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muuumew | 1619 comments While this isn't exactly a home, Kimiko lives in a suite provided by the queen. She This isn't located in the palace, but it isn't far. While the suite isn't as nice as the palace, it is rather lavish.

((this is an ugly description, i'll probably edit it later))

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Chitsuki hated mornings. She rolled over with a groan, pulling the blanket up over her head in an attempt to block out the dawn light pouring in through the window. The only reason why she accepted the job as a lady's maid is because it meant she could be close to Kimiko. If she knew it included waking up earlier than the rest of the house just to get the staff up, if she knew it included running things... She slid onto the floor with another groan. Staring up at the ceiling, she growled, "I have regrets." And with that, she sat up.

About twenty minutes later, she finished piecing together the last pieces of her uniform—which included tying a few stilettos into the folds on her skirt—and then exited her room. Unlike the rest of the staff, Chi's bedroom was nestled in a corner of the ground floor of the building. This meant that there were less stairs between her and Kimiko. But it also meant that she spent her mornings running up and down the stairs to the basement level, where the servants resided and the kitchen was. She clicked her way downstairs, stopped at the end of the hall and took a deep breath. "RISE AND SHINE! YOU'D BETTER GET YOUR ASSES OUT OF BED AND GET WORKIN' RIGHT NOW IF YOU WANT YOUR FULL PAY FOR THE DAY!!!" she snarled, arms crossed over her bust. Not a second passed before a few pajama-clad servants were stumbling out of their rooms. One dared to glare at her, but her growl sent them scrambling. "I expect breakfast for the Lady in half an hour!" She then spent twenty minutes of those thirty making sure everyone was awake, that maids were dusting shelves, watering plants, tidying guest rooms, and the like. After making sure breakfast really was in the midst of being prepared, she made her way up to Kimiko's bedroom.

Chitsuki never minded this part of her morning. She clicked upstairs, marching confidently and hissing at anyone who wasn't doing their jobs properly. When she reached Kimiko's door, she paused. She always did. There was always a heart stutter when she went to knock on the beautiful, carved wood. She never knew what state she would find Kimiko in, but as she rapped her knuckles on the door, she found herself hoping that she would walk in on something out of the ordinary. Without waiting for permission, she opened the door after a second knock. Unfortunately, what she found was the same as every other day: Kimiko dead asleep despite the sun now blazing through the window. Chi's face fell a bit at the sight, but with a huff, she shut the door behind her and made her way over to the woman. As aggressive and blunt as always—of course, after taking a moment to admire the sleeping beauty—she shoved Kimiko's shoulder in an attempt to wake her.

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muuumew | 1619 comments It often took quite a bit to wake Kimiko up, and after a few more shoves, she opened her eyes slowly. Almost immediately after opening her eyes, she covered them with her hands, and kicked the thick blanket off of her body. The sun was far too bright for the time of day. At least, that's what Kimiko thought. "Chi!! Protect me from the sun!" She squealed, sitting up and positioning herself so that Chitsuki was blocking the sun. Her emerald green eyes met the latter's own yellowish green ones, and a playful grin spread across her face.

Despite how peaceful Kimiko looked while sleeping, she was completely different when awake. It was as if someone flipped a switch on her personality. "What's my schedule for today?" She asked, playing with a lock of her bubblegum pink hair. Kimiko hoped Chitsuki would say that she had nothing to do, but that was never the case. The queen seemed to love piling work on top of Kimiko. She flopped back down with her arms outstretched. Her behavior was definitely looked down upon, but did she care? Not one bit.

Kimiko eyed the ceiling, letting her gaze follow the golden trim that lined it. She had always wondered why the ceilings were decorated. Snapping out of her thoughts, she stretched out her arms and legs, making the comforter fall off of the bed.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Chitsuki remained still as Kimiko flailed about, one unimpressed eyebrow raised. Not caring for Kimiko's use of her as a human shield, she turned on her heel and marched over to the armoire. She went as far as to open the doors and begin sifting through the heavy fabric of gowns she knew Kimiko wouldn't wear before finally responding. "Surprisingly, there isn't a lot," she began as she rubbed the soft material of a deep crimson dress she silently thought would look smashing on Kimiko. She released it with a barely audible sigh, knowing full well it would go unworn. Picking through to find a variant of Kimiko's signature uniform, she continued. "Breakfast will be ready soon. After that, there's tea at noon with someone who's name I forgot. You're to also attend a dinner at a different noble's home. I also forgot their name, but don't worry. I wrote them down..." She paused. "Somewhere."

