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The weather was warm for Scotland, the streets weren't very crowded either. Jack McCloud got out of his car and hit the lock button. It might have been a small village, but Jack was still adjusting from city life, and some habits die hard. Jack was in town for some supplies he needed for his office. School had yet to start, but that didn't mean he didn't already have work to do. He'd realized this morning that he was out of staples and had no paper clips. He wasn't even sure he would be able to find such things here, but he was going to try. If nothing else he could have them shipped from Amazon, and expedite the shipping. It wouldn't have been that big of a deal, but he had a lot of student paperwork he was pulling together for the new year, so he kind of needed these supplies. Jack was wearing slacks, a button down shirt, tucked in and suspenders. The top two buttons of his shirt were undone, which meant casual for Jack. He started down the street in search of a shop that would have what he was looking for, he turned to look across it, he thought he saw someone he knew, then he turned back to continue walking the way he was going.

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Jack was thinking about stopping at Time For Tea for a coffee when he turned a corner and literally ran into someone. A someone with her arms full, it was like it was in slow motion as a few parcels flew out of her hands and she started to fall backwards. Jack reached for her and caught her just before she hit the ground. He couldn't see the woman all that well because of everything in her hands but he managed to stand her back up on her feet and bent down to grab the parcels she had dropped. He straightened up and peeked around the packages to find a very pretty woman there, "Sorry about that love, here's some parcels you dropped," Jack's Irish accent was barely there, he had learned to school it pretty well, not wanting to sound like his Da. "Can I carry some of that for you? You seem to have your hands pretty full..." Jack hoped she would take him up on his offer, so that she wouldn't run into someone else, or God forbid a car or something. She shouldve made two trips, he would've told her that, but he thought that might be rude.

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Jack held back a chuckle, it was obvious that she couldn't see. He had to catch her from falling when she ran smack into him, due to having no line of vision. Jack looked down at the parcels she had put down. "How about I take these," Jack pointed to the largest ones, "And you take those. I'm sure, it's no problem helping you." Jack held out his hand, taking her smaller one in his. "I'm Jack, Jack McCloud. Pleasure to meet you Ms. Rosie, I work up at the school. Aldridge Academy, have you heard of it?" Jack began piling things into his arms as he spoke, wondering if this woman was local, or was an outsider like himself. It was nice that he was getting to know someone new. He hadn't really met anyone at the school yet, the only person he knew was his best mate, James. It was comforting that James was going to be around for Jack to talk to and hang out with.

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Her smile almost did him in, Jack all but almost stumbled right then and there, all because of a smile. Get ahold of yourself McCloud, no women, remember? his thoughts were rampant as they walked back the way he had just come from. Jack shifted some of the parcels in his hands with ease and kept up with the conversation that he and Rosie were having. So she was an art gallery owner? Interesting, he wondered briefly if that was anything like being a hotel owner. Probably not, but there might be some similarities. "What kind of classes would you teach? Drawing? Painting? Anything else?" She'd peeked Jack's curiosity. "Oh me? This is my first year, I'm to be a counselor as well as an advisor at the school. I was just on my way to get some supplies when we ran into each other. Though I don't know if this town even has what I need. I was also going to grab a cup of coffee..." Jack felt the need for caffeine just then, and knew that the Time for Tea would he his next destination after helping Rosie out with her parcels. Maybe she would want to go with him? After carrying everything, surely she would be ready for something relaxing like that.

