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It hadn't been easy sneaking out his dorm, Noah had fallen asleep, but he was such a light sleeper. It took a lot of ninja like skills for Knox to get out without waking his twin. After closing the doors as quietly as possible, he tiptoed away, and didn't even put his shoes on until he was a ways away from the dorm room. Knox tied his shoes and straightened up, he was wearing khaki shorts, van shoes, and a tank top. His sunkissed skin showing off, he walked down towards the common are that he'd been shown the day before. Knox was bored and needed a form of entertainment. Upon entering the space he took in the students lounging about, he passed a few before stopping to watch a girl in the corners, she seemed really immersed in a show. He decided to flip down at her feet and lean over her lap to get a look at what she was watching, having no sense for manners or personal space.

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The girl moved quickly upon him invading her space, her voice was soft as she asked if she could help him. She shoved a hand against his arm, throwing him slightly off balance and leaning back out of her space some. Knox rose a brow, was that a challenge? Knox didn't take well to being pushed around, especially not by some girl. "Hey if you liked it rough, why didn't you just say so sweetheart?" Knox leaned in once more, getting even closer this time, his face inches from hers as he got onto his knees so that they would be eye level. His eyes searched hers, wondering who this girl was, and what her problem was, he was just checking out what she was into. It wasn't like he was in her lap kissing the fuck out of her or anything, which he could very well do if he wanted to. She should feel lucky that he even gave her attention at all, he was a hot catch, just ask the girls back home. Knox was used to getting his way, and to girls falling at his feet, so for one not to. Well that was a shocker for the teenager.

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Knox took in the girls pink cheeks, he had definitely gotten a reaction out of her, that thrilled him. Her words, however, did not. Knox held back a scowl, instead putting on his most charming smile, "C'mon sweetheart, don't be like that. We both know you want a little attention," he tried invading her space once more, his body only centimeters from hers, he was so close that he could see every color that was around her iris. "And I can give you the right kind of attention, if you know what I mean," he was hoping to impress. Maybe change the girls mind about wanting him around. Knox was bored off his ass, what better way to pass the time, than to pester this girl? She was the only one that looked worth bugging at least, Knox knew if Noah had been there he would've interfered. But he wasn't, so Knox was left to his own devices, which could be dangerous to those around him.

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At first she glared at him, looking all high and mighty and offended. He expected some retort, not her to lean in closer than he had leaned in. The two were so close that he could feel her breath on his face as she spoke, "What do you really want sweetheart?" He replied, he then blinked a few times as she got up and all but pushed him out of her way as she went to leave. If she thought that she got to his feelings, she should think again, he'd heard worse. Hell he'd been slapped and called a myraid of things that would make her blush all the way down to her pretty toes. Knox got up to follow her out, "Wait princess, we have things to talk about still. You didn't even give me your number," Knox wasn't one to give up so easily. He ran a hand through his blonde hair as he went after her, hoping to catch up before she disappeared.

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Knox checked out mystery girl from behind, and liked what he saw. Finally catching up to her, he met her pace in walking, which was to say it was brisk. It was like she was trying to get away from him or something, Knox grinned in spite of himself, he always did like a good challenge. "I think you're denying your true feelings for me. Dig deep, you know you're curious about me and everything I entail." Knox was full of himself, but he didn't get there alone, his ego had been fed over the years by plenty of girls. He never really had that many turn him down, but he'd also never had one that he was interested enough in to chase down. "Give me your number and I'll stop following you, or your Instagram. I'll take either one sweetheart," he liked her curly hair, and caramel color, she was drop dead gorgeous. She was a girl that he had to know, so he would continue insulting her and bugging her until she did what he wanted.

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Knox wondered where she was going exactly, he hadn't explored the campus just yet, so the only places he knew were the cafeteria and his own dorms. Hopefully I can get back to the dorms after this. If I have to call Noah to come get me, well that'll be downright embarrassing, and all I need is something he can hold over me, he thought to himself. Suddenly the girl stopped and turned to him, he looked down at her, curious as to what she might have to say. Her question caught him off guard, that wasn't something he was expecting her to say. No one had really asked him that before, they usually just gave him what he wanted. And if they didn't give him what he wanted then he bugged them till they did. "Because you have a fine ass and I thought we could hook up sometime," came the answer truthfully, there was something about this girl that got to him, but he wasn't about to admit that to her. "Cmon sweetheart, don't hold out on me," Knox put his hands in the pockets of his black Jean's, "I'm a lot of fun once you get to know me." It was only partially a lie, he could be a real ass too.

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She rolled her eyes at him and he couldn't help but like her sass. She told him off and started walking away, he was tempted to go after her. But she threatened to cause a scene, not that that scared him, but he really didn't need to be detained by the office already. "Bye beautiful, I'll see you around. Know you're in my heart!" He yelled across campus, a grin on his face as he sauntered away, back the way they'd come. With his hands in his pockets, Knox thought about the girl he had just left, it was an interesting first meeting. He would definitely not be giving up on that girl, Noah would disapprove, but Knox didn't take notes from his twin, and had his own mind. He was headed back to the dorms to tell his brother he might have just run into his first girlfriend on campus. Or third, she might take a while to break down, and there were so many more fish in the sea that were more than willing to bend to his will.

