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There were students flooding in, Caleb had just arrived, twenty minutes before. He'd dropped off his luggage to his new dorm as quickly as possible, him and Priya were supposed to meet up at the cafe. They'd only been apart about a week, but it had already felt like forever. Caleb was missing his best friend in more ways than one, she was the light of his life. Priya had been his best friend since they were little bitty, he didn't even remember a time before Priya. She had been a main focus in his life for as long as he could remember. Caleb walked into the cafe, a bell jingled overhead, he glanced around, there were people sitting, but not Priya, so he sat at a table and waited for the dark haired girl that had captured his heart. He people watched while he waited, there was a cute couple at a table nearby, their hands were linked and they were leaning in towards one another as they spoke to each other. They were cute and obviously head over heels for each other, his heart lurched. Caleb wished he could have that, but the girl in his heart could never be his, because she didn't return his feelings.

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ʀᴇᴅ (urfavoritecolor) | 66 comments Had Priya not been running late to her own "emergency meeting" she would probably be napping, or organizing and decorating her dorm of a room. But no, she took one glance at Aldridge and her heart sank. The first time she had ever really stepped foot on the campus, she had been with her best friend. She had been beyond nervous, almost terrified, and was contemplating calling her mom and demanding that she be sent back home immediately when Caleb had reached over and squeezed her hand. It not only helped reassure Priya but had also made her blush severely--something only Caleb seemed to do. And so, after being reminded of that memory, Priya just had to see Caleb as soon as possible. That, and she missed him. Oh! And she had a surprise for him.

The bell chimed as Priya stepped into her favorite tea date spot--or maybe it was the nearby park?--and she instantly began to look around for her familiar face, her hands clutching a small white box wrapped in a bow. And then she saw the familiar puff of brown hair and smiled to herself as she walked over and slipped into the chair in front of him. "I can't believe I'm late to my own meeting," Priya mumbled, laughing at herself. "My sincerest apologies, Caleb."

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The couple he had been watching kissed over their coffee's and Caleb looked away, feeling like he had intruded their little romantic bubble. Instead his eyes found the chalkboard and he contemplate what he was going to get once Priya arrived. It was a hard choice between the pumpkin spice latte and the white chocolate latte, he liked both, but it was Fall, so maybe the pumpkin spice would be better. He was just finalizing his decision when someone plopped down in front of him and said his name, Caleb's gaze swiveled to Priya, his face lit up as he took her in, a smile on his face. "That's okay, how are you? Was the trip over hard? Sorry that our flights got mixed up," He had been really worried about her and the travelling alone part. He was usually with her, but they'd arrived at different times, and had been apart for the past few days. Caleb noticed the box in her hands and wondered about it, he rose a brow in her direction.

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ʀᴇᴅ (urfavoritecolor) | 66 comments Priya beamed right back at Caleb when he smiled at her, instantly asking all the important questions about her trip here. It was like he actually cared about her... But, of course, he cared about her, they were best friends. What kind of friend would he be if he didn't? She was thankful to have him as that, and even more thankful that he cared for her, but she silently wished he cared for her less like a friend and more like he wanted her the way she wanted him. "It wasn't really hard? Maybe if you hadn't told me all the time and gate details like twelve times I would've gotten severely lost, but thanks to you I was okay. I was a little nervous after we landed, figuring out how to transport myself from the airport to school all on my own, but I managed..." Priya noticed his eyebrow and her fingers nervously rubbed against the box as her eyes glanced around the cafe, the nervous butterflies in her stomach finding their way into her bloodstream and causing Priya to bite her lip. It wasn't until a few moments later when she finally pushed herself over the edge and met his gaze that her small voice spilled out, "I, um, have a surprise for you..."

