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message 1: by Joe (new)

Joe Deangelo | 32 comments Mod
Hey guys. I bought all several dozen of the amazing Gollancz editions of Moorcock’s genre work a few years ago. I’m finding that nowadays I’m mostly listening to audiobooks and always sometimes reading e-books though. So I recently decided that I would start buying the books in audiobook/Kindle format as well (since they aren’t on audiobook, boo!).

However, the Gollancz e-book editions aren’t available for Kindle on the U.S. Amazon store. Also, when I tried to buy them on the U.K. Amazon Kindle store, it blocked me and said it’s for U.K. customers only.

Does anybody know how to get around that, or another place to buy them?

message 2: by Daniel (new)

Daniel (zlogdan) ( Not sure if they have Kindle formats )

Kobo certainly does not have

Try Brazilian amazon too

message 3: by Joe (new)

Joe Deangelo | 32 comments Mod
Thanks Daniel, I’ll check those out!

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