Turning to Kimiko, Chi walked back to the bed to lay out the entire ensemble on the covers. She'd have to get someone else to make the woman's bed, cause no way in hell was she doing it. "Other than that, there's nothing else scheduled. Unless someone decides to ruin our blissfully empty day," she sighed. Smirking slightly and glancing at Kimiko, she made a point to focus on smoothing out the collar of the suit coat before speaking again. "Of course... We're going to have to spend the day doing something, right, my lady?" Her eyes were mischievous, but with the smirk gone from her lips and her gaze on the uniform beneath her fingers, it was likely that Kimiko had missed the look entirely. It would be a shame if she had, but in the months that she'd lived in Kimiko's home, she found that the woman—whether it was intentional or not—didn't seem to notice any of her playful, suggestive looks. Nor did she seem to dig too deep into the hidden meaning behind some of the things she said. This deeply irked Chi, but she couldn't help but feel that Kimiko did it on purpose, just to tease her. She hoped it was this way, because if Kimiko was simply that dense, it would irritate her to no end.

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muuumew | 1619 comments Kimiko caught the look. She always did, and while a slightly amused smile formed, she didn't make any other moves. "Is there anything I'll have to discuss with them? Or am I simply attending these events to keep up appearances?" She asked, already sounding bored. Kimiko enjoyed being a lady in waiting. She enjoyed her status, and she enjoyed having a kickass maid. On the contrary, she hated having tea with nobles. Most of the time, she'd tolerate it if they had sweets but as of late, the stuffy nobles wouldn't serve anything with their tea! And people thought Kimiko was unrefined.

Eventually Kimiko made her way to the dining room. Her hair was thoroughly brushed, her red eyeliner was on, and she looked smokin' like always. She sat down at the table, and smiled in satisfaction. Some of the other servants brought out her breakfast, set the table, and then left her to her own devices. Letting out a sigh, she pulled her legs up so she was sitting cross legged on the chair.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) "I don't know. I was handed a letter, my lady," Chitsuki stated bluntly. After helping Kimiko dress and perfect her make-up, she followed the woman downstairs. The place setting was laid out when they got to the dining room, but the male servants who set Kimiko's breakfast in front of her were too slow for Chi's taste. She hissed at them under her breath but sucked in a breath and forced herself to save her reprimanding for later. As soon as she turned around though, Kimiko was crossing her legs up on her chair. Scowling, she leaned over the woman, only able to do so because she was sitting. "Lady Kimiko, must I remind you that this posture is why you're disliked by more than half, if not all, of the Queen's court?" she growled, her raspy voice sharp. She personally didn't care what Kimiko did, and even enjoyed when she annoyed the other people of the court. But the servants already didn't respect Kimiko and Chi had had a hard enough time trying to manage them before waking Kimiko. If they saw her sitting like this?

Chitsuki grumbled, but just as she was turning to swipe her own breakfast from the kitchen and go to her bedroom to eat, she saw a piece of cantaloupe taunting her on Kimiko's plate. Before the woman could stop her, Chi struck. With a quick movement, the fruit was in her mouth. Then she turned on her heel, moaning softly at the taste of the perfectly sweet fruit on her way to the kitchen.

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muuumew | 1619 comments Kimiko raised an eyebrow at Chitsuki, seemingly unfazed by her tone. "I could care less whether they like me or not. Those women are all the same, blank slate- Ah, never mind." She said, realizing she was ranting. While Kimiko rarely listened to Chitsuki's chastising, she did put one of her legs down, letting it swing back and forth.

Kimiko's head whipped around, and her gaze landed on Chituski who was now walking off with her piece of fruit. "I won't forgive you for that!!" She called out, and turned to her plate. To put it simply, Kimiko was a messy eater. Even if she tried not to make a mess, something would spill; or something would fall off of her silverware. She dug into her meal, picking up a piece of cantaloupe with her bare hands, and popping it into her mouth. Kimiko knew most of her servants didn't respect her. She'd often hear them whispering among themselves. Was she upset because of it? Not in the least bit. The few that were completely loyal to Kimiko didn't have stable living situations, and served her in return for their living quarters and meals. Of course this wasn't ideal, but she didn't mind.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Chitsuki returned to Kimiko after eating her breakfast, sword attached to her hip in it's sheath. She had a hand placed lovingly on the hilt as she approached Kimiko, who was still at the table and was just finishing her meal. "My lady, I know I said you were invited to tea at noon, but the carriage ride will be a long one. We need to leave now if we want breathing room. And no way in hell do I want to be late. It'll worsen your already shitty reputation," she bluntly stated, snatching up Kimiko's plate as soon as her fork was set down and handing it off to the male servant that was coming in to take the dishes back. "I grabbed the letter from my bedroom that has the names of those we're going to meet, but we can look at that in the carriage. All I remember is that it's a she, and she's a Blackridge Countess that's here visiting Edinburgh."