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It sounded like she'd travelled a bit, Jack wondered where all she had been. He'd been quite a few places himself over the years, maybe they'd travelled to some of the same places? A question for another time, he listened as she spoke about her life and what she would like to do at the school. "Sounds like you'll be at the school often enough," he commented as they approached a building she was slowing down at. Rosie pulled out keys and unlocked the doors, still talking as she did so, and entered the gallery. It was not setup yet, and looked kind of chaotic, Jack did his best to not let the chaos get to him. "I'll have my share of misbehaving students, but hopefully some of them will be concentrated on their future and I can truly help them." Jack set his stack of things down near Rosie, "I've always been interested in helping children so I majored in psychology." Jack shrugged, not expanding on his answer. "What about you? What got you into all," he waved his hand around, "This?" He couldn't imagine wanting to run an art gallery, maybe buying one and letting someone else run it yes, but otherwise it held no interest for him. And painting itself, he would never understand the joy of it, unless you were painting walls. He had done quite a bit of that in his hotel back in Paris when it was being renovate, getting hands on with the reconstruction.

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Jack hadn't really thought of himself dedicating his life to others, hearing it from Rosie was refreshing. He watched as she moved things around, she had some sort of system going, he just didn't know what it was. That made him feel better, because chaos made Jack nervous. It sounded like Rosie had her hands full with the opening of the gallery, Jack knew what that was like and how overwhelming it could be. "I've opened my own hotel in Paris, so if you ever need an ear to listen to your grumblings about starting a business...." Jack gave her a roguish smile, "You can talk to me. Since it seems we're both new in town. I know starting a business isnt as easy as it sounds, and there can be quite a few hiccups." She asked him out to coffee, he rose a brow, that sounded great actually. "Aye, I mean yes, I'd love to go for some coffee. I haven't had any today, so you can imagine how highly I'm actually functioning at the moment." His eyes met hers, Jack wondered how much they could find out about each other in the amount of time it took to drink a cup of coffee. "Are you willing to leave your work behind for a little while?" He gestured to the many pieces of art scattered about the gallery.

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"Hotels are complicated but worth it," Jack took pride in the hotel he had helped renovate. "No, it's not here. Its located in Paris, France. I bought it quite a few years ago to revamp it. We finished Reno about two years ago. It took awhile to get it to where I really wanted it. We opened before that though. If you're ever in Paris you should stop by The Liv," Jack followed Rosie out of the building. She locked up and they began back the way they'd come, on their way to the cafe. It was hard to imagine Rosie as a shrew. She seemed so laid back nice, he didn't think she could really be all that grumpy. He chuckled, a full, happy sound. "Me? In an ill mood? Never," he grinned mischievously. "My energy can be down and I get wicked headaches without my caffeine. So you could say I can be a grouch if I don't have it. I don't think you could be that bad without coffee though. You seem too sweet..." Jack looked her in the eye as he spoke, he wanted to see her reaction to his words.

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The hotel was the best thing Jack had done in his life, besides go to college. He nodded his head when she mentioned it must be a great investment. "Really?"Jack's expression was full of surprise, he grinned when she spoke well of the hotel. She must have had one of Bex's pastries, his friend made great desserts. "Thanks, it was a long process, but worth it. You should stay there next time, if you get the chance, I'll give you a discount," they entered the cafe. There was naturally a line, so they got in it. Jack rose a brow, "I suppose you having an attitude would throw me off a bit. But only because you seem so free and cheerful. I just can't see you throwing around angry looks, or snapping at someone. Though I'm sure everyone can be that way now and again. They moved up in line, they were next. "I'll buy," Jack offered, he pulled out his wallet and got a card ready. "Whatever the lass wants," he told the barista. Jack took the time to look her over, while she wasn't looking, she was gorgeous, and he could sense she was a good person. Jack was tempted to ask her out on a date, but he was supposed to be taking a break from women, swearing them off. Because of a heartbreak years ago, over a girl that probably didn't even remember his name anymore. Dating could be hard, it was going to take someone special for Jack to date again.

