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Wafa no seriously i love michael so much it hurts :((((

Kara Prob bc we can't get past that he's a ho.
Seriously though, I do get what you mean, he presented as the ideal bf.
Except for how he earned his money.

Mango Girl Michael is a great book boyfriend. I know many men and women who laid as many; just didn’t get paid for it in real life.
Then we have the male ho’s like in Drew in Tangled and other novels and readers allow them to redeem themselves. So to judge Michael may be a bit hypocritical only if others get a pass. If one judges all the loose men as ho’s, fair enough.
Michael is tops for me as far as a great book boyfriend.

Hope Jasmine He is the best book boyfriend, he's shown to actually care and listen to what Stella says. Something I think we don't see enough in other books but I agree with Vernetta and Kara, it's likely because of how he earns his money that not many people talk about him.

Mango Girl Hope, exactly! EVen in his profession, first time with Stella, he was a gentleman. He cares for others and was even doing that to help others. I don’t want to do any spoilers. And it’s so incredible Stella could also see beyond that bc she too had a heart of gold. The Kiss Quotient ranks as the very top of books for me and I enjoyed all of the secondary characters also.

Mango Girl Wafa, me too! This book will experience many repeat visits for a swoon fix. :)

Hope Jasmine Vernetta, I completely agree. It’s a book I plan on rereading many times and buying a physical copy of. The thing I like most about Michael, is a part from his love of his family and friends, is that he never forces Stella to do something she isn’t comfortable with, and the one time it does happen - the club - it’s completely by accident and he didn’t know, but he then comments that if he had, he wouldn’t have done it.

Sorry, that might have been a bit spoilerly - if that’s a word - but to me it became the moment I knew I liked him as a person inside the book. Also, all the other characters are amazing as well.

Mango Girl Hop ❤️

Puto Amélia já ouviram o novo sippinpurpp???????

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Puto Amélia 🔥🔥🔥

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Puto Amélia party party very nice!!

Karen Gregory I really loved Michael and how he worked so well with Stella and her issues. He was really sweet and considerate. I enjoyed both of these characters in the book.

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