As she spoke, Chi pulled on Kimiko's arm and dragged the woman to her feet. Continuing to speak, she led Kimiko to the foyer. Their carriage, if the servants were competent now, was supposed to be sitting in the drive for them. "It's probably best to get on her good side if we're going to keep up the charade of supporting the White Fang. Trust me, they're a bunch of assholes, but they're smart. As are the king and queen of Blackridge. I know you know this, but I lived there, so my opinion trumps yours." She released Kimiko's arm to open the front door but, unsurprisingly, the carriage wasn't where she wanted. In fact, it was being led over from the back of the manor. Baring her teeth slightly, she held a hand up to Kimiko to signal her to wait and then marched over to the unfortunate servants. She snarled something along the lines of "worthless swine" and several curse words before stomping back over to Kimiko. "Your staff is fuckin' useless," she hissed at the woman, as if it were her fault. Then she took Kimiko's arm again and dragged her, this time, to the carriage door. Luckily the servants were smart enough to open the door for them.

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muuumew | 1619 comments Kimiko allowed Chitsuki to drag her, even using this as an opportunity to latch onto her with her other arm. If one were to spot them, it'd be an odd sight. One woman who was clearly a maid, dragging another woman who was clinging onto her as if for dear life. Unsurprisingly, the people who did walk by were used to things like this. "So you're saying I need to get serious? Alright." Kimiko said with a groan. She didn't let go of Chitsuki until she left to go yell orders to her servants. While she knew Blackridge from its rumors, there were none that she knew of about the Countess that was visiting. Kimiko had a feeling that things were going to get interesting.

"I really should do something about them." Kimiko replied, nonchalantly. She probably wouldn't do anything, but that didn't matter. When they stepped into the carriage, Kimiko immediately sat down next to Chitsuki. There were two seats facing each other, so it was odd that she chose to sit there. She picked her legs up, and rested her feet on the seat that wasn't occupied. Her head rested against the carriage's wall. "Do we have any candy with us?" Kimiko asked, lifting her head to look at Chitsuki.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Chitsuki slid into the carriage first only upon Kimiko's insistence. It was improper, but it didn't take much convincing. However, when the woman slid in next to her, consequently pressing up against her, Chi knew immediately why she'd done it. If Chi had gotten in second, she wouldn't have sat down next to Kimiko. She narrowed her eyes on the woman. Sneaky. Closing her eyes and leaning her head back against the plush wall of the carriage, Chitsuki allowed herself to slump a bit in the seat before responding. "Always," she mumbled with a soft chuckle. Without opening her eyes or even bothering to lift her head, she dug into a little pouch tied to her sword's sheath and held out a piece of sweet candy for Kimiko. She didn't bother to get any for herself. She couldn't focus much on sweets in the morning, or much at all for that matter. It just wasn't something she was obsessed with like Kimiko.

Before Chitsuki knew it, her head slipped onto Kimiko's shoulder. She jerked away the second she noticed, forcing herself to sit up properly as she apologized softly. Tea. The thought woke her slightly. Fishing in that small pouch again, she pulled out a small sheet of paper and unfolded it. She cleared her throat and sat straighter before speaking. "Countess Lilith Antoinette Gagnon. Man, what kind of last name is that? Oh...wait... Damn, I can't read my own writing." She tilted the paper this way and that, squinting at her scribbled letters until she could make out one word. "Widow." She paused. "Ohhhh shiiiit... Maybe that's the story behind the gross ass last name." Turning the paper upside down, she then read what else she had written. "Blackridge, yeah yeah... White Fang supporter. Duh. Damn, I can't read this either..." She scowled at the paper for a moment, but her tired eyes refused to focus on the letters. Sighing in frustration, she stuffed the paper back into the pouch and leaned her head back once more.

"I guess the dinner party's host will be a surprise, then."

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muuumew | 1619 comments After unwrapping and popping the sweet candy into her mouth, Kimiko let her head rest again. Her gaze drifted to the small window. She didn't mind Chitsuki's choice of language, and she remained silent as she spoke- or, struggled to speak. "Isn't that kind of suspicious?" Kimiko mumbled, before crunching on the candy. She didn't elaborate until she was finished with it. "What if she killed him?" There was no evidence to lead her to that conclusion, and it was kind of a reach.

She chuckled to herself when she finally looked over at Chitsuki. "Let me see it." Kimiko said, scooting closer to her. Before she could get a glimpse of it, the paper was put away. With an annoyed huff, she turned back to look at the window. Kimiko didn't move back to where she had originally been sitting. "You said this ride was long, right? Go to sleep then." Kimiko said, partially a suggestion, and partially an order. It was obvious that Chitsuki was tired. "But before you do, I want another piece of candy."