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So she wanted to show him a place that he'd never been to in Paris? That would be interesting, and fun. "I'll have to take you up on that. Though it'll be hard to impress me with the crepes, my friend makes the best that I've tasted so far." Jack noticed it was his turn to order, "Caramel cappuccino, extra cream." He handed over the card. They ran it through and handed it back quickly and they moved down the counter, he thought about her words and question. He kind of wanted to see her in a grumpy mood, just because he couldn't imagine it. "I do quite a few things for pleasure after hours, not sure you would approve all of my extra curricular activities," Jack grinned devilishly, "I like to drink now and again, whiskey is my go to. I also enjoy playing pool, get togethers are fun. Though my favorite thing to do is to be in the boxing ring." Jack wondered how she would take the news, he doubted the lass had ever even seen an underground boxing ring, let alone been to a fight. She was far too innocent, and kind of hippyish. Not in a bad way, he liked it about her. Their coffee's arrived and Jack gestured to the cafe, "Where do you want to sit?"

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Jack felt fiercely proud of Bex and her crepes so he would gladly take that bet, "You're on." They walked over to a quiet corner, Jack sat in the chair opposite of Rosie. So she drank too? That was promising, he could make her a screwdriver without a problem, they were easy to make. It sounded like she liked to gamble, winning games of pool in venice. Betting on the crepes, there was more to this girl than he thought. She asked about what drew him to boxing, "Its a mans sport. Theres something about being barehanded and fighting someone one on one. I'm not sure I can quite explain it, to be honest. Something draws me to the ring. It has since I was small. My father got me started on it, and I haven't stopped since. Can you explain what draws you to art?" It was hard for him to explain how the boxing helped to release the stress he had pent up, or that sometimes he just needed to hit something, or rather someone. Did that make him a bad person? Maybe. Or maybe it just made him a man that hit people once in a while as a hobby.

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Jack sipped on his cappuccino, the paper cup warm in his hands. He should've asked for a real mug, he preferred those. Oh well, he would ask next time. Jack could tell that Rosie was passionate about her art, she lit up as she spoke of it and everything it entailed. Jack didn't see it as much more than a decoration on a wall, but he was glad there were people out there that could appreciate it like she did. Rosie mentioned that boxing was an honorable sport, he agreed completely. "We all have our things, books, art, boxing. Where would we be without them? They bring out another side of us, the passion inside each of us. I'm sure the students at Aldridge will be lucky to have you. Have you taught before? Or will this be your first time?" It was Jack's first year as a counselor, he was nervous about it, but also thrilled. He could maybe help a lot of kids over the next year, and if he liked it, then he would sign on for another year.

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Her teaching yoga class just furthered his belief that she was some kind of hippy. He wasn't sure this was his type of girl, but then again, he was into her for some reason. He listened as she spoke of her haphazard plan of teaching, his face blank as his kind reeled. That was her plan? To pretty much wing it and hope it turned out well? Before he could stop himself, Jack said, "You can't be serious?" Jack realized that probably wasn't the best way to go about his opinion. "What I mean is, how can you not have a lesson plan? Don't you want to he organized and planned out?" Jack had a schedule already laid out, plans of attack for all sorts of situations that kids could come to him with, he was very detailed and organized. Yes it was his first year, but he was going to be damn well ready and prepared for it, guns blazing. He wasn't going to just be all free and winging his first semester at one of the most prestigious schools in the world.

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(Haha, figured why not?)

"Well its art"? That was her excuse? Jack muttered some things beneath his breath. This woman had no idea about what it took to teach, how in the world had she gotten a teaching job at the school? "Planning is important when it comes to teaching, so is a schedule, students need structure in their lives I'm sorry Rosie. But I dont agree with you," Jack shook his head as she went on about how she was letting them learn creativity. "I'm not saying to stunt them, but to have at least a loosely planned lesson would be beneficial, don't you think? If you let the students run the class its going to be pure chaos, and they'll end up in my office, or hell you will after they're done with you," Jack wasn't backing down on this. As the school advisor, he was going to advise, even if Rosie didn't appreciate what he was saying to her. He sipped more on his coffee, taking her in, her pink cheeks and passionate eyes, yeah he could get used to seeing her like this.

