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Halley (halleymccarty) | 118 comments Mod
This is your space to discuss this month's group read, The Hate U Give. How did you like the book? Did the subject matter resonate with you? All types of discussions about the book are allowed here so there will be SPOILERS in this thread.

Vienna | 1 comments Gave me really an insight, I'm not an American and don't live in a community were discrimination problems are big. But I found it a book worth reading and left something to think about.

Evelyn Van Bakel | 17 comments This was definitely a great book! I really liked how she dealed with her black and white friends. I’m not an American and I don’t ever experience stuff like that. God...I don’t know what more to say. But what I loved most and really made me cry was her standing up for her people, when she got upon that car and no longer feared to speak. I also heard that there is coming a movie. I don’t know if I would want to watch it because I’m afraid it’ll be disapointing after reading the book. You know, like most of the time they make a movie of a good book.

Elizabeth Gabriella (elizabethgabriella) | 1 comments I loved this book. It was super engaging and interesting. I loved Starr's narration as well. As a (white) American, this gave me a look into police brutality and other issues. I'm really glad about this bc these issues are so close to me yet never involved or affected me. Now I feel more when it comes to police brutality and racial injustice. This book also helped inspire me for change.

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the movie is also really good by the way, i recommend both the book and the movie to give great insights into the deep-rooted issues of racism in America.
there's this great scene in the movie when Starr's white friends go out to protest Khalil's murder just because they can get off from school, and Starr's reaction to them. it's really well done and is a perfect example of how people don't even realize their actions can be hurtful or offensive.

Kate | 6 comments This is one of the best books I have read all year! It was brilliantly written, with fascinating characters. It really opened my eyes to racial injustice, and I think it is a very important book to read now-a-days. All the scenes were well written, and relative to the story. Nearly all the scenes enlighten you and keep you reading for hours on end! Overall I thought it was a brilliant book and would highly recommend it.

Pushkar | 2 comments his book represents another side....darker side of the US. I read Stamped recently it describes the history of Rascim. That book made me think, its all in the past and things are not that bad now but this book made me aware that its all in the present, the conditions haven't changed or may have gotten worse. While reading it you cannot believe such things are happening in this era. We all hear about it through social media and news but thousands miles away from that country we are untouched by it. This book makes us aware of that aspect of the country. Although it shows the atrocities inflicted on black people in US which horrified me,it also shows how they are 'united' against it and are fighting it together and finding their voice which pleased me in some manner.

The struggle that the main character goes through and finally finds her voice is represented in a nice way. Her fight with her ownself is shown in a relatable way only(things we go through during teenage are relatable but what happened with her friends...not at all relatable). The stages she goes through first ignorance then grief then acceptance and finally revolt ,gave her a great character arc. The journey of the character thorughout the book is amazing, she has risen like a phoenix throhghout the book. Although we cannot be satisfied with the end result, it leaves us with something more than satisfaction...a lingering feeling of hope...

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