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muuumew | 1619 comments ((sorry))

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) ((It's fine))

Chitsuki shrugged indelicately. "I don't know. She might've. Who's to say she didn't?" she sighed. Kimiko scooting closer to her only made her shove the paper in the pouch faster though, her heart beginning to race. Instead of facing the rising tightness in her chest, she scowled at the woman. "No. I said it was a long ride, a couple hours to be honest, but I don't want to sleep." She looked Kimiko up and down and then pursed her lips despite the playful glint in her yellowish eyes. Leaning closer, she raised a brow slightly and smirked. "If I go to sleep, there's no telling what you're going to do to me~," she teased, the normal growl of her voice sounding more like a purr than anything. Satisfied with her jab, she sat back again. Until she remembered Kimiko's mention of the candy, that is. "Do you never get tired of sweets? How you even manage to sleep amazes me." Rolling her eyes along with her complaining, she fished out a second piece of candy and handed it to Kimiko before tightly tying her back shut.

"Forget what things you're going to do to me if I sleep, you'll probably just steal all the candy!" Chi huffed, leaning against the right wall of the carriage in an unconscious attempt to distance herself from Kimiko. "Besides, who's going to keep you in the carriage if we need to stop? You'll get curious and want to go outside, and if I'm not awake to stop you, then we'll end up late to Countess-whatever's 'tea time'." 'Tea time' was emphasized in a sing-song, mocking tone, clearly putting across her disliking for the event.

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muuumew | 1619 comments Kimiko's emerald green eyes glimmered, despite the pout that was on her face. "You treat me like a child." She said, with a dramatic sigh. She shook her head quickly while taking the candy. "Although you're right, that is what I'd do." Kimiko said, almost proudly. She took her legs off of the other seat, and looked around the carriage. Kimiko was bored, she really wouldn't be able to last a few hours.

She let out a loud laugh, before popping the second piece of candy in her mouth. "I dislike these events just as much as you do. Especially since I have to act, serious." Kimiko made a dramatic expression, before grinning again. "Let's play a game or something, I'm bored." She whined. While Kimiko didn't get why she was compared to a child, many others did.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Chitsuki rolled her eyes at Kimiko's comments, but allowed a small smile to her face. She was used to Kimiko's childish nature, and actually enjoyed it. She was so cynical all of the time that Kimiko's brightness, her open playfulness was welcome. Not that she would let her know. It also didn't mean that she expected the woman's sudden laugh, which made her jump hard in surprise. "Hey, I have to act serious too! I've been an assassin for most of my life, how do you think I feel standing behind you while having to put up with stuck-up rich people?" she laughed, shaking her head. She leaned forward, her arms propping her up on her legs. Though she wasn't shocked by Kimiko's request of a game, she it took her a moment to think it over. Were there any games they could play in a carriage? Frowning, she bit down on her bottom lip, chewing on it softly as she thought silently to herself. When she finally came up with an idea, though she wasn't very proud of it, she cleared her throat and sat up straight again.

"H...how about... We give each other a topic, in turns. And then we have to go on a rant about the topic we were given. An angry rant. It cannot be positive. For example, if I told you...spiders. You had have to explain, thoroughly, why you hate them. How does that sound?" She looked up at Kimiko expectantly, her eyes hopeful despite the blankness of her features. This game was one she had played with her fellow White Fang members. Or, at least those she considered her friends. It wasn't a good game to play if you were from different kingdoms, as ideals varied. And she didn't know what topics Kimiko would be offended by, which was dangerous. But she was hoping that Kimiko would want to play. It was a part of her childhood and teenage years that she actually enjoyed and missed, and it would be amazing if she could share that with Kimiko.

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muuumew | 1619 comments Kimiko raised an eyebrow as Chitsuki explained the game. It was an odd game, and she'd never heard of it, but it sounded very fun. She was curious to know what Chitsuki's opinions were, and the two would be able to learn more about each other while playing it. "Sure! It sounds rather fun!" Kimiko said, scooting to the edge of the seat. She turned slightly so she could face her. "But..What if I don't hate spiders? Would I make something up? Or would I just skip that topic?" Kimiko asked, wanting clarification. While the game wasn't very hard to grasp, she did have at least that one question.

She took one last glance outside, before looking forward again. "Okay, you go first. Your topic is," Kimiko began, and smiled. "Grass." She was very curious about what Chitsuki would say, because really? Most people didn't hate grass.

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muuumew | 1619 comments ((ik that, kimiko's never played it, so i'm just trying to make it seem like she's a newbie. she was an only child after all ;; sorry though, i can edit it if you want))

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) ((no no, it's okay))

Chitsuki smiled a small smile at Kimiko's instant acceptance. "The point is to pretend you hate the subject you're given. Even if you love that topic, you have to pretend you hate it," she explained as best she could. She drummed her fingers on her thigh as she waited for her topic. She had figured that Kimiko would make her go first, and she guessed correctly. Though the topic she was given was unexpected enough to make her giggle. "Grass?" she exclaimed. Sighing, she leaned forward again, kicking her legs as she thought. "Grass... Ugh, do not get me started on grass! Why can't grass all be the same? Some are different shades of green, others even have different textures! Why does grass, of all things, get to have so much variety?! And then the disgusting crunch when it dies? Absolutely revolting. Oh, and don't even talk to me about the feeling of it! Some tickles, some leave small cuts all over! Some people even have allergic reactions to grass! And what about all of the little bugs living there? Do you really think I want to roll around in something that not only cuts me up or may give me a rash, but also has thousands of tiny creatures crawling around it it? I don't understand how cows and horses can eat that stuff. It's absolutely terrible! It shouldn't even count as a plant!"

