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Marita Hansen (maritaahansen) | 48 comments Mod
My progress on this book is going so well that I'm looking at an October release. Annabelle, from Broken Lives, is in it, though she is a secondary character. Kady is the main character and is the only one with a point of view. Her love interest is Nico, a rather complicated guy. They are both in their first year of university.

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Marita Hansen (maritaahansen) | 48 comments Mod
If LOVE HATE LOVE didn't grow into a monster of a book, now heading for 140,000 words (Broken Lens was about 154,000, while all my other books average at 90,000 to 100,000) it would have been published today. BUT, I suppose the upside is you'll be getting a big read, and not only a big one, but an actual standalone. Although I would like to write about the secondary characters, at least with LOVE HATE LOVE you'll get Kady's and Nico's whole story. It has a definitive ending. Though, if it's successful, you'll see them as secondary characters in LOVE HATE, which is mostly about Josh and Julia's relationship, but I won't commit to writing that book unless LOVE HATE LOVE is successful. So, a standalone it is, no series, can't afford to make promises since publishing books is so expensive. But just to let you know, if LOVE HATE does happen, Tate will be playing a major role. I think you will all like him. You'll also see another character come to the forefront, someone who only has a cameo in LOVE HATE LOVE. Additionally, if that book comes to fruition, you might finally get Annabelle's story with her cop in a third book, because she plays more of a role in LOVE HATE LOVE than she did in SHATTERED POETRY. She's 18 and 19 in LOVE HATE LOVE. You see an older and more fiery lass, though she was a bit fiery in Shattered Poetry. Still, there's one interesting fact about her that's noted in LOVE HATE LOVE - she has a strong connection to the Skins, Jasper's gang, and has a habit of ringing Jasper when she wants him to strong arm people. I have a feeling there might be issues arising between her and her cop because of this, Jack realising she might be a bit too wild to tame.

LOVE HATE LOVE - out November 20.

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Marita Hansen (maritaahansen) | 48 comments Mod
The blurb for LOVE HATE LOVE

On the first day of university, I found out that the gorgeous boy in my Fine Arts class was also the half-naked stripper who’d ground against me at the hen party I’d attended. And he wanted to continue what he’d started...

But I didn’t want to be another notch on Nico Bilan’s belt, I just wanted to concentrate on university, not its resident bad boy. Yet, he made it impossible to concentrate on anything but him, chipping away at my resolve one sexy smile at a time. Though, I resisted him, unintentionally hurting Nico in the process, turning his love into hate.

And that was when I knew I’d made the worst mistake of my life, what was to come not something either of us could have predicted.

Themes: NA, College/University Romance, Mental Illness.

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