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Manasi Gopalakrishnan Manasi Aug 03, 2018 01:58AM
Hi everyone, I am working on my PhD on historical romances - including authors like Valerie Fitzgerald, M.M. Kaye, Meredith Bond, Lucinda Riley and so on. For my research, I am focusing on novels set in colonial India - typically, stories in which a young Englishwoman sets out for India in a quest to find true love.
My question to you readers is: what do you find most exciting about these books? What makes you want to read them? Shadow of the Moon Der Himmel über Darjeeling Der Duft von Sandelholz The Tea Planter's Daughter

I know you asked this months ago, I hope it is still relevant. I love this book and those like it. I love the history the characters. If time travel were possible I would have been addicted when I was young. This is one of my favorites, it is long and meaty, full of unforgettable characters. A trip without leaving home. A mental travel as Karin said in Out of Africa. These novels take you out of yourself, out of your daily woes, into someone else's. Often I am amazed at the way people can treat those they consider lesser somehow, that they can feel so superior. Any way, for me it is a never ending source of entertainment, far better than most such movies because I can visualize it for myself.

Manasi Gopalakrishnan Thanks Zsofi! This does help.
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