Chi paused for a moment before laughing, easing the tense, almost angered expression she'd had when she was ranting. "See? Like that! I don't know much else about grass though, so I cannot continue... It's often better with things that people universally enjoy. Hmm... Like..." She glanced out the window, trying to pick an easy topic for Kimiko to start on. "Clouds. Your's will be clouds." Chi looked up at Kimiko expectantly, eyes sparkling.

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muuumew | 1619 comments Kimiko nodded in understanding, while Chitsuki explained the game. She felt kind of stupid when things were clarified, but she smiled nonetheless. Her eyes widened slightly in surprise, before she burst out in laughter. The amount of emotion Chitsuki showed for a simple game was surprising. The other girl seemed really into it.

Kimiko thought for a moment, before an angry look crossed her face. "I despise clouds. First of all, what's with them changing colors? They're always blocking the sun, and when it rains? Don't even get me started. I just want to see the bright blue sky but nooooo!" She ranted, even throwing up her arms. Once she finished, she let out a few laughs. She wasn't very good yet, but she'd get better. "Okay, now. Your topic is about me." Kimiko said. Whether or not Chitsuki did get angry with her, Kimiko wanted to see what she'd come up with.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Chitsuki had to cover her mouth to keep from interrupting Kimiko's rant with her giggling. Once she came to a stop though, she released her laughter. It lasted a minute or two before she managed to calm herself down. Smiling a warmer smile than she'd ever shown Kimiko, she waited in an uncharacteristically patient manner for the woman to give her a topic. "Hmm... You?" she hummed, looking toward the other side of the carriage and pursing her lips. "I don't think I can." She returned her gaze to the woman beside her, smiling that warm smile again. "You annoy me a great deal sometimes, but there isn't a single thing I dislike about you."

It took her a moment to realize what she'd said, but once she had, a bright blush flushed the skin from her cheeks to her ears and even her name. Chi's gaze flitted away and her hands began fidgeting in her lap. "I know that the point of the game is to make something up, but..." She trailed off, unable to finish her statement because she had no idea where it would go. Instead, she just continued to blush in silence.

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muuumew | 1619 comments Kimiko grinned triumphantly. "Aw, you're so sweet Chitsuki! I didn't know you had this side to you." She said, before wiping the smile off of her face. With a slight smirk, and a sparkle in her eyes, Kimiko leaned closer to Chitsuki so that their faces were a mere few inches apart. "It's very.." She began, her voice lowering, before pulling away. "Oops, I forgot the word!" Kimiko said and giggled. It was quite obvious that Kimiko was being a tease, as much as it was obvious that she enjoyed the blush on Chitsuki's face.

Kimiko crossed her legs, and rested her hands on her lap. She didn't acknowledge Chitsuki's last statement, but that didn't mean Kimiko didn't hear it. The smile from before appeared, as her gaze drifted to the window. "Are we there yet?"

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Chitsuki only blushed harder when Kimiko spoke, the heat of the woman's breath on her face making her clamp her eyes shut. Only once Kimiko pulled away did she glance over at her. Damn her for being so composed. Instead of answering her question, she focused her gaze on the floor of the carriage, which her feet only brushed. I dislike when you pretend that you don't hear what I say, she thought, or when you ignore how I react to certain things you say or to. Furrowing her brows, she stood up and moved so she sat on the bench opposite to Kimiko. "Not nearly," was how she finally answered the woman. Then she paused, gazing out the window purposefully. "Would you prefer if I sat next to the driver, my lady?"

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muuumew | 1619 comments Kimiko noticed Chitsuki's change in demeanor and visibly frowned. she now stared at her from across the carriage. She crossed her arms and leaned against the wall once more. "Do as you wish, Chitsuki." Kimiko said. She was pouting slightly. While she did tease Chitsuki a lot, she didn't expect her to react like this. Oh well. Kimiko thought, and leaned her head back. She wasn't looking forward to the long, and now tense ride. Kimiko tapped her feet quietly onto the floor of the carriage, as she stared up at the ceiling.

((sorry it's so short!))

