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Doors of Stone...Ever?
Karen Karen Aug 05, 2018 05:44PM
I know this has been brought up before over the years...but now it has been around seven? Do you guys think that Patrick Rothfuss will ever release Doors of Stone, or has he given up on it?

Andrew Sayre; you are correct and incorrect at the same time. At any point he is allowed to say he isnt writing the third book and the trilogy is an abandoned project as many writers have done in the past. However the fact he is trying to get his fan based to keep giving him money and is milking the series for all its worth without even finishing it leaves a bad taste in many peoples mouth.

Consider it like purchasing an indevelopment game. You are buying something that isnt completed to support the makers and you are doing so knowing there is a possibility it will never be finished.

So you purchased the game and had fun until you finally beat the game and you are now waiting for the next patch. But nothing happens. You hear from the developers that they are still working on the game and that they have every intention of finishing the game. So you keep waiting. You wait 3 years and are told that there was some complications and that the release date on the publication is pushed back further. So you wait. Another 3 years. You ask the developer:

"Hey; I loved your game! Looking forward to the next patch! Its been 6 years and we havent heard anything from you. Is this project still in the works?"

Only to have the developer roll their eyes at you and tell you they are sick of people asking about the game. That it will be done when it will be done and to stop asking.

So you wait another 4 years and during that time period the only news you have heard about the game is that it was given a new cover art for the 10 year anniversary and that you should totally buy it.

You might be thinking this is an exaggeration but its not. Its been 10 years since The Name of the Wind has come out and 10 years since we were told the series is pretty much done just needs to be edited.

During these 10 years his fans have turned soured and bitter. We hear nothing on the series except there is new merch in his store or that the series is going to be made into a tv show movie and/or video game. That he created a deck of cards with the characters and that we totally should support it on kickstarter!

Or the game of tak...we should support that on kickstarter!

Or his foundation and all the stretch goals like: I will spend 1 hour writing the doors of stone. Really? An hour? As a stretch goal? A stretch goal is something you normally wouldnt do. You are telling us you normally dont spend at least an hour writing the book series you got famous for?

In short the reason so many people are bitter is they are beginning to feel used. It is feeling like Patrick Rothfuss wants to use his fan base as a money bank but not give out anything in return. Sure he can still say he isnt finishing the series ((As he should have done already. Not even George RR Martin has gone this long without some kind of news update)) however its clear why he hasnt. The books will stop selling at that point.

Once he finally admits the last book isnt coming out people will stop reading the series because nobody wants to read something that will never be finished.

However if he says nothing every day someone new buys his book and reads it. They will read the comments of people complaining about how long the series is taking and defend him saying "Oh it just takes time! He is a perfectionist!" All the while thinking he has already worked 10 years on this series he should be done in 2 years or so! It shouldnt take another 10 years!

And why is he ok with this? Because he already has the money of the people who are bitter at him. Now he wants the money from those who dont know. He is now comfortably raking in the money from the series for a decade with no real work.

I have a theory that whatever deal he signed with Lionsgate/other studios for the movie and TV adaptations contains some kind of language that he can't release the ending before the beginning of the adaptations. He sold out. He sold us all out.

He doesn't even give updates about writing anymore. It's all about Worldbuilders, conventions, card games, etc.

I'm telling you - he sold us all out for $$ and huge multimedia contract.

Whatever his reasons, I don't really give a rat's ass. Fuck him, fuck Kvothe, and fuck wasting my time.

I have been waiting over 20 years for all of the books to be released for GOT. Never happened. I stopped looking. I stopped waiting and started reading books by other authors. Along comes the tv series, no final book though. Yes i watched the series and love it.

What is going to earn more money? TV rights, reruns, syndication or a book? Patrick Rothfuss doesn't need to release a 3rd book. Sell the rights to tv or film, come up with some mediocre rubbish to keep the book readers happy and make more money and fame by having his series on screen.

But before you thinks its all great and wonderful .....

The millions who bought your books and told their friends to buy your books got you to where you are today Patrick. And slowly more and more people will stop caring and will stop following you and eventually wont buy your books. We will go elsewhere. There are a lot of fantasy tv series/movies released each year and over 95% simply disappear. GOT is the exception not the rule. So the chances you hit the bigtime is small. What then? I know. Release a book. Ah but by then most of us would have moved on, found new authors, gone back to books or series we love. I wont be buying the book. Time to move on.

Nope sorry Andrew Sayre you are incorrect. When you begin selling something IE a book as a part that creates obligations.

