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Once Upon a Time (she said)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Collection of fantasy short stories/fairytales and poems including a story about girls who make swords and weapons on an island. [s]

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Kasey | 2 comments Hello! I have been searching for this book that I read a few years ago that is a collection of fantasy short stories and poems written for maybe pre-teens? It was written by a female author and was a fairly newer book maybe written in the 2000s-2017. One of the stories was about a young girl who lived on an island with other girls who all made various weapons including swords. Each girl had to make a certain kind of sword when they came of age using a drop of their own blood to polish it? (Not sure about that part). Slight SPOILER ahead----The main girl was terrified of having to cut herself a little to get the blood because she had a phobia and so she secretly used her period blood to craft the sword. The sword ended up being super powerful and a man came to get the sword and took it away for safe keeping. Another story that I can remember was about a woman who fell in love with this tree/human guy and had a tree child. Any suggestions about what this book is would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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SBC (essbeecee) | 879 comments I think I've read this as well, but I've looked through my list of anthologies I've read and couldn't figure out which one it might be. Could the tree/human story be Tamora Pierce's Elder Brother? They become friends rather than fall in love and she doesn't have his baby, but I thought I'd throw it out there. I think it first appeared in Bruce Coville's Half-Human.

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Michele | 47 comments The sword story is Evian Steel by Jane Yolen. It's in Imaginary Lands edited by Robin McKinley

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SBC (essbeecee) | 879 comments Yes, that's where I read it! Kasey, is that the same for you? It looks like it was republished in 2017 in a collection of Yolen's stories, The Emerald Circus.

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Kasey | 2 comments So the story, Evian Steel, is the correct one and is the one that I read, but I didn't recognize the other stories in both of those collections. So I did some digging and found another collection of Jane Yolen's works and found the one I had read! It's Once Upon a Time illustrated by Ruth Sanderson, who is one of my favorite artists for fairytales. Thank you both for your help!

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