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Noah left his dorm with a messenger bag slung across his chest, full of some notebooks and a YA book he was reading. His twin had headed out before him, and now he was heading out to explore the library. He had some letters to write home, and he felt like the library would give him inspiration, plus he might check out a couple of books, if any caught his interest. His feet took him down some stairs and out the door, he was soon walking across campus. He was glad that he had put on his pastel purple goody, and worn Jean's, it was chilly outside and he knew this was warmer weather for Scotland. He was going to be freezing his bum off during the winter time. He picked up his pace as he made his way to the library, he was soon walking in the double doors, and entering the eerily quiet library. It always made him want to laugh, because he became nervous about making any sounds, he pressed his lips together as he passed by the librarian and headed towards the back. He wanted to find a secluded place to write, and he thought he'd found one, until he noticed a girl sitting there. He wondered if she would mind sharing the space with him, "Excuse me? Could I sit over here? Across from you? I promise I wont be a bother." Noah's eyes were kind and gentle as he gazed at the girl, she looked about his own age. He wondered briefly if they were the same year or not.

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Noah immediately noticed the change in the girls body, she went from very relaxed to tense, hostile even, towards him of all people. Noah's brows furrowed in confusion, what was she talking about? "I-" Then he realized what had happened, he slapped himself in the forehead, "Of course he did this. We've been here all of 24 hours," Disgusted with his twin, Noah shrugged off his bag and set it on the table between them, he fished out his cellphone, unlocking it and going to his gallery, "You can't begin to imagine how often this happens, and no one believes me unless I show them proof. But i have a twin, his name is Knox and he can be a real asshat when he wants to be," Noah showed her a recent picture of the two of them in the dorms. "This is him in a tank top, as you can see, I'm in a different shirt," He pointed out the purple hoody he was wearing. "Plus we are nothing alike, in so many ways. I'm Noah by the way, I'm really sorry for anything he might have said or done to you in my absence. He partially behaves himself when I tag along..." Noah truly felt bad, Knox obviously had been a jerk, and he hadn't even thought to run after his brother. Assuming he could stay out of trouble for just a few.

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Knox could easily get beneath peoples skin, especially girls. He was kind of full of himself, and sexist as hell, despite Noah trying to educate him of his ignorance. The girl in front of him sagged in relief some, and the tension between them seemed to dissipate. Noah wasn't surprised to hear Knox had been an ass, there were plenty of times he'd been one to people he barely knew. "Usually my twin isn't a chaser, so I doubt he would follow you, especially into here. I'm not sure hes ever even been in a library." She introduced herself, Noah smiled all friendly like, nodding. "Yeah, my dad thought boarding school would be the best structure like place for us. Well more for Knox, but I'm always up for an adventure. What about you? First year too?" Noah settled into the chair opposite of Zoe, glad that they had cleared the air.

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Wait, Knox had actually chased after her? That was surprising, usually his brother either wasn't interested enough to give chase, or too lazy. Either way, he wasn't one to give chase to girls. There must have been a reason that he chased Zoe. But what was it? Noah was extremely curious about this girl now, because there was something about her that had caught his brothers attention. So she was a returning student? Interesting, maybe she could show him around sometime. She'd been there for some time, it would seem. "I like the look of the place so far," he admitted, then he thought about if there was a class he was excited about. "I guess English? I haven't signed up for any extra-curriculars, I still have time to, right? I mean I dont know what I'd join anyway. I'm not really into sports, that's more my brothers area. Unless its watching guys all sweaty with their shirts off," Noah wiggled his eyebrows, "Now that's something I can get into." Noah liked to lay back and watch guys work out, who wouldn't?

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Noah knew that he would end up joining some club or another, but choosing which one would be the hard part. It wasn't something that had been at the forefront of his mind until Zoe brought it up. She mentioned that she would join the sweaty boys club, and even added Knox to the list of boys to be watched. Noah grinned, her giggle was infectious. "I'm sure he wouldn't mind showing off his muscles and abs. Hes kind of proud of the tone of his body, he works out a lot. I think he joined lacrosse? So you could see him practice shirtless sometime," Noah leaned forward, chin in hand, "What clubs are you In? Do you have any suggestions on extra curricular activities? Any classes you're excited about?" Noah wanted to get to know Zoe better, it seemed like they were going to be fast friends, which was nice, especially since it was only his second day at the school.