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She didn't look happy with him, and she spoke like it too. Jack looked appalled when she suggested sarcastically that he knew everything. That wasn't what he was trying to say, he was trying to show her that her way of thinking was going to get her into trouble. He sighed so she went on about how he shouldn't doubt her, and that she was giving the students what they needed. He doubted that, she would be giving them too much freedom and they would take advantage of that as quickly as they could. Half of them would probably say they wanted to go out and "photograph" things, but really they were just taking the opportunity to skip class. He knew, because that's what he would've done in such a class. "I guess we will just have to agree to disagree on this. And when you have students that aren't turning in work and skipping class, you can send them my way." Jack shrugged, his lips in a firm line as he stared at her, wondering what was going on in her head. Jack was sure some kids were going to take the class for an easy A, well they had no idea how easy that A was going to be, with Rosie teaching it.

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Jack felt that he had definitely offended the poor girl, there was nothing to be done though, he had his opinion and she had hers. Rosie stood up and held out her hand, her eyes were more cold than warm now, he shook her hand as he stood up, "Pleasure to meet you Rosie. I hope we can meet again," He was sincere in that. Though it may have seemed otherwise with the way their conversation went. Jack was fine with disagreeing with others, but he wouldn't back down either. Jack truly hoped she wouldn't take offense to his words and maybe they could be friendly on school grounds. Jack grabbed his cup and walked out of the cafe, headed back to campus and his office. He would just order the office supplies on Amazon. Jack didn't have it in him to explore the town just then, his mood effected by the encounter with a Ms. Rosie.

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The Porsche snarled against the tarmac as it wound its way through the narrow country roads leading down into the quaint Scottish village. Behind the wheel sat Kieran Warner, appearing every inch the rich poster boy he was. Dressed in a crisp linen shirt and chinos, with his Rolex glinting on his arm - he need only stand next to a horse and one might mistake him for a Ralph Lauren advert. The trees and thickets passed in a blur of green and brown as Kieran followed the familiar road from his parents house to the school he was happy to call his third…no…fourth home. He put his foot down as the road straightened out and jammed the car into sixth gear, making the most of the last stretch of freedom before he found himself in the narrow village streets. He would have usually taken the hill roads up to Aldridge and avoided the inconvenient high street, but he’d offered to pick up his friend on route.

Kieran was now regretting his offer, seeing the row of traffic lining the high street. There was a delivery van blocking half the road and people were queuing to get past. He rolled his eyes behind his sunglasses and turned up the music. It took ten minutes for the traffic to clear and Kieran sped off again, down the cobbled streets towards the village green where he’d agreed to meet Toby. The car skidded to a halt just outside the pub and Kieran scanned the street. Unable to make out his friend, Kieran grabbed his phone from the cupholder. Selecting Toby’s number he raised the phone to his ear and listened to the dial tone. “Where are you, ya bastard?” he muttered to himself, tapping his fingers against the steering wheel. Kieran was well aware that he was parked on a double yellow line and the parking warden seemed to take extra enjoyment in ticketing the Porsche with it’s personalised plates. He cancelled the call before the fourth ring had even sounded and let the car crawl forward a few inches, surveying the street once again.

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The air was kind of cool, but nothing that Tobias wasn't ready for, he was wearing a long sleeved, button up shirt, with khaki pants. His taxi had dropped him off hours ago, he'd been shopping in the small village, and taking in some time to himself. He had a backpack on his back, and a couple of bags in his hands. The rest of his things had been delivered to his room through a private company, his mom had set it up. In his bag he had a couple of things for Abigail that he'd picked up on his travels over the summer. That had been interesting, going around the world, visiting different places, volunteering at a couple of them, it'd been life altering in some ways. He knew that some of the things he'd done over the summer probably wouldn't have been seen as 'cool' by his peers, but he didn't really care. Tobias was his own person, and did his own thing, despite what others may or may not think. He felt his phone vibrating and reached into his pocket for his phone, it brought him out of his thoughts, but the person hung up before he had the chance to answer it. Looking at his missed call, he noticed that it was Kieran. He must have been close, or he was running late, either way he decided to try and call him back. He was waiting in front of a new art gallery, he put the phone up to his ear and waited, but it went straight to voicemail, so he texted him instead,
I'm in front of that new art gallery, down the street from the cafe
After hitting send he pocketed the phone once more and looked around, his eyes on the lookout for an expensive car, he knew Kieran would be driving the Porsche, more than likely, and was looking for it. Maybe it would have been quicker to just walk up to school, but he wanted to catch up with his friend, plus he had the shopping bags in hand, so it was easier to wait.

