is a two part novel, the first part titled "Before" and the second titled "After." These titles made the climax of the novel very predictable.The novel is told by a teenager named Miles Halters point of view. The first part of the novel begins with him living at home, dedicating his time reading famous last words, and not having many friends to attending boarding school in Alabama for his junior year. He meets a group of new people that lead him to change and learn new things. In his new friend group he meets a girl named Alaska and of course falls for her (I mean would it really be a John Green novel without the main character falling in love). Sadly, Alaska has a boyfriend and has no intentions with being Miles. Miles and Alaska develop an odd relationship with each other. One night, Alaska receives a phone call which causes her act odd and emotional and insists that she has to leave. The second part of the novel begins, it turns out Alaska drove away while she was drunk, crashed her car, and died that night. I understand that there is more meaning to the story but John Green made this novel extremely predictable.

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Wouldn't that make every book predictable in their own ways? Take the vast example of every romance novel ever. Something always happens to the lover. No doubt, it always happens. Every single time. Take The Faerie Path series, the manga Orange, The Hunger Games, White Oleander and of course basically every single John Green book ever made.
The suspense wasn't in the fact that the book was split into to obviously titled parts. It was in the build of Miles and Alaska's relationship. The growth of the characters as they somehow became closer, even after her death. To understand that makes the fact that it's apparently 'too predictable' a lot more endurable than you're making it sound.

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