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So Zoe was interested in his brother? Interesting, Noah tucked that bit of information away, "Don't worry, I do anything but tell him when girls like him, it's best not to inflate his ego too much more than it already is." Noah wasn't worried about Knox, but he was slightly worried about Zoe. His brother could be such a jack ass, but maybe he could find someone else for Zoe to be into, before his brother did something devastating. Noah rose both brows as she told him about the club she had formed. It sounded like she had put a lot of work into helping others, Noah was certainly interested. "Can I help out? I make decent grades, and I really have no other interests besides theater. I'm pretty sure I'll join that club, but it should leave time to help others out with homework. I mean, if you'll take me?" It sounded like Zoe was pretty busy, he wondered when she had the time to do fun stuff, because she definitely needed to do fun stuff. She had a sweet, serious side, but he was sure she had a fun side too. Maybe he could bring that part out in her, if she would give him a chance.

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It wasn't hard to see that Knox didn't need any more of an ego boost. The idiot was so full of himself, it was beyond ridiculous. Noah dealt with it on a regular basis, no one else should have to deal with his twins shenanigans. He still felt bad that Zoe had had to go through a spiel with his twin. He smiled when Zoe approved him helping out in her club, he could pull off a B, heck an A, in several subjects, so that shouldn't be a problem. "Sounds good, do I need to just send you a weekly review of my grades?" He was pretty organized and figured emailing her a copy of his grades every week would help her to know he was being true and honest. "When do you start helping the students out? The first week?" Noah didn't want to miss the first meeting and wanted to be prepared. "Is there a particular subject I should be ready to help out with? Sorry for all of the questions, I just like to be informed." Noah felt like he should have a coffee in hand as he spoke to Zoe, instead he had a bag in his lap. He made a mental note to get her number so that he could make a coffee date for them asap. Zoe was so interesting and they seemed to have similar interests. "Yesss!! You'll have to come, itll be so much fun, and you can come to the after parties with me. They'll be full of drama geeks but it should be fun."

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He was surprised when she told him that no, he would not need to show her his grades. That was a lot of trust she was putting into people, but he figured if she'd used this system before, it must work, so he didn't say anything, only nodding his head in response. It sounded like she had some connections with staff, which was cool. Noah fiddled with a string on his bag as Zoe mentioned that she didn't know about going to the parties, Noah's expression turned to a cute pout, "Oh but you must go! I'll need you as my wing uh woman? C'mon, it'll be fun, and it will be so laid back, there shouldn't be drugs or anything. It will be full of theater geeks, and we'll just drink punch and hang out. You have to do fun stuff at school too Zo, not just work," He smiled gently at the last part, wanting to encourage her. "Tell me you'll think about it?" Noah's eyes were pleading, and it would be hard to say no to his face. "What's your number by the way? I'd love to take you to coffee sometime, that's not weird is it? I mean we just met, but I feel like we've clicked already, and will be good friends."

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She said she'd think about going to the parties, and to Noah that meant yes, so he was really excited. He and Zoe would kill it at the after parties, and then he would totally drag her to school events, and he meant drag her, because it would seem she was leery about the social scene. Noah was positive though, with his influence, and being her sidekick, that she would be fine, and they would do many things together. Coffee did seem more her scene though, so he figured that would be a safe bet to ask her to go and do with him. He took the piece of paper from her and searched his bag, he found a piece of paper, ripped the corner off, and gave her his number and dorm room as well. "Now we're both in the loop," He gave her a wink as he put her piece of paper in his pocket. He just had to remember to take it out and actually put the number in his phone, and not wash it. "My schedule is pretty generic, French, Calculus, Geography, Lit, Theater, biology or botany, I'm not sure which? Creative writing, What about you? What's your schedule like? What are you wearing the first day? Something cute I'm sure, I'll be wearing all blue, Knox will probably wear black, so you should be able to tell us apart. That and I'll have the bright, shiny demeanor, while his will be the complete opposite." Noah loved his brother, but he could be a pain, and he had been a pain to this particular girl, he felt bad about it. He was going to make up for it though, and try to get Knox to apologize, though he doubted it would actually happen.

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The difference between Noah and Knox was very obvious if one got to know the twins. Noah was glad that Zoe had given him a chance, and let him show that they were not the same person. She said that they would be taking some of the same classes, he felt himself zing with excitement, that was going to be a lot of fun. Though he hoped that he didn't get her into too much trouble, because he was a talker, he couldn't help it. Noah got on Knox's nerves half the time because he talked so much.
Zoe spoke of her favorite class, he nodded his head, "I like lit too, but I have to admit, I'm more excited about Theater, I'm hoping that I'll be able to be on the tech side of it, I'd love to do the lights and sound if they'll let me. Maybe we have Lit class together! Then we can read the same books, and cry, mope, or laugh together over the selected books." Noah leaned back in his chair, comfortable. He felt lucky that he'd made a friend already, and one that was so sweet and nice. Zoe wasn't used to his kind of social capacity, but he would get her out in the world, getting to know people, going to events, hitting the streets after dark to sneak into clubs sometimes. Maybe, he wasn't sure how far he could push her socially, but he would test her limits.

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