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Kieran took off his sunglasses and tucked them into the top of his shirt. His eyes swept over the green once again but it was clear that Tobias wasn’t anywhere amongst the dog walkers or the elderly people feeding the pigeons. Two women out for an early morning run went trotting past the car in skin tight gym wear. Kieran’s gaze lingered on them as they passed but he the resisted the urge to beep the horn. He had already spotted the resident policeman stood on the corner up ahead and didn’t fancy having a run in with him again anytime soon. That was the thing about Kieran and his ostentatious Porsche, he drew attention and not often for the right reasons. The people down in the village had money sure, but their wealth was incomparable to those who lived up on the cliff. The presence of such an expensive car amongst the mud-caked landrovers and beaten up old estates, was a rare sight and one that came with judgement. Not that Kieran had the slightest care about what the villagers thought of him. The policeman was walking down towards him now and not wanting to give the man an excuse, Kieran put the car back in gear and drove around to the other side of the green. His phone beeped as he pulled in behind a battered Mercedes and Kieran dragged it out of the cup holder, scanning the message from his friend. His fingers crafted a message in seconds.

I just drove past there dickhead. 2 minutes. He sent back, giving an exaggerated sigh as he tossed the phone on the passenger seat. Jamming the car into reverse, Kieran turned the Porsche around and sent it hurtling back up at the highstreet at break neck speed. He spotted Tobias almost instantly, stood just outside the newly renovated gallery. His friend was already dressed for Autumn, sporting a summer tan and several shopping bags. The Porsche crawled to a stop just beside him and Kieran leaned across to the throw the door open. “What’s with all the bags? You look like my Mum after fashion week,” Kieran said, already accelerating away before Tobias had even closed the car door.

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Tobias was thinking about Abigail, how she might look, what she might be like after the long summer. He'd missed her like crazy in the months they had been apart. He had a box of letters to prove it, he'd taken the time to hand write his girlfriend letters over the summer, and each one was filled with some sort of romantic sentence. Tobias wondered what she was doing right then, and decided to give her a call, it rang twice and went to voicemail, what was it and him getting peoples voicemails? Tobias sighed as he hung up, he received a text from Kieran just then, he rolled his eyes at the text, texting back, Kay, before hitting send and pocketing his phone. The Porsche pulled up soon after, Tobias had barely gotten into the car before his friend was already pulling away from the curb. "You could let me get in first," He muttered before setting the bags down on the floorboard, "I just picked up some stuff that I forgot to get for my dorm. I forgot all my soaps and stuff, and I don't know about you, but I like taking showers," Tobias put his seatbelt on as they bolted around a corner, "How was your summer, tough guy?" He knew that Kieran could come off like a total jerk wad, but he actually cared about the guy, and considered him a friend.

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Kieran shot a grin to his friend in the passenger seat. “Well where’s the fun in that?” he laughed, reaching across to clap Toby on the shoulder. Though the two had been friends for years, they couldn’t have been more different. Toby with his reserved, calm demeanour and Kieran almost the opposite, with his relentlessly wild attitude. It was a wonder they were friends at all. Kieran turned his attention to the road as the Porsche zigzagged through the village streets. “My summer,” he began, answering his friend’s question, “was excellent. I surfed, I tanned, I ate so much Italian food I undid three months of gym work. And…” Kieran winked at Toby. “Let’s just say I had the full, Italian experience.” He leaned back in the chair and slammed his foot down on the accelerator as they reached the open country road. The car engine revved and growled as they wound their way through the highlands, green hills surrounding them on either side.

