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Adeline | 133 comments Template
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- Marc Landon, white fang member
- Thalia and Taryn, fallen star twins

Unfinished characters:

Finished characters:
- Grey Wilder
- Hayes
- Arielle Tsubuki
- Roselle Princess of Northstar

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Adeline | 133 comments Grey Wilder
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Adeline | 133 comments Roselle, Princess of Northstar
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Arielle Tsubuki
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Adeline | 133 comments Use this link for someone-

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Adeline | 133 comments Marc Landon
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Adeline | 133 comments https://orig00.deviantart.net/f934/f/...


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Adeline | 133 comments Name: Thalia
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Family (if any):
Course (1 or 2?): 1 (Blossom)
Appearance: https://i.pinimg.com/736x/df/50/7c/df...
Sexuality: Straight
History (Doesn't need to be elaborate, a sentence at least): Thalia is a fallen star on the run, as her magic can allow others to become immortal- if they cut out her heart. She found the school and is staying as it is a good place to seek protection.
Magic (if any): If one cuts out her heart they will become immortal. She has different types of magics, but only lets others know about her ability to shapeshift into any animal (real or imaginary) and her ability to call upon Stardust, the powerful substance that binds a daemon to a human or magic user.
Other (Optional): Has a Vulpid daemon (view spoiler) named Red. He is fiercely protective of Thalia and will attack anyone who smells of bad intentions.
Theme Song (optional): Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Greenday

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