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message 1: by Ethan (new)

Ethan Junior | 1 comments Okay so I am working on a project fan made book bringing some of kings world together. But I have a question I am hoping someone might know the answer to or has an idea.
The main thing being how long has the portal been in that spot of Al's diner. Was it their before the diner was built. And when was al's diner there. Plan on using the portal in the story but what I'm mainly wondering is if that portal is always their that means tech. Somone from pre 1958 could end up in the future of 1958. Like from the 1930's for instance? Thanks for any help.

message 2: by Nick (new)

Nick Iuppa | 3975 comments I don't think there's an answer in the book, at least I can't remember one. So, three possible solutions come to mind... maybe more: 1) in the construction of the building - whenever that was - they tapped into a wormhole into time and so the portal has been open since the building was built. 2) portals keep moving so it's there now and will shift to somewhere else at a future date. 3) It's always been there but is rarely discovered. Al found it, but few others have. That does mean anyone who stumbles onto it can find it and go through it... like a noir detective from 1935 who ends up in a murder mystery in 1953 or some other time and situation.

message 3: by mrbooks (new)

mrbooks | 1469 comments Here is what I think. The mill where he comes out in 1958 is the same spot that the Dinner is in at the present time of the book. I think it is not a worm hole as more a hole in time where the original rift started it 1958. As 1958 is the origin you can only travel from present to 1958 and back to the present with only a few seconds of time passing.

message 4: by Jen_Ken (new)

Jen_Ken a.k.a....Jenny from the block | 725 comments I thought he chose 1958 and the time is adjustable

message 5: by mrbooks (new)

mrbooks | 1469 comments If the time was adjustable then he could move closer to 1963 and save his self 5 years of aging.

message 6: by Nick (new)

Nick Iuppa | 3975 comments mrbooks wrote: "If the time was adjustable then he could move closer to 1963 and save his self 5 years of aging."

That's a very good point. I'm sure the author chose 1958 for story purposes, but logically if the person going through the entryway, could have any effect on the time he or she would adjust it. I don't think I suggested that in my argument though.

message 7: by Jen_Ken (new)

Jen_Ken a.k.a....Jenny from the block | 725 comments There was a scene in the diner where they were discussing going back and they chose 1958 because they wanted a time before 1963. I’ll see if I can locate the discussion.

message 8: by E. (new)

E. | 242 comments It's always 11:58 am, September 9th 1958

message 9: by E. (new)

E. | 242 comments and they were only gone from the present for 2 minutes

I listened to the audiobook a couple of years ago, but those things stuck in my mind. Al said there were rules, but he was figuring them out each time he went back to buy his inexpensive meat.

message 10: by Kandice (new)

Kandice | 3944 comments E. is right and I just don't see how it could have been as compelling otherwise. He is sacrificing so much by going back (more than once) because of this. If he could choose a time, well, that would be more Doctor Who-ish. Not tragic at all.

message 11: by Kristina (new)

Kristina Kranig | 2 comments It has been a few years since I read the book, but I do remember them saying in there that when the go thru the portal they always come thru on the same day. That is why when the come back again what they had changed has been reset. Does that make sense? I cant remember if they say how long it has been there, but I do know that toward the end there was discussion about the black card man (is that what they called him?) and I cant remember if they say anything then or not. I plan on reading this book again sometime. I just don't know how soon. If I read it soon, I will let you know.

message 12: by Tracy (new)

Tracy | 163 comments E. wrote: "It's always 11:58 am, September 9th 1958"

I don't know the why, or how the portal came to be, but they always come out in 1958. That's why he had to wait so long to make it to 1963. He couldn't choose the date.

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