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Roman Aldridge felt his pockets for his cigarettes, he found them in his back pocket. Good thing he hadn't sat down anywhere, he surely would have smashed them to bits, he pulled a lighter out of his front pocket, putting the object to his lips, he lit it and inhaled deeply. The first drag off of a cigarette was the best one, Roman appreciated the toxic smoke going into his lungs. He glanced around as he walked across campus towards the pool, he was thinking of going for a swim, he was bored out of his ever loving mind, and needed something to keep him occupied. It was still several days before school would start, Roman had been people watching previously, as students trickled in. None had caught his fancy, yet. Though he was sure that some young thing would, eventually. That or he would find someone to pick on, a 9th year or something. Roman flicked the cigarette away from him, towards the grass, he stepped on it as he passed by. He was close to the indoor pool, he doubted anyone would be there, there just weren't that many students on campus yet.
Roman pulled open the door to the building, the smell of chlorine hit him first, and the humidity in the air. He walked the rest of the way in, the door shutting behind him, he thought he heard someone doing laps. Odd, usually there wouldn't be anyone interested in swimming just yet, he made his way to the pool.

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sorry i took so long!

Today had been interesting to say the least, while normally he didn't spend his time in class, her certainly hadn't expected to be rewarded for it in such a peculiar manner either. While technically he had been rewarded with a number because of his assitance with a girls calculus homework, he would simply chalk it up to being another instance where he was right, and the teachers were wrong about school. She was cute too, her beautiful brown curls and the awkward way she squealed whenever he would even wink at her made him slightly giddy inside. He hated it. Only one person had even consumed his thoughts like she had, and they didn't even deserve it in the first place. Before Quinn knew it, he started to emerse himself in toxic thoughts, his scowl scaring away everyone who even thought of coming up to him. Of course, God forbid they actually see his true emotions, he couldn't leave himself that vulnerable.

Choosing to distract himself from the people that danced around in his head, he put his guitar in his dorm before changing into his swim trucks, gladly soaking up all the attention to his appearance. Soothing his one-dimentional show of a person, and walking over to the indoor pool near his dorms. After all, there was a swim meet coming up soon, and his parents of course always wanted to check up on him. As long as he kept up the facade of the perfect student with an even better social life, then all would be fine. Throwing his towel in the locker room, Quinn swiftly jumped into the pool, doing some quick freestyle laps to clear his mind.

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Upon seeing the clear liquid, Roman found himself watching some guy doing laps. He wondered briefly who he could be, then he decided he didn't care enough to ask. Instead he went around the pool to the locker rooms, he had had the same locker for years, and never took his stuff out. He lived on the academy property all year long since his family owned the place, so he always had a locker open, with his things in it. He changed quickly into a pair of board shorts and shoved his jeans and t-shirt into the locker, along with his socks and shoes. He exited the locker room barefoot, and went to the waters edge, he considered jumping in where the other guy was swimming, just to mess with him, but then decided to get in beside him instead. He didn't even know the guy yet, there was no point in pissing him off right then, Or maybe there was a point to doing it, just because he felt like it? Nah, Roman decided to play nice, though who knew how long that would last. Roman sunk into the water, it enveloped him like a blanket as he went all the way under, getting himself fully wet, he came up for air and shook his hair out. Roman waited by the edge for the guy to come back his way, so he could say hello, or a myriad of other things, depending on his mood. It would all depend on how the interaction went between the two.

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While Quinn didn't actually enjoy being a member of the swim team, he did enjoy swimming as a sport. It was great exercise, it allowed him to focus on moving swiftly, and he looked great doing it. What more could a guy want? Of course sometimes it was a pain in the neck having to make sure that the peircings in his nose and ears didn't get infected. He always had to do a deep cleaning after swimming, but it was worth it in someways. Turning around on his way back, he did a double take before seeing he was about to ram straight into a person leaning against the end of his lane. At first glance be immediately recognized him. "Aldridge... what are you doing here?" Whenever Quinn didn't know someone very well, he adressed them by their last name. And it wasn't strange that he knew Roman's name. Everyone did.

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Roman thought that the guy had some skill, but he didn't recognize him. Of course Roman didn't recognize half the girls he'd dated, that didn't mean he hadn't interacted with them in some way or another. Usually they had to give him a reminder of some sort, so that he would catch onto who they were. Unless they were in his immediate friend circle, he didn't bother with names or faces, they were just another person in a crowd. The guy stopped in front of him and asked what he was doing, "Thought I'd get some laps in, honestly I didn't think anyone would be down here. You are?" Roman raised an eyebrow as he asked the question, his attitude mellow compared to what he was usually like. Which was aristocratic, bossy, rebellious, and sometimes downright mean. It was in his nature, he couldn't help who he was, at least that what he told his father on the occasions he got caught doing something he shouldn't have been doing.

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(Do you want me to bring in a girl for them to harass together? )

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harrass? Uhm no, but flirt with sure, but not harrass

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(Lol okay I'll bring one In)

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The wind was cool against Callie Jewels cheeks as she walked across campus. She was wearing an oversized, gray sweater with black leggings. She had a bathing suit on underneath, Callie had decided that she would go to the pool and swim a few laps before meal time, but it was too cool to just walk around in shorts and a tank. And this was just the end of summer, Callie couldn't even imagine what winter would be like. A shopping trip would be in order before then, she would need to ask around about the type of clothing she would need, it got far colder in Scotland than where she was from. Callie opened the door to the indoor pool and walked some before the pool sat before her, it wasn't empty, like she had hoped. There were two guys already in the pool, she internally groaned, she had hoped to have it all to herself. Oh well, she thought before grabbing the edges of her sweater and pulling it up over her head, revealing a pastel purple, bikini top, next off were the leggings, which showed she had matching bottoms. Throwing the extra clothing over a chair she walked to the waters edge, a little ways from the boys, she gave them a glance, but didn't speak first.

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(Just a reminder that we're here :P)

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