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Kendall | 118 comments Mod
The hardest part about teaching four genres is probably teaching drama. It's not just that fewer creative writing instructors have studied drama and fewer MFA programs teach it, but also that there are fewer resources available. Finding published plays can be a challenge, for instance. So I thought it would be worth starting a list of resources (favorite books, websites, etc.) on drama. I'll start it off with some of my go-to resources for finding short, accessible plays for students to read. Please feel free to add links to your favorite web sites or references to books you've found helpful in preparing to teach drama.

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Kendall | 118 comments Mod
Ponder Review, the multi-genre literary magazine published by the MFA program I direct, accepts submissions of short plays. We've had some in each of our first three issues, and two issues are already available for free online in pdf format (each issue is posted online as the next issue comes out in print). Feel free to use the online issues for your class or contact us to order print issues at a discount if we have enough stock.

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Kendall | 118 comments Mod
Proscenium Journal is another good source of short play scripts. Back issues from 2014-2016 are available online in Issuu. More issues can be found by searching Issuu. But the latest issue seems to be Fall 2016.

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Kendall | 118 comments Mod
Hominem Journal says they publish short plays. Their current status is unclear, since the call for submissions for Issue 4 was from 2021. However, Issue 3 does have a play script, and there could be more. https://www.hominumjournal.org

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Kendall | 118 comments Mod
Narrative Magazine accepts submissions of plays. To find them on their site, I went to Library - by Title, Form, Author and then searched using the Literary Form "One-Act Play." Three search results came up when I did this recently. You do need to login to read. https://www.narrativemagazine.com/

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Kendall | 118 comments Mod
Silk Road also accepts short plays and has two in their most recent issue (22). http://silkroad.pacificu.edu

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Kendall | 118 comments Mod
The Courtship of Winds, an online magazine accepts short plays. https://www.thecourtshipofwinds.org

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