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James Bisceglia | 7 comments Please add the following book. It is part a series "The Lost Sols Trilogy"

Title: The Awakening
Author: James Kirk Bisceglia
Publisher: Createspace
Publication Date: 08/04/18


Earth has been invaded and is occupied by the Annunaki. Enzo and other small pockets of resistance begin to fight back. Vincent has stolen ancient religious texts from the Cardonians and is in imminent danger. The humans on Mars are in danger of being killed by the Annunaki. Tony travels to the Annunaki home world and is consumed with confronting the Annunaki Empress and ending the war.

The Sol System is briefly liberated before Empress Zovad finds a way to bring the entire Annunaki armada to invade. The Alliance is forced to retreat, and leaves Earth and Mars abandoned. Can Tony and a Solian found on Vandi find a way to turn the tide of war?

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