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Joya Goffney (joyagoffney) | 9 comments Days I've Ugly Cried (and other lists)

Quinn Jackson structures her whole life into lists. She has a list for everything, including all the days she’s ever ugly cried, all her weirdest sex dreams, and even mundane lists like things to do before leaving for college. All of her lists are kept in a very private, well-kept spiral without a crease or stain in sight, but one dreadful day in History class, the journal goes missing.

After a dramatic and hilarious mental breakdown, she finds her journal in the hands of the school stoner, Carter Bennett. And not only did he read her entire journal, he came up with a to-do list of his own, and if she doesn’t cross off every item by graduation, he threatens to share her darkest, most incriminating list with the entire school--her hit list.

Hey! I'm seeking beta readers to review my work before I start the process of submitting to literary agencies. I've read over it a few times, mostly cutting down word-count and fixing sentence structure. I'd like my beta readers concerns to be big picture issues such as story structure, the relationship between Quinn and Carter, and the general feel of the novel. But of course, small things like grammar and sentence structure would be great too! If you're interested in receiving a draft, please comment on this thread, or feel free to email me at

Thank you!

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Danny Farham (dannyfarham) | 5 comments Hi, your book looks like something I would enjoy, and would be very interested in reading it.

message 3: by Joya (new)

Joya Goffney (joyagoffney) | 9 comments Hi Danny! Got your email and I'm sharing the link to my google doc now! Thank you!

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