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Veronika Decides to Die
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Kelly_Hunsaker_reads ... | 894 comments 2 stars

I am not a big fan of books that sermonize or which make an attempt to enlighten me... not in my fiction anyway. So I dreaded this book a bit as I hated Coelho's The Alchemist. But it is short and is included on the 1001 Books to Read Before You Die list, so I picked it up to read for Slovenia. Although I like this one better than The Alchemist, I still find it a bit of drudgery. I feel like the author works way too hard to show that he is more well-adjusted than I am. It is something I felt reading the former book and I felt it again with this one.

There was some talk of the city of Ljubljana which surprised me as it is not a city that I had ever considered visiting. But this book made me go to Google and now it is on the list of places I wish I could see.

Diane | 2022 comments Rating: 3 stars

Coelho is typically hit or miss for me. Some books I have loved, others I have loathed. This one actually falls somewhere in the middle. It is the story of a woman who attempts suicide due to boredom with her life.

Overall, nothing special here. I am not sure why it is even on the list. Probably because Coelho inserts himself into the book (as himself). Hardly innovative enough to justify the book's inclusion.

Leni Iversen (leniverse) | 435 comments Too moralizing and trite, full of vague spirituality, and with an entirely predictable twist. I don't understand why it is on the Boxall 1001 list, but it is at least a really quick and easy read.

2 stars, because it didn't manage to actively annoy me into 1 star. I just rolled my eyes a lot and read on.

Kristel (kristelh) | 3958 comments Mod
I am not impressed with this author at all. I know that he had some personal experiences that probably parallel the protagonist. For some reason I gave it four stars but it doesn't have a 4 star read in my mind today.

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