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Please stop by and introduce yourself. I'd hate to be shrewd or in any way bossy but I'd really appreciate if you tell us a bit about yourself. I've seen enough sketchy folks here and have spoken to enough. Time to be truthful! If that's possible?

Instead of babbling about myself which I would disapprove of if I am- here's a small piece of info. I'm Kaitlyn and I'm a country girl in Maine. I'm conservative and stick to my beliefs. I'm crazy and awkward, a very confusing person, but I absolutely love to chat and answer silly questions. I raise 26 chickens and like breeding hybrids. I have fish and two Shetland Sheepdogs. The end.

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Adeline | 3 comments I'm Alexis and I am also a country girl and a conservative. I love photography, string orchestras, animals, books, and chocolate. I am a very weird but fun person. My least two favorite colors are yellow and orange, and my favorite is all the others.

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Hello Alexis and Anna! Thank you both so much for joining, I appreciate it greatly!
What great interests and although I don't want to get too political, I'm happy to see other Conservatives! My beliefs are the same with how you feel about the LGBTQ lifestyles, Anna, and it's comforting to see someone with the same opinion here at Goodreads. :)

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Adeline | 3 comments Conservative- disposed to preserve existing conditions, institutions, etc., or to restore traditional ones, and to limit change.

But I think that we conservatives don't want to limit change, it's just how we want the change to happen, so it seems as though we are "limiting change."

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Alexis wrote: "Conservative- disposed to preserve existing conditions, institutions, etc., or to restore traditional ones, and to limit change.

But I think that we conservatives don't want to limit change, it's..."

Wonderful way of putting it, Alexis! Yes, and conservative is different from republican. To me, conservative is a political principle of not sacrificing your beliefs, standing for things that will help out planet, and fighting the opposing side of our nation. Since particular people are in the Republican party without acting like one... a majority of us identify ourselves at conservative, so as not to mix in with what's going against our beliefs little by little. :)

SHINE wrote: "I'm Shine! I love reading MYSTERY books filled with suspense and adventure. I also love writing stories and song lyrics."

Hello Shine!! What wonderful genres- the suspense is always a fun factor of a good book. :D

ElsaMakotoRenge (mantaicysnowflake) Hi everyone! I go by either ElsaIcySnowflake or Manta most places online since I don’t feel comfortable sharing my real name.:P I am a Christian girl but I don’t consider myself conservative or Republican. (Or Democrat haha) I personally support LGBTQIA+.

I like writing fanfiction...good fanfic not the icky kind, you know what I mean.:P I haven’t written anything in awhile due to a broken computer, since it’s a pain to write stuff on an iPhone.

As you probably guessed from my username, I LOVE Frozen, particularly Elsa’s character. I also really like Sailor Moon. I love reading (obviously) and I collect dolls mostly American Girl and Disney ones. I also enjoy experimenting with my I might wear a t shirt and cargo shorts one day, a black goth-y outfit the next, and a frilly lolita dress the day after.:P

Also I LOVE listening to music and am partial to symphonic metal like Nightwish. Who I saw live for my birthday earlier this year.^_^

ElsaMakotoRenge (mantaicysnowflake) ETA: Also I am obsessed with roller coasters. I had to add that.:P My favorite is Manta at SeaWorld Orlando.:)

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Hello there, ElsaIcySnowflake and thank you so much for joining!! Great intro and I'm so happy to have you here! You sound like a lot of fun and I look forward to talking with you more! :)

ElsaMakotoRenge (mantaicysnowflake) Hi Kaitlyn! Aw thanks. XD Honestly I’m pretty blah in person. And quiet.:P (Though I can talk a lot if the subject is something I want to talk about or something:P) I’m glad the intro thingie didn’t sound weird or anything lol.:)

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Mimi 'Pans' Herondale Hello! I'm mimi, i love books, fluffy romances, and baking! (And acting. And writing, i am writing a book!)

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