“Yours?” Kieran asked, realising he’d forgotten to return the question. “And how is the lovely Miss Langley doing? She knows I’m still single right?” His gaze slid across to Toby, a smile tugging at his features. It wasn’t a button that Kieran usually pressed, but as he was safely behind the wheel he felt he could get away with it. Surely Toby wouldn’t punch the driver, would he? The hills flattened out and the road down to the school came into view minutes later. Reaching across, Kieran turned the radio down a touch. “Did you hear about Aldridge?” he asked, “our boy got held back a year. If we can get him on the football team I’ll bet his Dad will bank roll us all the way to nationals.”

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Tobias rolled his eyes when Kieran clapped him on the shoulder, he could care less about what Kieran considered fun. The two were on their way to the Aldridge, and he was glad that he was finally getting back to his second home. He listened as Kieran rattled off about his summer, bragging about the 'Italian' experience he'd received. Tobias could just imagine all that that entailed. He was glad he'd traveled and hadn't been around Kieran over the summer, he probably would be traumatized by this point, that or laid Kieran out flat on his back. As much as he cared about the guy beside him, he knew how annoying and unwholesome the boy could be, and he could insult someone without them even realizing it. Girls swooned over Kieran, Tobias didn't understand how or why, he was a dick to them, yet they kept coming back for more. "You can keep your Italians," He replied with a knowing look. "Why can't you settle down with one girl, your age at that."

Kieran asked him about his summer, poking at Abigail as he did, Tobias felt his blood pressure rise slightly, he didn't like it when Kieran said stuff about his girlfriend, especially insinuating that Abigail would have anything to do with him. Tobias was sure that his girlfriend loved him, and wanted nothing but friendship with Kieran, but he still didn't like it. Tobias was tempted to slug him, but that might make him veer off the road, so he held himself back, "Abigail is doing just fine," He ground out between his teeth, he forced himself to breathe, and relax, "She was on holiday over the summer, so we didn't get to see each other, but I plan on seeing her as soon as we get on campus." Tobias had missed her, and was glad that she hadn't fallen for some Aussie guy while away, at least as far as he knew she hadn't. Kieran mentioned Roman, "It'll be easy to talk him into getting on the team, just tell him that girls will be throwing themselves at him, and he'll be there. His dad, I don't know if he'll be very supportive..." Tobias knew that the two Aldridges didn't have a great relationship, him and Roman had talked about it a time or two. But he might bank roll them to nationals just for face value, like Kieran had said, who knows? "What do you think Roman did over the summer? Sit around the house doing nothing?"

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Kieran grinned at that. He could always count on Tobias to chastise him for his behaviour, to pull him up when he said something inappropriate or drag him out of fight he wasn’t going to win. “Because there is soo much time to settle down with one girl,” he said, mimicking Tobias. “I want to explore a bit first you know? You’re not telling me - that at eighteen - you want Abi to be the last person you ever sleep with.” It was a conversation they had a frequently, a debate on the perks of being settled or being single. With Kieran always arguing passionately for the latter. He believed what he said, there was plenty of time for him to get into a relationship. Right now all he wanted was to have some fun. He could save the serious stuff for after he graduated University.

“She was in Aus right?” Kieran asked as talk turned to Tobias’ girlfriend. Though he didn’t ever admit it, part of the reason Kieran was so against relationships was because of people like Abi. He’d seen her type a thousand types before and could already anticipate what would happen when they reached the end of the school year. She’d get her place at Boston Uni and vanish off to America for four years, leaving Toby behind. Long distance relationships never worked, much less long distance relationships with your high school sweetheart. There was a brief silence as he stopped the car at the junction and turned left, the last stretch before Aldridge Academy came into view. Kieran shrugged at Toby’s question about Roman. “Who knows. Probably got arrested for beating up a homeless guy,” he suggested, knowing it could be any number of things with Roman. “Maybe he finally did it, maybe he done-in Aldridge Sr!” He laughed. It was well known that the relationship between Marcus and Roman was a strained one, enough that Roman - who barely told anyone about his life - had made it known how much of dick his dad was. He never went into specifics but it was clear that Roman hated his father.

