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The summer was quickly approaching its end, which for Hyejin meant two things: she'd have to create a fresh new batch of reasons why she was not in class and she'd get to be back on a real soccer field, not the makeshift one her father created at their home as a poor excuse for an apology for not allowing her to pursue an athletic career. Whatever.

After having endured an 11-hour flight and her mother's fashion rambles, Hyejin was finally home and changing into her cleats. She missed the field more than words could tell, so it was only natural that she would run out of the girls dorm building and to the soccer field with her soccer ball tucked under her arm.

Upon reaching the field, Hyejin recognized a familiar face already using the field. Plastering a small smirk on her face and smoothening out any creases on her long-sleeved shirt, Hyejin dropped the ball to the ground and walked over to Sarai, lightly kicking the ball to bring it with her. "Nice to see you, captain," she greeted.

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Hyejin quite enjoyed Sarai's company. The two weren't extremely close, but at least Hyejin could be herself around the other girl without having to flatter her with compliments to garner conversation out of her. So, being able to talk to her at the moment made her feel content.

She couldn't help but notice Sarai eye her from her head to her toes, so she took the chance to ask, "Are you checking me out?" It was obviously a joke, and Hyejin suddenly hoped the other girl didn't misinterpret it. Clearing her throat, she answered, "Well, picture this... You've been stuck in a city for two-and-a-half months and forced to do anything but enjoy some time at a field with a soccer ball. The second you come home to a real field, what would you do?"

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Flirting had become nothing but a natural skill for her. At first, you could call it an after-effect of only ever having hormonal boys as friends, but after having come out a few years ago, Hyejin had come to the conclusion that she really liked girls. So it was only natural for Hyejin to take note of Sarai's sudden blush, but she didn't comment on it to save the girl of further embarrassment.

The only problem was Sarai embarrassed herself a few seconds later. There other teammates would've most likely overlooked the few words, but Hyejin being Hyejin, her eyes widened and for a second she wasn't sure what to say. She'd always thought of Sarai as a more demure type when it came to romance — except for her tweets, which Hyejin was a proud follower of.

She opened her mouth to say something in response when Sarai covered herself up. Hyejin realized that it actually had been by accident, and she coughed. "Oh, no worries. Were you trying to say something else?" she asked, playing it off with a nonchalant expression. "Have you done your stretches yet? Don't want to tear out your muscles before the season has even started."

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Scoffing in mock anger, Hyejin said, "I was going to stretch, but I got distracted by my overbearing captain. Ugh." Teasing Sarai like such was rather common in there team. Some called it bullying the captain, and others calling it team-bonding. Hyejin preferred the latter.

She made a move to lower herself to the ground and stretch out her back, when she peered at Sarai, peered back at her cleats, then peered again at Sarai's exposed back. It really wasn't anything but a sliver of skin; Hyejin had seen girls in their bra and underwear in the locker rooms, had seen plenty of girls naked. And yet, she found herself staring a bit too long at Sarai's back.

When she finally tore her eyes away, she coughed again, then sat down on the ground, crossing her right leg over her left leg, which she kept straight on the ground, then twisted her back, stopping when she heard a satisfying crack noise.

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[ que ? ]

Moving her position to reach down for her toes, Hyejin lowered herself until her nose could brush her thighs and her back was aching in pain. She had a lot of tension in her shoulders, and though she's rather accustomed to it, she would love to have nothing more than a massage or something to relieve the tension. After counting to twenty, Hyejin brought her arms across her chest to stretch them out as well.

Once finished, she leaned back on her hands, waiting for Sarai to finish up. When she did and asked Hyejin to score on her, the girl nodded, grabbing a hold of Sarai's hand. Holy shit, her hand is so soft. Once Hyejin felt settled on her feet, she awkwardly dropped her hand back down to her side, only to bring it up again and take the ball from Sarai. "Let's get going then. I'm in the mood to practice with my left foot." Hyejin was a right-user, but she had begun to practice using her left foot, and learned that she good at kicking with that foot.

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[ ooooh okay ]

It felt good to be back on the field again, and by the end of their practice, Hyejin had a grin on her face which would've been a pretty sight if she wasn't sweating and didn't have a dirt stain on her left cheek from god-knows-when. She picked up her soccer ball and accidentally checked for the rest of her belongings until she remembered that she only brought out her ball with her.

Before the two began walking to the locker room, Hyejin slipped her feet out of her cleats, not caring that she still had to walk on the field as it was artificial grass. When the two reached the locker room, she itched to take a cold shower to ease off the soreness from her muscles, but she didn't bring a change of clothes with her, so she'd have to do it in her room. "Captain? Nah. I don't think I could control a team of rowdy girls without flirting chaotically," Hyejin responded in an amused tone, following after Sarai into the room.

Hyejin walked over to her locker, the same locker she'd been using since Year 7, and opened it. At the end of the school year, she had to take off the lock from the door and take back all her belongings, or they'd be "thrown away". Clearly not, as when she opened the locker, she found a pair of black shorts folded inside. She took them out, positive that they were hers, and looked at Sarai. "Would it be wrong to go back to my dorm in my bra?" she asked. She was planning on taking a shower in the locker room, but since she couldn't put her dirty clothes back on, she only had her undergarments and the pair of shorts.

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