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Christina Chandler | 1 comments The two main characters were teen boys who are good friends, and the story was told from the perspective of one of them. His friend has a little sister named December who I think has blonde hair or that's just how I imagined her when I read this in 2010. I only read the beginning so I didn't get far. I remember one scene where the guy is in the shower and he's thinking about his friend and what his friend really means to him, and his line of thought nearly crosses over to a more romantic view but he's interrupted or something. The writing was really good. I found the book online so it may have been one that was self published. I think it was called When the Moon Comes to Play, but I typed that in google and have had no luck...I can't have been the only one that read it, I'm sure. So maybe it wasn't called that and I got it confused with something else. I've been searching for a long time.

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Kris | 36605 comments Mod
Here's the Google Books preview of Rainbowheart's suggestionWhen Love Comes to Town by Tom Lennon:


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