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Chitsuki glanced at Kimiko, but looked back out the window fast enough that she knew the woman wouldn't notice. She curled her slender hands into fists around grips of her skirt fabric. Sitting there quietly, she allowed the minutes to pass tensely until she can bare it no longer. Standing suddenly, she pounded her fist aggressively on the roof of the carriage to make the driver stop. As they slow, she focused her harsh gaze on the woman. "If I should truly do as I wish, then maybe I will go back in time and never ask to leave with you!" she growled half-heartedly, ripping open the carriage door before they come to a full stop. For a moment, she thought of turning around and saying something else. Convincing herself otherwise, she slamed the door shut and climbed up beside the driver, pushing him over roughly. "Continue on." He did just as she demanded and urged the horses onward.

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muuumew | 1619 comments Kimiko let out a loud sigh when the door slammed. Sure, she could've been nicer about her wording, and sure, she didn't need to act so, harsh; but that was her nature. She couldn't just change herself to better suit others. Although, her constant teasing and faux ignorance wasn't necessary. Now that she was left alone in silence, she did feel a bit bad. I should probably apologize to her later. Kimiko thought. She continued to watch from the window. They passed multiple building, people, and the likes. She yawned softly, and uncrossed her arms.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) After an hour or two of riding through flat farmland, they came to a stop in a small village. They were about two hours away from their destination, but the driver insisted that the horses needed a water break. With a heavy sigh, Chitsuki slid down from the bench, smacking away the hand of a too-friendly young man. She wasn't quite sure if he had wanted to help her down or stick his hand up her skirt. At the moment she was leaning toward the latter, as even after her obvious rejection, he followed behind her, seemingly oblivious of both her irritation and the sword at her hip. By the time she was at the carriage door, he was pressed up behind her. With a snarl, she pushed on the hilt of her sword and rammed the sheath straight up between the man's legs. When he fell back, she turned and punched him hard on the left cheek. "You can explain to your mother why you have a black eye," she growled, punching him again just for good measure. She then pushed him back with her heel. Despite the quarrel she'd had with Kimiko, she didn't want this pig anywhere near her. Though, maybe she was the pig considering how she spit on the man when she shooed him off.

Baring her teeth at the man one last time, Chi turned around to open the carriage door. She held up a hand before the woman could ask if they had arrived. "We are not there yet, my lady. We've stopped in a village to feed and water the horses, that is all. We are still a couple hours from the Countess' manor. We cannot push the horses too hard, as I don't think you wish to stay at the woman's home any longer than we need to."

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muuumew | 1619 comments ((chitsuki is a queen, and that's that. omg.))

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muuumew | 1619 comments Kimiko sat up straight when the carriage stopped. Are we finally here? She thought in anticipation and stood. She stepped over to the door, only for Chitsuki to open it. She opened her mouth to ask a question, but it was already answered. "Oh..Well, thank you for informing me!" Kimiko said with a smile, trying to ease the tension that was still clearly there.

"You're right, I definitely don't want to stay there long." Without even asking, she hopped out of the carriage and spun around. It felt nice to move freely again. While she was normally patient during carriage rides, it was worse this time since she was alone and didn't have anyone to talk to- or more specifically, bother. Kimiko let out a satisfied sigh and looked around the village. She didn't recognize it, but she rarely made an effort to memorize village names, etc anyways.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) ((Lololol!!! Thanks XD))

((They're not in Blackridge... They're still in Edinburgh. The Countess is visiting from Blackridge... I'm pretty sure Chitsuki said this, but sorry for the confusion))

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Chitsuki all but ignored Kimiko's attempt at relaxing the atmosphere, merely stepping out of the way so the woman wouldn't land on her feet. Safely from the door to a small cottage, the man who had harassed her before stared slack-jawed at Kimiko. Baring her sharp teeth, Chi snarled at him. All it took was one step toward the young man to make him hide in the house. Hmph-ing, she focused back on Kimiko. Though she certainly tried to look as if she weren't. She made her way over to the horses, both ginormous black beauties with hooves that could crush her. The only reason why she was even able to stroke one of the beast's faces is that she was wearing her heels. If she had been barefoot, she probably would have settled for petting the horse's neck or something. It was all she could do not to look at Kimiko.

The driver paid an older man for a bag of feed and a satchel of water for the horses. As he walked back to the carriage, an idea popped into Chitsuki's head. She continued petting the horse, but as she spoke she glanced at Kimiko several times, making it obvious that she was talking to her. "This is our only stop on the way to the Countess' manor so...would you like to walk around for a little bit? The village is small, but they might have a place to get a quick something to eat before we leave...?" Her voice turned up at the end, though what she said was not a question. It only made clear her nervousness. She was more or less asking Kimiko to dine with her. "I just...just imagine that tea isn't very filling. And the Countess might not even offer any...snacks...," she tried, hoping to recover some of her bravado and failing miserably. Her ears were hot, though her cheeks luckily remained their natural color.