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The cafe buzzed with others chatter and people ordering, it was warm and cozy, Caleb had missed it. Being at home was nice, but being back here, well it just felt right, now that Priya was here. It wasn't the same without her, he hadn't even put anything up on his dorm walls, because usually they helped each other out with that kind of stuff. He listened as she told him about her trip there, and he grinned widely when she said that his nagging had helped her. He knew that it had probably been annoying at the time, but he'd wanted to make sure that she got to the right gate on time, and didn't miss her plane. "Oh? Did you take a taxi?" He inserted after she explained that figuring out how to get to the school had been difficult, then his eyes widened slightly as she spoke very quietly that she'd gotten him a surprise. "For me? But why?" He blinked, then thinking that sounded rude he corrected himself, "I mean thank you. Of course thank you, I just, I don't have anything for you in return... I feel bad." Caleb wondered why she looked so nervous, was it something he did, or said?

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ʀᴇᴅ (urfavoritecolor) | 66 comments Priya had nodded shortly when he asked about the taxi but quickly became preoccupied with the chalkboard off in the distance. Her bright blue eyes darted from the familiar darker ones in front of her, back towards the menu, her mind doing a similar sort of dart. Caleb. Pumpkin spice latte. Caleb. Salted caramel mocha frappucino. Caleb. OMG. Wait. Does that say Salted cream cold foam cold brew? OMG. That sounds so cool wow I should ask Caleb- Priya's attention snapped back to Caleb just as he spoke, her gaze focussed on him as he apologized for not getting her anything. Priya giggled openly at that, peering down at the box in her hands. "It's really nothing Caleb... You know me, always doing the unnecessary, and always making it dramatic..." She lingered and paused, glancing around before she slid the box across the table--carefully. "Here just open it. I'm only worried you won't like it." Priya knew Caleb would like anything she gave him. That was just how kind he was. But what Caleb didn't know, was that Priya had spent the entirety of yesterday in the teacher's lounge, baking batches upon batches of her latest Cinnamon Roll cupcake recipe and it's matching cinnamon cream cheese recipe. This morning, according to the Mathematics professor, she struck perfection. And now she could only hope that he was right, and had finally conjured a cupcake just as amazing as Caleb.

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(she's adorable)

Her giggle was delightful, it made him smile, and he almost laughed along with her. She explained that what she'd gotten him was really nothing, and she appeared to think he wouldn't like whatever it was. Caleb believed otherwise, Priya could get him a frog, with slime on it, and he would still love it, because it was from her. He took the box, carefully, from her, it weighed a little bit. He didn't want to shake it, just in case it was breakable. He felt like a child on Christmas, it was like Santa had come and left him something. He gently opened the box, the smell reached him first, it smelled of cinnamon, then he found a large cupcake inside, his smile widened and he brought his eyes up to meet hers. "This is for me? How long did you take making it?" He knew Priya, she never did anything halfway, so she'd probably spent at least half a day making cupcakes. "Thank you! I really appreciate it," He couldn't believe she'd taken the time out to make him something, it was sweet and generous, just like her. Caleb picked it up and was about to lick some of the frosting, but before he did, he set it back down. "We should share it, let me get a knife," He stood up and went to the counter, he asked for a butter knife, and returned to the table that he was sharing with Priya. "Here," He set the cupcake on a small plate that he'd gotten as well, and cut it in half. "Should we get our coffee, or tea, first? So that we can have it with our cupcake?"

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The smile that appeared on Caleb's face was enough to fill Priya with happiness. He didn't even have to like the cupcake at that point, she already felt complete. She laughed nervously as Caleb asked how long she had taken on the cupcake. She wanted to say something that didn't make her sound like a try hard, something like 'Oh not very long, I just woke up in a baking mood' and not admit to the truth that was 'Well I decided I would bake the second the plane was in the sky on the way over here, and ever since I unpacked that is all I have been doing. Don't go into the teachers lounge by the way, there's like three batches of these things in there and it really makes you look not special but like, you are special and like, my favorite person ever and-' Priya's mental rant was cut off as she shook her head, laughing a bit and waving off Caleb's question. "Not too long really, I had nothing better to do anyway."

