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Doctor Who and the Tomb of the Cybermen
Tomb Of The Cybermen

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T.E. | 16 comments Hi.
As this is the next book for the Podcast, I hope you don't mind if I share a few thoughts?

First of all, am I the only one who thinks the Hammer Horror and Howard Carter influences are even closer to the surface in book form, with a thinner layer of Sci Fi trappings over them in print?
Sure, some of the racial stereotypes for Kaftan and Toberman are handled a little more delicately in print, painted with less broad strokes, etc, but the cult like nature of Klieg and the Logicians feels even more like they should be wearing robes and chanting "Imhotep!"

I liked the additional scene entering the tomb, with the 'evolution' of the cybermen on display, and frankly, I would have liked a bit more of this, in the tomb itself, with more time given to the archaeologists piecing together a history of cybermen, and the nature of their collective mind...

Other than that, it is a great adaption, of a great story, that lets Victoria be inquisitive and a scientists daughter, Jamie being smart in a more practical and hands on kind of way, and the Doctor to be both gallant (needing to stop the cybermen) and arrogant (refusing to leave, or to let innocent people take safe refuge in his TARDIS - which I kept expecting to be expanded into a "I suspect we have a traitor in our midsts" or "I have a reason not to trust these people with knowledge of the TARDIS" that never came).

Kerry (rocalisa) I too liked the evolution of the Cybermen frieze, but otherwise I think calling this "archeology" is a stretch. (If they actually did; I can't remember now.)

But I'm going to have to disagree with you about the book as a whole. I thought it was awful and gave it 2 stars, which is the lowest I ever rate a book (this is my 6th over 14 years of logging my books) as anything that would be lower, I usually don't actually finish.

I don't think the story is awful, mind you, I think the book is awful. Here's my review if you'd like details:

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