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Tobias rolled his eyes at his friends response to the girl thing, he seemed like he would always be the playboy, and never just concentrate on getting one girl in his life that could make him happy. Hell, he didn't even give girls the chance to show him anything, he just used em and dumped them. "Actually," Tobias took a deep breath, his face serious, "I don't mind at all that Abi might be the last, and only girl I've been with. I'm perfectly okay with it, if she's my forever, then she's my forever. I hope she is..." Tobias couldn't imagine being with any other girl, it made his heart ache just thinking about it. They'd been together so long already, how could they be apart? They were like two peas in a pod, yeah they fought sometimes, but never about anything major. They had a pretty healthy relationship, and seemed to care deeply for one another.

"Yeah she was in Australia over the summer, I think she had a pretty good time," He replied confidently, they'd talked a handful of times, but she'd sounded light and happy when they spoke. It would have been better if he'd been allowed to go with her, but his parents, and hers, had had other plans for the teenagers, so they'd gone completely separate ways for the summer. Hence the reasoning for the stack of hand written letters that were stuffed in his backpack. He wanted Abigail to know that he'd thought about her all summer, and hadn't forgotten her. The subject switched back to Roman, Tobias could barely stand Roman's attitude sometimes, he told Roman off almost as much as he did Kieran. Though it was with affection half the time, because Tobias truly cared for his friends, even if they could be complete dicks sometimes. Roman complained about how his dad treated him, but Roman was a complete jerk to girls, and highly sexist. He'd thought Abi was going to slug him a few times for things he'd said in her presence. "Maybe he'll get his act together this year," Tobias commented as they turned on the last stretch to Aldridge, they were almost home. He would get to see his girlfriend, and put his things in his dorm, his other stuff had arrived before him. "Hey do you think we're rooming together this year?" Tobias hoped so.

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Kieran resisted urge to fake vomit as Tobias’ gave his declaration of love for Abigail. It was enough to make him want to swerve them off the road into a tree. Ugh, monogamy. He tapped his hands against the wheel as the roof of the grand old school came into view over the treetops. They were nearly home. Listening to Tobias once again, Kieran managed a grin. “Oh, I bet she did,” he said, placing emphasis on all the wrong words. Kieran knew he ought to rein it in, lest he get a punch of Toby the moment they stepped out of the car. But he hadn’t seen his friend all summer and his ammunition had been building in that time. It was only banter, surely it couldn’t hurt that much. Kieran slowed the car down as they reached the ornate looking Aldridge sign marking the turning up to the school. The Porsche rumbled over the dirt track and Kieran tried not wince as he considered how much mud was getting on his alloys at that very moment.

“Roman wouldn’t get his act together if it hit him in the face with a hockey stick,” Kieran snorted, as they made their way up the winding road. The gates soon appeared ahead of them, flanked by two stone pillars and some rather creepy looking gargoyles. Behind them stood Aldridge, as prestigious and ancient as Kieran remembered. The car passed through the gates and onto the gravel on the other side. Kieran smiled in spite of himself, it was good to be back. He drove up the sweeping driveway and stopped on the other side of the garden, just opposite the front steps. “I bloody well hope not,” he teased, “especially if you’re going to be banging that into next Sunday.” He jabbed a finger towards the grand oak doors where a girl with soft brown hair and extremely long legs was sat waiting. Noticing the car, a huge smile spread across her face. This time Kieran did fake heave, but it only lasted a moment before he punched his friend on the shoulder and said, “Go get her, tiger. I’ll find out where our dorm is this year, text you when I know.” He wasn’t about to hang around whilst Tobias and Abi played tonsil tennis on the front steps.

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