It wasn't until Caleb had cut her cupcake in half that the blush really settled into Priya's cheeks, her smile small and her face in her hands as she stared at her favorite human. She had done the necessary nice thing and baked him a cupcake. And what did he do? Decide to share it. He was literally the man of her dreams. Priya's daydreaming probably would've continued had Caleb not asked her about the real reason they were here, and she dreamily shook her head again, blinking out of the dream. "Huh? Oh... Yeah, that's a good idea, we should definitely order first... Is it a coffee or tea day do you think?"

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Not for one minute did he believe that it didn't take her long to bake the cupcake. There were probably samples of them somewhere on campus, Priya was a bit of a perfectionist. Caleb cut into the cupcake, making each side equal in size. He got some frosting on his fingers, after licking them he rose his eyebrows and then looked at the menu, which was it? A coffee or tea day? That was the real question, Caleb decided he was in the mood for the first.

"I think coffee, its the perfect weather. And the mood is so coffee, or is it just me?" Caleb stood up, he waited a moment, "C'mon, let's get our orders in." Caleb walked up to the counter, his eyes on the menu again, he had to decide which coffee he wanted. "I think..." Caleb rubbed a hand over his chin, "Um yeah, I'll take the caramel latte with extra drizzle and whipped cream, please?" Caleb pulled out his wallet and turned to Priya, "And then whatever she wants, put that on my order too." Caleb took the time to drink her in. She was so beautiful, and stood regal as hell, he couldn't have asked for a better friend, or someone in his life that cared as much as he did. Caleb knew he wasn't the only one putting anything into their friendship, Priya put just as much into it as he did. If not more sometimes. Caleb would always wish there was more to their relationship, but he had to get a grip on his feelings. Else they interrupt and destroy everything he held dear.

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ʀᴇᴅ (urfavoritecolor) | 66 comments Priya giggled to herself as she watched Caleb lick his fingers, keeping her half of the cupcake between her hands. She probably could've sat here for the rest of the day and watched Caleb, making a mess of eating only half a cake and licking his fingers at the end like a child. He was just something she knew she would always enjoy.

When Priya and Caleb went up to order their drinks, Priya fell into her serious thinking mode. Holding her chin in on hand, she intently eyed the menu. More specifically the tea side. More specifically the vanilla chai tea. Oh, those were so good. Vanilla anything was literally delicious. But then Caleb said it was a coffee day, and Priya's bright eyes darted to the opposite side of the menu. Most people often wondered why Priya grilled menus so hard. She couldn't help it; it was an accidental habit she brought with her from her childhood--back when she was picky, and menus were the enemy if there was so spaghetti. "I think I'll take the salted cream cold foam cold brew?" She paused, reflecting on her decision, and even the barista taking her order paused with her, his finger waving over the proper buttons and his eyes trained on her as he awaited her final say. A nod shortly followed, and Priya looked happily to Caleb, "That was such a mouthful, but caramel is so tasty, I just have to try it!"

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Priya was adorable as she stood there studying the menu, her face so serious, and her eyes intent on the choices before her. Caleb watched with interest as she tried to decide what she wanted, she could take all the time in the world, and he would be content with watching her pick her drink of choice. Finally she made a decision, but it was a questioning decision, he and the barista waited in anticipation to see if that was definitely her choice. She nodded her head, making the decision concrete, that she wanted the caramel drink. Caleb smiled and handed over his card, he waited as they scanned it and handed it back to him, he then signed a slip of paper and put his card back in his wallet as they moved down to the pickup counter to wait for their drinks.

"Good choice. I think it'll be tasty, you can try some of mine too if you'd like. So," Caleb leaned against the counter casually, "What are the things you want to do first after we leave from here? Decorate your dorm? Unpack? Get our schedules? Take selfies all over campus and blow up Instagram?" He was up for whatever she decided, "Or we can be lazy and just lounge around in pjs and watch tv or play board games, or scroll through social media, giving each other the odd comment now and again."

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