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muuumew | 1619 comments Kimiko turned towards Chitsuki, with a bright smile on her face. It could be comparable to a smile a child might have when getting something they've wished, and yearned for for the longest time. She found it cute how flustered Chitsuki got, but this time she didn't do anything to tease her. "I'd love to! Let's go!" Kimiko said, and walked over to the horses where she was. After patting the horse's mane, Kimiko turned on her heel and began walking. While it was obvious that she was excited, she tried to remain calm, and not act super jumpy. She especially needed to get serious for her meeting with the Countess. Despite knowing this, Kimiko was practically skipping alongside Chitsuki. "So, we should make predictions on what my visit with the Countess will be like!" Kimiko liked to do this often, basically, they would make a guess on what would happen. Sometimes she'd try to even bet on certain things.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Chitsuki only allowed herself a small smile when Kimiko accepted, quickly following after the woman despite it being her idea. This could also be seen as a sort of peace offering to Kimiko, considering how she had yelled at her earlier. Though Chi wasn't one to apologize, and fully believed that Kimiko had deserved being shouted at, this little 'date' could definitely be seen as an apology. She walked a little faster to match Kimiko's pace, following a few steps behind the woman. It made it easier to establish rank to those around, but also kept Chi from getting flustered at any closeness. Kimiko's suggestion made her smirk devilishly. "Of course," she agreed quickly.

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muuumew | 1619 comments Kimiko took this date of sorts as a peace offering. She didn't believe that Chitsuki has a reason to apologize. While she did get upset and shout at her, Kimiko didn't get offended over it. After thinking for a moment, she smiled. "I think that she'll probably get angry at one of her servants over something small!" She began. "Something trivial like.. not putting enough sugar in her tea." Kimiko turned to look at Chitsuki, awaiting her input. "Or, she'll have horrible fashion taste. Maybe she wears really gross looking dresses! Like, with really old fashioned styles." Kimiko suggested with a shrug. She looked around at the people and buildings they walked by curiously. If they had the time, Kimiko would've probably bombarded them with questions. Sadly, there was no time for that.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Chitsuki pursed her lips and tilted her head slightly as she thought over Kimiko's first prediction, only to chuckle at the second. "I doubt that she'll have terrible fashion taste. Though, I think you may be on the dot with her getting angry at her servants. I get angry enough at yours, and you're not a countess," she laughed. Pausing a moment, she thought to herself, going through what little she knew about the countess. "As...you said earlier... She might have killed her husband. Or at least, she had him killed. That's my bet. You must keep in mind, my lady, that she's from Blackridge. They are ruthless. If her husband was irritating enough, those asses likely would have ignored her killing him. If she even did it herself."

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muuumew | 1619 comments Kimiko nodded, becoming more serious. "I think we should remain alert, around that Countess. I don't have much reason to be suspicious, other than the fact that she's from Blackridge, and even then, I'm biased but..I don't know. It's just a gut feeling I suppose." She said, and crossed her arms. Kimiko immediately went back to her normal self, smiling again. "Anyways! Why do you doubt that? I think my prediction is perfectly sound!" She exclaimed, placing her hands on her hips, in an almost arrogant manner. Of course, she as playing around. She kicked at a rock, and lowered her arms.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Chitsuki's brows furrowed, humming silently to herself. "We definitely cannot judge people based on the kingdom that they're from, but... As someone who lived in Blackridge, I can say that the nobles were among the worst citizens," she said softly. She smiled at Kimiko's next comment. "Well, I mean, Blackridge is a very...in the moment kingdom. I'm sure her fashion is very modern..." She trailed off, the smell of food in a pub nearby causing her to lose her train of thought. "I... Yeah, what were we saying?" Her stomach snarled, but she barely even heard it.

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muuumew | 1619 comments "You're right, but I just can't shake that feeling off of me." Kimiko said with a sigh. She nodded in understanding. "Oh, that is true! You're probably right, but we'll see." Kimiko said. She smelled food, and smiled. "We were talking about eating! C'mon!" Kimiko said, grabbing Chitsuki's hand. She walked a lot faster, and because her legs were longer, she practically dragged Chitsuki to the pub. When they got there, Kimiko let go of her hand, and looked around. "Is this place okay?" She asked, raising an eyebrow. While it wasn't the nicest place to dine, Kimiko wouldn't mind it.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Chitsuki yelped when her hand was grabbed, snapping out of her hunger daze only due to the fact that she had to run lest she be literally dragged by Kimiko. She grinned upon seeing the inside of the bar. It wasn't as dirty nor the atmosphere as aggressive as she might have liked, but it was definitely better than wandering behind Kimiko at some posh dining room. "It's perfect." She tightened her grip on Kimiko's hand, leading the woman further into the pub. With a snarl at a group of men at the spare table in the back, and a little flash of her katana of course, she pushed Kimiko down on the bench. "I will get us some food. Just a little bit, so we can be back on the road soon," she told the woman before walking to the bar.

