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The room was fairly empty, which surprised Keira, she figured that there would be plenty of staff flitting about as they readied for the semester ahead of them. She entered the room with a mug of coffee in one hand, and a book in the other. Keira was wearing a white blouse and skirt. She'd arrived on campus a few days before, and had already settled into a cozy house off campus, it had two bedrooms, and was pet friendly. She planned on getting a dog or a cat eventually, so she'd been glad to find that she'd be able to do that. Keira noticed a warm fire going in the hearth, she settled down in one of the chairs near it, curling her feet beneath her and setting her coffee down beside her. Keira smoothed her hair, making sure that it wasn't blown all over, it had been slightly windy outside as she'd walked across campus from her car. She opened the book, Raven Boys, it was a book that one of her previous librarian students had told her about, and begged her to read. She thought it was okay thus far, but she wasn't head over heels with it, not yet at least. She planned on giving it a real chance though. Keira was distracted just then though, she was thinking about her job, and all the new students she would get to meet in the coming year, she was excited! The best part of her job was connecting students with books, books that would intrigue them, pull them in, and keep their attention.

Ivy ~ I should like to go on an adventure. (loulie1997) | 10 comments Fitz turned the key in the lock to his classroom. It was early enough that twilight still clung to the sky, and the halls were virtually empty of students and faculty. The lock clicked and permitted him entrance. The room was eerily still, waiting for someone to make a noise. He clicked the lights on, the familiar smell of dusty wood and books wafting in the air.
Setting down his leather shoulder bag, he set about organizing. Actual classes wouldn’t start for another week, students were given the chance to settle in, get acquainted with campus, their schedules, professors, and each other. It was Fitz’s least favorite time of the term. It seemed rather useless, and until he actually had something to teach, he was idle, waiting for something to do.
You could work on your manuscript?
He reminded himself. He quickly pushed away the notion. The idea of that damned manuscript was becoming abhorrent. Though proud of the work he’d accomplished, he could never seem to finish it, and couldn’t come to terms with the fact that he might never publish. Despite this, in an odd desire to torture himself, he longed to finish. To accomplish something. The longer he dwelled on it, the more self-loathing he would accumulate, and that was a recipe for liquor, a cycle which he was not keen to step into again. So the manuscript was best left alone. Anyway, he could fill the week long gap with reading, maybe some new and intriguing topic would spike his interest into writing again.
There was little left to do in his classroom, or the small office tucked away in the room’s upper left-hand corner. He was organized. Meticulously so. That was how he’d left the room at the end of the last school year, that was how he started this one off. He knew no one would see it for another few days, but he curved out his name in tidy calligraphy at the top of his chalk board Professor Hirsch.
There was really little else he could do and sitting around he became restless. His work hours had technically begun, so he couldn’t go home. What was there for him anyway?
“I hate. Welcome week.” He murmured aloud to himself. He grabbed up his Ethiopian roasted black bean coffee, and began to wonder the halls. Bodies had started drifting to and fro through the halls. Students mostly, obviously new blood who didn’t know better than to be wasting their time wandering the halls so early. He passed a few staff members too, most of whom knew that trying to talk to him was a dead end.
Fitz decided to head to the Staff Room in the hopes of running into Marcus Aldridge. Of his three years at Aldridge, Marcus had become without a doubt Fitz’s closest friend. That being said, Fitz still thought he was a conniving bastard, but all the same, preferred his company. He was one of the only people at the Academy Fitz didn’t find extraordinarily dull.
Fitz pushed through the entrance to the Staff Room, disappointed to see it empty apart from a perky young woman curled up on a chair and her nose in a book. He was about to turn around but she began to stand and introduce herself. He groaned, quietly enough that she wouldn’t hear, and plastered on an unenthusiastic smile.
“Hi! I’m Kiera Pierce, the new librarian.” She said professionally, yet with an air of friendliness.
American. Great. Fitz griped internally.
“Andrew Hirsch, Professor of German.” He took her small hand, shaking it firmly.
“German! Schön Sie zu treffen, professor.” Her accent was atrocious, but he commended the effort.
“Danke.” He put simply, not wanting to encourage a conversation.

