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Ash Princess (Ash Princess Trilogy, #1)
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Noha Badawi (shetellsastory) | 62 comments Mod
Share your reviews when you're done with the book and let's TALK about it!
Avoid major spoilers please

Karima chermiti (karichma) | 17 comments so, I finished the book and I wrote a short review about the book. here's a link to the review if you wanna check it out


I didn't go in any details about the plot and what happened so there's no spoilers in it.

Karima chermiti (karichma) | 17 comments hoda wrote: "Karima, that was exactly what I thought of this book!"

You know, Hoda, a lot of people loved this book, I thought I'm the only one who didn't love it. I tried to care and I just couldn't it.
let's hope our next reads will turn out great

Noha Badawi (shetellsastory) | 62 comments Mod
So, I honestly feel disappointed because this book could have been so so so SO much better.
With that world and concept it could have been really awesome.
But did anyone feel like the characters were super flat?

Areej Ghoneam | 2 comments I didnt enjoy reading the book much. I just kept on reading cuz i was waiting to see how it will end and i was disappointed. The story and the characters could have been more. I believe the characters could have showed much more depth but they just didnt. I also felt that the train of thoughts and events wasnt organized enough. And it didnt give me a chance to connect with this world or with the characters. To sum up.... a great idea. But it could have been more interesting

Shahenda Khaled | 3 comments I did enjoy the book, actually :D I thought it had an interesting magic system and I'm looking forward to see more of it in the next books. However the characters lacked something as you're all saying. It really showed with Theo and Cress's relationship from the beginning. Theo's thoughts about her made me feel she really despised her and she's faking her good behavior with her. But then, she says that she actually loves her and she's the only good person she knows... I feel like the author wanted to add complexities to all the characters but it sometimes felt like it was too contradictory,

I liked the story itself but the execution had some problems.

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