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muuumew | 1619 comments Kimiko looked around the pub curiously. She watched as Chitsuki walked to the bar and sighed. While it would be unsightly for a lady in waiting to be so familiar with one of her servants, Kimiko didn't care. Her gaze landed on the table in the back, before shifting to somewhere else. Thankfully, the pub wasn't very busy. She definitely didn't want to be late seeing the Countess. If anything, she'd rather not show up. Much to Kimiko's dismay, that option wasn't viable. She rested her head on one of her hands and waited for Chitsuki to hurry. She wondered what she was going to order. Hopefully she gets something sweet. Kimiko thought, and sighed yet again.

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Chitsuki waited for the food to be finished so that no one would be able to taint the food should it sit on the counter. After she was handed two plates, she made her way back over to the table where she'd seated Kimiko. There was a small smile on her face as she placed a plate in front of the woman. There was a warm, powdered pastry on it. Her own plate had the same. She took a seat across from Kimiko and looked up at the woman expectantly. "Try it."

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Kimiko looked at the pastry, and then at Chitsuki, who seemed expectant. "Alright." She said, and picked it up. She took a rather big bite, and chewed for a minute. For a few seconds her face was blank, almost uninterested looking. She then widened her eyes and took another bite. "This..Is so good!" Kimiko exclaimed in between bites. She was delighted that it tasted so good. Eventually she finished it all. She had practically shoved the whole pastry in her mouth. There was powdered sugar on her finger tips, but she wiped it off with a napkin.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Chitsuki smiled at Kimiko's exclamation, eating her own pastry slowly. Despite growing up with thieves and killers, she had impeccable manners. Looking up at the woman after getting halfway through her delicacy, she giggled. Somehow Kimiko had entirely missed a spot of powdered sugar on the corner of her mouth. Without a second thought, she leaned over the small table to gently wipe away the sugar with her thumb. Only when her finger was on Kimiko's lip did Chi realize what she was going. She quickly swiped away the spot and leaned away, her heart racing. Her cheeks blazed bright, ears practically steaming. "We...we should be on our way," she squeaked, which was very uncharacteristic of her. Not meeting Kimiko's gaze or answering anything she might have said on what she had just done, Chi wiped off her hand and hurriedly finished her pastry. She was standing before a full minute had passed.

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muuumew | 1619 comments While Chitsuki had impeccable manners, Kimiko on the other hand didn't. Or well, she did, when she actually wanted to use them. She sat there for a few seconds in shock, before smiling. She nodded in agreement, and stood up. She had asked a few questions, but Chitsuki kept quiet, which made her raise an eyebrow. It also reminded her to do something. Once they were out of the pub and walking to the carriage, she stopped walking, and waited for Chitsuki to do so well. It was odd of her to be so serious about something that wasn't work. "I apologize for the way I was acting in the carriage." Kimiko said, looked at Chitsuki. Her apology was short, but definitely genuine.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Chitsuki was walking fast enough out of the pub that it took her a moment to realize Kimiko had stopped. Turning around to face the woman, she paused upon seeing how serious the woman looked. The apology, albiet short, struck Chitsuki. She was surprised to say the least, her heart stuttering at the sincerity in Kimiko's voice. Quickly, she spun around in an attempt to keep Kimiko from noticing the blush heating her cheeks, completely oblivious to the bright red her ears had turned. "Th-...thank you, my lady. I forgive you," she replied, tone confident after her stutter. Nonetheless, she sped toward the carriage. She paused at the driver's seat and instead opened the carriage door for Kimiko, making clear that she meant to ride with her inside again.

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muuumew | 1619 comments Kimiko smiled, and followed behind Chitsuki. She was glad her apology was accepted, and the atmosphere felt a lot less tense than before. When they got to the carriage her smile dropped. Kimiko thought she was going to sit with the driver once more, but when she realized she wasn't, Kimiko almost wanted to hug her. Instead, her face lit up like she had seen the most amazing thing in the world, and she hopped into the carriage. "Thank you!" She said to Chitsuki. She was thanking her for holding the door open. Kimiko sat down on the bench, and crossed one leg over the other. "About how long do you think until we get there?" She asked. She was a bit more patient sounding, now that she had eaten.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Chitsuki climbed into the carriage after Kimiko, simply nodding at her thanks. She paused for a moment, holding onto the door before deciding on where she would sit. Biting her bottom lip, she scooted in beside Kimiko before closing the door. "We have a couple of hours more to go," she replied just as the carriage started moving. Unlike Kimiko, who was settling in for the ride and was content after eating, the pastry sitting in Chi's stomach made her eyes heavy. She started dozing without even noticing, her body leaning against the wall of the carriage.

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