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Doors of Stone...Ever?

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Karen I know this has been brought up before, but now it has been seven years? Do you guys think that there will ever be a Doors of Stone, or has Rothfuss given up on it?

Mikel Maeztu is there any reason why is it taking so long? is he writing other books? because short books were released years ago

Dustin Book 2 took at least 4 years, and it wasn't the last book and he may have already been working on it for some years before that.

Writers do tend to spend time on other projects. Staring at a book for months on end just makes you start to hate it, not finish it faster.

Dave McMahon He's on record as saying it's the editing process that's taking the time, and the story itself is already written. He did, after-all, write this as one story and later split it into three separate books. The logistics of meandering certain parts of the story to fit that curve is most likely not an easy task.

Not as annoying for us, however. I also feel he is a perfectionist, and won't release this until it is up to his standards and what the fans expect.

Samuel Unless my memory is playing mad tricks on me, I remember reading somewhere that Patrick said this book is postponed indefinitely, because he is suffering from depression and can't deal with it for a while. I can't for the life of me find the source though...

As for the rumor (?) that the book itself is written and just needs editing, that doesn't necessarily mean anything. If Patrick is doing preliminary edits before sending it off to the editors, it could take years and ages before this book will see the light of day.

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Mia I think whatever is going on the book is definitely worth the wait. And yes, I have been among the waiting crowd for those eight years. But because I love the series, I would rather get a great book that the author is satisfied with even after 10+ years, than a fast mediocre book that cost the author his mental health.

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