Consider this: Would you buy ((Thereby supporting the author)) a book advertised as a series if they told you the last book will never come out? Would you go see a movie if it had no ending?

No you wouldnt. Patrick Rothfuss told everyone 10 years ago all 3 books where complete just need editing and that they should be published one a year so the trilogy would be completed in 3 years. We the fans took that on faith and advertised his series to our friends and families.

We supported the series. Then life hit Rothfuss and we understood and no one complained when book 2 took longer to finish however now he is using every excuse under the sun to postpone it. Hell he went on a year long vacation because Trump won the election.

Meanwhile die hard fans who loved the series might never know the ending. They bought and supported a series that to them will have no ending. Personally I knew one. One of my closest friends recommended the series to me 9 years ago and he was a true die hard fan. He went to conventions that had Patrick Rothfuss in it to see him. Donated money to WorldBuilders simply because he loved the name of the wind series, he bought talent pipes off the store. He got a tattoo of the series. He even tried to figure out how to play tak ((This was before someone actually invented the game)). And yet he passed away before the last book came out. He did his part as a fan and supported his author. Now his author let him down.

10 years has passed since the first book came out. How many other people have had similar situations? Now I know people die everyday and it is unfortunate however its clear Rothfuss doesnt care about his fan base anymore or if he ever did.

I mean for crying out loud HE accidentally revealed a page of book 3 and compared it to rape. That he felt violated people read that page and felt betrayed. Actual rape he compared that to.

And what was the spoiler? That Kvothe was being bandaged up by Bast. The guy who got his ass kicked at the end of book 2 was still injured 8 hours later. Big rape spoiler there. A person who had the shit beat out of them is still in pain.

Thats the man we are dealing with.

True words, when spoken, incur debt. It was he who stated that all three books were "basically finished" before the first one was published. Many of us depended on that statement before we purchased the first book. No matter how you look at it, whether as art, or business, or common decency, make no mistake . . . we are most definitely owed.

A simple estimation of the release date:

Yeah, I only probably see more because I actually went to school and worked in the entertainment business a bit. I don't like to give out personal information, but I've seen hacks like Rothfuss who exist and I can tell the difference between the one's that actually deserve praise and the one's that hit on it by a freak form of accident. This is hideous. Think of the audacity to claim the eternal wait for the end of this thing is really a prologue. Read the link in my message and believe it. He's claiming this is all a prologue. Now think on that for a minute. That means he went back and re-imagined whatever story he had so that he could keep it going for the rest of his life and get paid. The thing is, we have all been so disgusted by the wait that if he actually releases some crap like that, people are going to turn on him everywhere and he'll be always known as a hack. That is what hack's do. He's making it too obvious. I just hope that he reads some of this and gains some insight into how he is screwing his story up. He needs to remember what he was thinking way back in the stone ages when he thought the thing up and just make it happen. ........if he wasn't just BS'ing then. He may be one of those folks who believes his own BS though and he's just destined to fail. Sad. Cowardly, and Pathetic dude. I enjoyed the thought of the KingKiller Chronicles for a minute so far back ago now I'd have to re-read the stuff to even remember what I liked................but after the Slow regard of silent things catastrophe, I won't dare. Just remembering the pain of reading that garbage makes me want to use P. Rothfuss books as the toilet paper they are. Just sickens me how I thought this story was going to turn out, then what happened. I just have to go back and watch Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter and stuff and be at ease. Some, very few, get it right. Rothfuss, through some kind of mimicry hit on it early on, but shot the wod early. He's been fearful and cowardly every since because he knows deep down inside he's undeserving and it's all playing out as his fears dictate. Coward of a man, simply a spineless piece of worm ridden slime with a few brain cells enough to maintain existence.

Rocio Sparrow hahaha I love your anger. I feel the same. And if he says it's just a prologue I am done. I said some years ago that I though he was completely unable ...more
Jan 10, 2019 08:55AM

His recent blog entry seems to show that he is going through a depressive phase. Guess that means it's gonna take a lot more time to come out.


Art is not something owed. Buying one book does not mean that you have leased an author's time. He'll write as he writes and release when he so chooses. Hopefully, it will be soon. I for one will be happy at any point because, in the meantime, there are other books to read.
It may be frustrating, but at some point the people who are complaining incessantly need to grow up.

Rocio Sparrow He's full of crap and he has always been. I used to follow him on media back when I was young and hopeful. I had to stop following him because he was ...more
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