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When we RP and someone asks "What's your favorite genre?" and you respond "I'm fine with any"... is it being truthful? My theory is that the particular scenario may ruin an RP or cause boredom to the recipient. What's truly your favorite genre? Save someone from forgetting about an RP today.

Mine are the following: STEAMPUNK; I'm practically obsessed with it, CRIME; fun genre, MYSTERY; always in the mood for one, ROMANCE; enjoyable and often times a story-puller-inner, COMEDY; I can never have a dry RP with no funny scenes.

message 2: by Adele Shea (new)

Adele Shea (adelesheasy) | 1 comments What does PR mean? I am not very bright, haha.
I do like a lot of genres but I can not get stuck in to Science Fiction. I love all the genres you have stated but what is Steam Punk?

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'RP' means role play... it's a fun acting-game most folks here at Goodreads enjoy and I do too. You play as a character you create or a fictional character already made. It's pretty fun! :D
Oh, I'm sure you're bright. I must say I'm not the swiftest today either. (Well... I rather not lie. I'm not the swiftest on a daily basis).
Cool, glad you like them too! Steampunk is a gear-based theme that if a futuristic Victorian setting. There are airships and ray guns, intriguing weaponry, and funny outfits... something like this setting:
It's a type of cosplay and a fun idea of creation. :)

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡‿◡)} Adele thanks for asking the question! I didn't know what RP meant either haha

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Adeline | 3 comments I'd have to say that my favorite genres would be fantasy, comedy, sometimes mystery, and sometimes steampunk.

message 6: by Derek (new)

Derek I go for history, military history, romance and fantasy, most often.
Also, just about every title my wife recommends is outstanding.

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡‿◡)} I like historical fiction, fantasy, and anything really that looks/sounds interesting.

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