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Fighting Fear
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One of my favorite quotes is by Eleanor Roosevelt where she says, "do one thing every day that scares you." For much of my life I lived as an unknowing slave to my own fear. I say that because I hid my fear behind excuses - being busy, specifically. And as time went on the fear began to get a greater grip on my heart.
Until one day when I decided I could either live with vibrancy or joy or numb and bitter. Even though life was really rough then and options small, I took a small step and decided to fight for hope. That was a fearful place. Hope so often seemed to let me down, but this time instead of fearing the let down I feared not trying more.
As a result I started writing more, started saying "yes" or "no" with more strength and fighting for my heart. I really believe Mrs. Roosevelt was right when she challenges us all to do one thing that scares us. It doesn't have to be a giant thing - like leaping from an airplane - but can be a small, seemingly simple thing, that causes change in our lives. It might be deciding to work out again, call a friend, approach someone and ask them for coffee, get up earlier - anything that you have been putting off because that silent voice of stuck, also known as fear, keeps us still.
So I ask you - what is the one thing you could do today that could change your tomorrow? And what happens if you start living by Eleanor's ethos? Where could you be in the future?

For me, it's thinking about next week and next year, and where I will find myself at that point. I don't want to be in the same place in my personal growth next week or next year.

When I think about the clock ticking away and find myself complacent with where I am at, that usually puts a little fire under me. I know I won't feel that same complacency a week from now if I haven't pushed myself to further things I am working on, including the hard stuff.

And honestly, having my grandchildren ask me if I have my next Molly Jo Daisy book done pushes me a great deal - because I don't want to let them down.

I have so many things I could do today that would change my tomorrow, one of them is getting over my fear of being on camera, either in photos or video. It terrifies me to the point I will not go somewhere I know I'll have my picture taken! I even know where the fear comes from, it's my perfectionist personailty trait. I'm working on it but anytime I see progress I take so many steps backwards to my safe zone. It's why this book is so important to me, and I'm taking in every sentence, every paragraph fully. I know the importance of facing your fears and the growth work that comes from that. I have a desire to work though this fear and that is what I choose to focus on 💕

I think I don't always know how to find the path to something better during the times I am comfortable. Wake up, get the kids ready, work while they are at school, pick them up . . . the routine is almost hypnotic. . . and that school is new again I am suddenly tricked by comfort into thinking life just got better. "Ah, I have some peace and quiet to work".

How do I maintain the rage and desire to move forward and seek a better living during these times? Why is complacency so powerful when I should really be fight, fight, fighting to get out of debt?

The one thing I could do is find a way to make comfort, uncomfortable.

The book is amazing, Rachel!!
Congratulations on the accomplishment!

Rachel Martin Oh thank you so very very much!
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As a mom of four I am currently reading this book every chance I can. I have loved Rachel’s blog from the beginning and her words always resonated with my life just as this book is doing as I read page by page.
This book is one of the best yet I’ve read ( and I read a lot along with listen through audible) and can’t wait to finally finish reading!
I may have to lock myself in the bathroom for a while being I have 3 little day home. 😂. Congratulations Rachel I know this book is going to be one of the best!

Rachel Martin Wow! Thank you so much, Jackie! That means a great deal. And hahah -- so true about the "lock myself in the bathroom" comment - that is truly the real ...more
Aug 08, 2018 06:31AM

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