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message 1: by Aj (last edited Aug 03, 2018 01:48PM) (new)

Aj | 4 comments I realize that while I read across genres that the one I read the most of is supernatural stories. I read every sub genre so bring on the shifters, the vampires, the carpathians, the werewolves, mythologies and their pantheons, the ghosts, time travellers.
Bizarro genre is welcomed.
Comics are also welcomed.

This is a two way street, I get to meet awesome new characters and talk to awesome creative people and writers get feed back that hopefully they can use to make their masterpiece is greater.

message 2: by Evette (new)

Evette | 43 comments I'm not sure if you'd be interested, but I have a book that is fantasy but based more in reality. You may think of it as tame in that it is low fantasy and more here on Earth. Let me know if you're interested.

I have a finished manuscript which is YA realistic fantasy which bends toward the literary side. The world is basically the same as ours. The time period is different. The society is theologically based. The protagonist is female. It is a mixture of adventure, tragedy, mystery, politics, and hope. There are supernatural elements toward the end but nothing over the top. I need to know where I have flaws, be they developmental or with the plot itself. I prefer sending the file and not copying and pasting.

Very briefly it is a book about a girl looking for her father but becomes entangled in a political conflict which may lead to war between her home country and their enemy to the south. Those living there are runaways who decided to flee south and forge their own country after facing persecution. There's some action as well with smuggling and traveling and stealing.

There is no sex, cursing, or gratuitous violence. I thank you for your time. I greatly appreciate it. If you have time and are interested, please let me know.

message 3: by Aj (new)

Aj | 4 comments Evette wrote: "I'm not sure if you'd be interested, but I have a book that is fantasy but based more in reality. You may think of it as tame in that it is low fantasy and more here on Earth. Let me know if you're..." Hi, I'd be glad to see how you integrated fantasy in such a serious sounding story. Let's talk.

message 4: by Kat (new)

Kat Devitt (kat_devitt_author) | 102 comments Hi! I'm seeking a beta reader for a Gothic ghost story. It's a short piece at only 1,800 words. It's a dark story with measured pace, teasing the reader to the twist ending.

My issue with the story is something feels off. I can't pinpoint what the issue might be, and I hope a beta reader or two can help remedy this. I'm too close to the work, and I need a second pair of eyes,

Please message me here, or email me at katdevittauthor (@) gmail (.) com.

message 5: by Jasper (new)

Jasper Whitted (notafunsucker) | 15 comments Hey Aj!

I'm not sure if this fits your taste, but. . .

My concept:
There’s an urban legend that people born precisely at midnight experience a 25th hour in their day normal people are unaware exists and freeze during; however, contrary to what’s typical—that this extra hour is a time for unsupervised and unpunishable adventure and mischief—my spin on the myth is that the 25th hour is a curse due to violent monsters that attack anyone awake during this time each night. As a result, all Midnighters, those born at midnight who experience the 25th hour, must be taught to survive it starting at age six.

A blurb:
Quinn is an eighteen-year-old Guide who receives his assignment of a Follower, a six-year-old he is given the task of protecting and training during the 25th hour each night as is required by the Midnighters organization. All Quinn wants is to move on from a past that plagues him and find inner peace, to not look in the mirror with complete abhorrence, but when he finally begins to make progress by developing a romantic relationship, he is sucked into an escalating series of events. Quinn is left questioning if perhaps there’s something going on behind the scenes that he never knew about. He unknowingly uncovers deception, hidden motives, and a whole conspiracy he never dreamed existed, all while trying to pilot his way through emotions he’s suppressed for far too long.

Some disclosures:
The underlying theme throughout the novel is self-acceptance combined with navigating the perils of love and loss. My completed novel is the first of a science fiction-romance series I call “Midnight’s Curse”. Its specific title is, “Midnight’s Curse: The 25th Hour” and my intended audience is New Adults (late teens-mid-twenties). The book itself is 103,000 words and contains curse words, sex scenes, and violence.

If you’re interested or would like more information, please send me an email to or pm me. Thanks so much!

message 6: by Matt (new)

Matt Martinez (mattmrtnz) | 11 comments Hey Aj, how you doing?

I just finished writing a urban-fantasy named Forest Whispers, and as you said you like fantasy I think this might be a good reading for you.

Here's a little about Forest Whispers:

Savannah Ross had already learned that in the superstitious town of Valency Falls, the gypsies in the woods were everything the citizens dreaded and avoided the most and that once inside the Gray Woods no one could never leave.

On a Saturday night, in an attempt to get over a troubled break-up, Savannah suffers an accident, victim of a wildfire that set her body on flames but leaves her unharmed, she is dragged to the depths of the Gray Woods to find the answers.

As she becomes friend with the gypsy Blake Dalaryo, Savannah discovers she has a gift, the ability to control one of the four elements of nature, the fire. And that the gypsies in the woods are not gypsies indeed but an ancient, forgotten folk who can do more than only tell stories, they know magic.

Blake and the folk in the woods help her at understanding and controlling this untamed gift, though she finds out that this whole power is useless when unexplainable things start to happen. Children are disappearing without leaving any trace, uncontrolled animals are attacking without a reason and the whole ground awakes covered with snow in the height of Summer. The townspeople blame the folk in the woods for the oddities but not even all the magic and knowledge they possess help them to get the answers. Savannah and Blake reunite forces to go on a mission for the missing children and for the source of these threats but the answer they find reveals a more sinister purpose than they could ever have imagined.

If you like it hmu!

message 7: by Mark (new)

Mark Kasniak | 19 comments Hi, AJ

I'm looking for betas to read a zombie novel. The book is titled, "The Hunger," 72K words, and it has been through many, many rounds of editing. It has also just finished an entire year worth of critiquing on Scribophile. I feel that the book is polished at this point.

I looking for general feedback, how you liked it, characters, were you ever confused or lost interest, etc. (but if you notice anything wrong grammar-wise I'd be great if you point that out)

I can send a copy in the format of your choice. You can also reach me at Thanks for any interest. Here's the book's blurb.

After a sudden illness, Peter Demerath has awakened to discover that not only is he still dead, but the government has known of the undead for some time. Now a prisoner under house arrest, after four years of purgatory, Peter finally makes contact with the outside world, his world, the world of the conscious dead. In a traveling underground society known as the Alliance, others like Peter, socialize, party, and plan a future where the undead will one day be able to walk amongst society again.

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