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Keira was quick to stand up as someone came into the room, it was a handsome gentleman, though he looked slightly annoyed. She reached forward and introduced herself, wanting to make as many friends as possible at the school. She smiled shyly, and was surprised when he said that he was the German professor, she replied in the little German she knew, hoping to encourage conversation between the two of them, but he didn't seem all that interested. Keira wrung her hands together as she tried to think of something else polite to say, it was always important to make a good first impression. She planned on doing that here, with Mr. Andrew Hirsch, wow that was a mouthful.
"Have you been here long Andrew? Or would you prefer me to refer to you by Mr. Hirsch? You may call me Keira," She smiled, doing her best to be nice to this gentleman that looked like he had been sucking on a lemon for a little too long. Still, even with the sour expression, he was handsome, and she couldn't help but acknowledge that. Keira had dealt with rude, obstinate, angry boys before, so this shouldn't be a problem for her, though she wasn't sure if he was any of those things. Perhaps he just didn't like social situations, or had had a bad morning thus far, maybe his car had run out of gas on the way to school, or he'd found his classroom not to his liking. There were a million things that could be a part of the reason for him not wanting to be in the same room as her, including that he just didn't want anything to do with her. She refused to believe that that was a possibility though, Aldridge was full of well renown professors and faculty, she was sure they wouldn't hire someone that was forcibly rude and obnoxious.

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"Have you been here long Andrew? Or would you prefer me to refer to you by Mr. Hirsch? You may call me Keira," She said with a polite smile. Though he knew she was being polite, she annoyed him, and his eyes narrowed at her words.
“As it is my title, Kiera, I would prefer Professor Hirsch. That’s what the other faculty members call me. This is my fourth year here, long enough to learn that acquaintances here are rarely worth delving into. You don’t exactly strike me as an exception. So, while I’m obligated to learn your name, I doubt we’ll be sharing much else.” Fitz gave a sarcastic nod and turned to leave the room but she spoke again,
“Hirsch.” The word suddenly sounded perfectly natural as she said it. “A German name. But perhaps, also Jewish. In fact I remember reading the name in a historical book about Auschwitz.” Fitz turned slowly on his heel to look at her, a look in her eye that was almost deadly in its intelligence. Her perky demeanor had melted into something serious and sophisticated. “But I can’t remember exactly what the context of the name was. Perhaps you know which it was. Being a professor, you are no doubt a man of history.
She let the suggestion hang for a second before looking at him in cool curiosity, “So which was it, Professor Hirsch, were your family victims, or nazis?” She asked, her perfectly manicured eyebrow lifting up in challenge. His eyes narrowed at her slightly. Perhaps he had underestimated her, but it would take more than a little history lesson to impress him.
He decided to remain silent, though he knew the correct answer. He only stared at her, her gaze looking back at him, unwavering under his glare. He turned again to leave, setting out for down the hallway, his heart beating rapidly in anger at her prying question into his family’s history. What business was that of hers?
No one at the school, not even Marcus who had hired him, knew of his family’s background. It was something he didn’t like to think about, let alone talk with a stranger about. Yet she had heard his name in a brief conversation - if that could even be considered a conversation - and automatically had a clue to his own private history. She would likely do more research into his personal affairs.
As he reached the courtyard, he considered tracking her down and asking her not to pursue the matter further, but that might only encourage her. Instead, he sat down on a stone bench and took a gulp of his coffee, not able to enjoy the very expensive brew, quite bothered by the new librarian.

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He preferred that she kept his name professional, that kind of stung. Keira had been looking forward to being on level ground with her 'colleagues', apparently not with this one. He was mighty full of himself, and seemed like he would be exasperating, to say the least. Keira always saw the best in people though, and decided that she would give him a chance before judging him too harshly. She spoke his last name, and expounded upon it some as she looked at him thoughtfully. She could tell she'd hit a button when his face fell some and he looked even more irritated with her than he had been before. He said nothing as she waited for him to respond, instead he turned around and simply left. Keira let out a breath that she hadn't realized she was even holding. Where had he gone? Was he running away from her? Was it something she'd said? Keira frowned and returned to her seat with her book, opening it up, she planned on continuing reading, but the infuriating man had her mind tied up, and she couldn't concentrate on the words, they all blurred together. Keira sighed, shutting the book, she placed it in her satchel before standing and leaving the staff room, she decided to go for a walk instead, and headed outdoors to take advantage of the well manicured lawn instead.
Stepping outside, she felt the chill in the air immediately. It might have still been warm in other places, but in Scotland, it was not. The end of the summer was bringing an immediate chill, Keira wrapped her arms around herself, wondering if the walk outside was worth it. She changed her mind, going toward her car, she decided to head home for the rest of the day, she had the day off, and might as well enjoy it in the warmth of her own home.

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