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Stormy Summer (skycloudskystar) | 21 comments Mod
For your dragons, any format is fine

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Stormy Summer (skycloudskystar) | 21 comments Mod
Name : Faith

Age : 5

Gender : Female

Personality : Tough,fierce,she is NEVER nervous. She is anything but bossy. Well she can be bossy. But NOT usually.

History : None, not really anything unnormal. Just kidding! She was born first, she's like, the leader of her siblings, Nebula & Stardust. She was strangely willing to go to school. Loved it, now she doesn't really feel anything special for it.

Wing : Night

I can count on you, like four,3,2 You'll be there( Count on me lyrics)
Crush : Fire( open for createion)in the prophecy.
Mate : To young.

Appearance : Black with blue stream on snout. Underside of wings are purple was th white flecks on them.

Other : None

message 3: by Stormy Summer (new)

Stormy Summer (skycloudskystar) | 21 comments Mod
Name : Nebula

Age : 5

Gender : Female

Personality : She always jumps to conclusions, and never believe the truth. Just like her sister, Faith She is bossy, but more than Faith. She is very untrustworthy.

History : Born last and being the medium sized dragonet,she always tried to push ahead of Faith. She gave up, following her sister's command. Hated the thought of school.

Appearance : Black purplish scale with pure black so wings. And little white specks in her chest.

Crush : None,open( She hates everywone,so good luck)
Mate : None and never.

Other : Hates everything & everywone.

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