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ariel luden + cenit fc / northstar / 20 + smuggler
+ umbrakinesis
+ complete
. seemingly self-serving
. would prefer not to go to war
. has a sense of moral obligation to get people out of trouble which usually lands her in trouble
. tends to overthink things
. reserved + quiet
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sakda aromdee + ten fc / blackridge / 23 + founder of a small rebellion spyring
+ complete
. trusts those who seek the truth rather than those who've claimed to have found it
. paranoid, for good reason
. trust? don't know her
. liable to hand you right on over to the enemy
. silver tongue
. tells the truth, but not the whole truth
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name + kelly fc / edinburgh / 00 + huntress, legioness
. seems neutral
. is really not
. "it's best to wait out those in power"
. is only with the legion bc it would mean that they can get to peace faster
. mostly nonviolent
. intimidating
. looks scary but is scared
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name + jesse fc / wintervale / 23 + drunkard
+ duplicity
. sometimes the people privy to things aren't who you expect
. The Town Drunk
. used to be royal guard but he ditched that
. why - "fear is a powerful thing"
. no one really remembers him for what he's done in the past and that's okay
. "i used to be a hero and now look at me"
. is an Old Man
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name + fc / blackridge / 00 + queen
. probably v cold
. comes off as apathetic
. v expressionless
> blackridge royals
> daughter (hogwarts) kidnapped by white fangs

name + hyuk fc / northstar / 24 + king consort
+ cryokinesis
. loveless consort
. still not feeling court life
. likes simple things
. would be more reclusive if people would leave him alone
. a Sculptor in his free time
. you might just forget he's in the room
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20 × f × bi. × northstar × smuggler
umbrakinesis : control of darkness
As far as concerns go, Ariel's only part in this war or rebellion or whatever this is, is making sure people are safe. If she has to break a few laws to do so - then so be it.
  Ariel fits in with the idea of her kingdom, but at the same time she doesn't. To the untrained eye, she has become a smuggler for her own gain. That she's seen the opportunity of money to be made and has henceforth jumped on it. But that's not entirely true. Sure, the money is good, but is it worth risk? Her people are hardened warriors and she is much the same, but war was never in her portion. She'd like very much not to be part of it.

In fact, this smuggling business could be seen as her running away. Ariel doesn't have to remain in a danger zone for long and she's free to move about the kingdoms as she pleases. If one kingdom were to declare war on another, all she 'd have to do is find a neutral kingdom and remain there until the fighting came to an end. And maybe she is scared of war. It's a tradition in her family to bear arms for the right cause, the just cause - but how many people can be sure of what that is?

For generations, the Luden clan had raised their banners for the cause they thought the most fitting. It might have been meant for coin at one point, and then turned into a blind loyalty as the years progressed. But what did it get them? A dwindling fortune and a name no better than feces on the ground. Ariel grew up with this name, attached to so much filth - mercenaries they called they called the lot of them, begging dogs - and it bore down her with the weight of decades of corpses and misplaced faith. As the years progressed and peace drew on, the Ludens were no longer necessary.

Her family took to crafting, though still ran the tradition of training the children to be as they had always been: warriors. Everywhere was a battlefield as far as her family was concerned and it sticks with her even now. Haggling in a market, deciding prices for their wares. They went on to become something close to useful with their glassblowing, starting from scratch. But they could never shake the negativity from their name. Not until recently.

As any rebellious child would, Ariel saw the death of the unified Ionia's leader as an opportunity. Not for coin, but for change - that she would not be directly involved in. Instead, she made her business to keep people safe. It would be a way to change the way her name formed on people's tongues, for them to acknowledge that the Ludens were more than just mercenaries - they were warriors who fought for the people.

She hopes it doesn't end in her dying for them.

Tamo Daggers - one pair
Client Ledger - black notebook
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23 × m × ace × blackridge × spymaster

A war is a war, and someone has to be the one prowling behind the scenes to ensure the right side wins.
  Sure - Sakda is allied with the rebellion against the White Fang, but he isn't truly allied with them. He's tied only to the truth and held accountable only for himself. Those employed by him are taught this quickly; there will be no saving, no reinforcements. Once you have made this choice to pursue the truth and set things right, you are accountable for yourself and yourself alone. It has been the philosophy he subscribed to for the majority of his life. Trusting others has never come easily for Sakda, and it's something of a survival skill considering the place Blackridge is. It's the home of the White Fangs, the place for thieves, murderers, and other criminals that fall in line with those principals. You learn quickly not to trust just anyone.

As such, Sakda has grown to be fairly paranoid of others. He doubts everything that comes out of their mouths until there is viable proof of what they're saying. If they can be vouched for, he might consider you slightly more trustworthy. However, once that barrier has been broken, you find yourself subject to his clever words and further interrogation. He's really quite thorough with his vetting of his employees and friends - and failing any stage of it usually results in you finding yourself in a situation you do not want. He's never been sentimental in that sense. Sakda would surely remember those who he's actually trusted but those are few and far between.

No one really knows where Sakda came from. He says that he doesn't either, but that is not the full truth. His earliest memory is not a pleasant one: it is of starving and struggling as a parentless child oft would be subject to. He has heard tell that his parents had once been important people. Or maybe it was that one of them was, and the other wasn't worth more than the mud on someone's boot. Regardless, neither of them were in his life for long.

Rather than steal as some might resort to, he found work that his tiny hands could do. Delivering messages was easy enough when they gave you a satchel and directions. It was made easier when he learned to read and marched himself up to the persons requested and recited the note verbatim. But it became dangerous when notes would take a turn for something worse. And as such, he developed an ability to talk his way out of trouble, though not well at first. But everyone has to start somewhere, and that was his beginning.

As he grew older, he made a stable business of the message relaying, carrying it with him and passing on the trade to other orphan children. Some weren't as lucky as him and oft he'd end up having to mourn someone for a little while before moving on. When the White Fang approached him with their letters and messages and knowing of his discretion, the alarm was raised in his mind but he did nothing. For that, he wants to atone.

A king is a dead and the kingdoms are throwing themselves into instability and he could have stopped it. But now he has the chance to make things right.

A dagger
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