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Here we go! To get things started, which would you prefer to play, male or female?

Captain Cheesecake (cheesecakeisawesome) | 63733 comments Mod
I prefer female but it doesn’t matter

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Then I ought to play the male. Favorite genre?
I'm into crime mostly, steampunk, romance, mystery, and action.

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Here's my character, Arthur O'Connor.
I'm gonna be signing down for the night, so, have a good one and catch you tomorrow!

Name: Arthur O’Connor.
Gender: Male.
Age: 25 but very young at heart.

Appearance: https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/im...

Personality: Arthur is a very mysterious gentleman. Whether you have to ask him a question multiple times before he answers (due to a very wandering mindset), or creating a world of his own, he’s very imaginative and fun to be around. Arthur is often times outgoing but when he doesn’t trust someone, he starts off timid. Often, his predictions about a soul are correct… he’s similar to a mind-reader yet his profession is nowhere near that. He’s the “squirrel” type of guy. You know how you’re talking to somebody and they easily get distracted? Yep, that’s him alright. He loves nature and if your conversation is opposing nature or just plain boring… he’ll search for an exit.

Weakness: Starting a conversation. When a conversation starts… chances are it never ends. “Oh, I have to go,” someone will say. “Okay, we’ll talk later!” And yes- he follows up on that. But starting a conversation whether it’s a ‘hello’ or ‘good day’, he is not strong.

Strength: Strength! He’s a muscular individual but is modest about that feat. He’s naturally strong and not the working-out type… just the baling-hay type.

History: Was raised in a wealthy household. His parents had taken their valuables and money for granted, thinking everything was replaceable. (Even themselves with particular mishaps. But that’s for another time). When Arthur had gotten older, he relied on making his own money and ran away from home. Yeah, wealth is a dream come true for many folks… but his theory was simple. Sew your own blanket to warm yourself. This means to earn what your worked for- not having it handed to you.

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Sorry I forgot to respond! My character won’t be as detailed as that but I’ll try!

Captain Cheesecake (cheesecakeisawesome) | 63733 comments Mod
Name: Dorothy Fays
Age: 22
Appearance: https://cdn2.stylecraze.com/wp-conten...

Personality: quiet for most of this time except for her passions, like music. She was taught guitar and ukulele at an early age and loves to play and teach people how to play as well. Dorothy is very logical and isn’t sure what to do in situations she’s not comfortable with or hasn’t been exposed to.

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Hi and good morning! Perfectly fine, there's no need to worry.
Oh, your character is great just as is! :)

Let's see, how about they meet at one of the lessons she gives for children to play guitar. Arthur wanted to make a difference in his life and tried to find his true "hobby" so he traveled there. When he meets Dorothy and she teaches him about music, it becomes more than just a hobby... it becomes his key to finding the love he wasn't searching for.

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That seems okay but we could add something else like family drama or maybe relationship drama

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Oh, yes, I'm open to any ideas or edits! That's a good idea. What about Dorothy being in an unhealthy relationship with a man she doesn't love- yet, her parents want them to marry. She tries to escape him but is too nervous. When meeting Arthur, everything changes her morals and she grows bold to face her stance.

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Yeah that sounds good

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Sweet! Would you like me to start or due to Dorothy being at the lesson first, you'll go? I'd be fine with starting first if you'd want me to.

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I’m at dinner so if you wanna start that would be really awesome!

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((Sounds like a plan and enjoy your dinner! Hope this is a good first post)).

Arthur O'Connor is a very intriguing man. He's never had a true 'dream' during his childhood. He didn't wish for anything. His parents were wealthily pleased yet he never asked for birthday gifts or Christmas toys. Arthur's parents still got him fun stuff, but it wasn't his ideal fun...
Decided to make a life of his own, Arthur ran from home as a boy. You may think that's a dramatic thing to do... especially when it's one singular thing that had ticked him off. But nope, his stubborn parents had never changed.
"Hm, this must be the place," he whispered as he reached the door to a fancy brick entrance. What beautifully musical sounds rang in his ears. Strong yet gentle volumes of all kinds- this may be his future. Arthur was up to the job if it was this peaceful every day! "I'd assume they'd allow me to join their practices... let's hope," he mumbled to himself and finally entered with a deep breath. Big step for someone so small to reality. Time to do something useful with his life- maybe learn guitar?

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Dorothy was working with a small class and small children, teaching them ukulele. She was almost to the end of the lesson, letting the kids play along with her. She was singing with them as well. “Good job guys!!” She smiled when they finished. “Alright, time to head out! See you all next week!” She said, getting up to collect the ukuleles and hug them goodbye. She followed them out, said goodbye to their parents and went to the front desk, where she saw a new guy. “Hi, Welcome to Oz music. How can I help you?” She asked, smiling.

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Arthur listened to the cheerful music softly fall to an end, his eyes wandering around the cozy and warm room, yet, so open and cheerful. How could a designer do that in one room? Well, that was a mystery he thought about... at least until he was to be interrupted.
Interrupting Arthur was a good thing though. If Dorothy had waited any longer, he'd be hugging the walls to feel the temperature. But, luckily, he took a deep breath and returned back to reality. Boy, he's a thinker.
"What beautiful music," he commented her lesson before he had introduced himself. "Hi, I'm Arthur O'Connor and I'm here in hopes to join one of your lessons," he grinned and offered to shake her hand. This young woman had a very gentle smile. He certainly felt welcome for once in his life.

Captain Cheesecake (cheesecakeisawesome) | 63733 comments Mod
“Thank you! The kids have been working on that song for a while now.” She said, her smile never faltering. “Hi, Arthur. My name is Dorothy. I give lessons with string instruments. What are you interested in?” She asked, the ukulele still in her hands. She was gently finger picking some pretty sounding song she wasn’t thinking about.

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"Well, I must say they're wonderful," Arthur had continued his smile, probably the largest and most cheerful he'd ever grinned before. "Pleasure to meet you, Dorothy. What a pretty name," he had commented. "I think I'd like to start with the guitar first... would you say that's the simplest instrument you teach?" Arthur gave a big laugh as his hazel eyes had shone. When Arthur laughed, he laughed alright!
Dorothy had a very pretty smile and he tried not to stare- but it certainly was an eye-catcher of one.

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She blushed a little when he complimented her name. “Thank you very much.” She nodded, just smiling as she tried not to be awkward. When he talked about guitars, she shook her head. “The ukulele is much easier but if guitar is what you want, we could start there.” She said, stopping her playing and setting her uke down so he could see. “The guitar had six strings while the uke only has four. And the strings are easier to press down for someone without calluses.” She explained. “Plus it’s smaller and easier to hold.” She could’ve gone on and on about the instrument but stopped herself from pushing him away.

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Nodding his head at her response, he smiled softly with a gentle chuckle. Arthur had noticed a faint blush on Dorothy's soft cheeks but he didn't want to make her feel awkward at all. For he was in his own little awkward world... he didn't want to share it or else he'd lose a new friend very easily.
"Oh, okay, I understand what you mean and it certainly seems like more of an efficient and calming instrument," he rested his eyes on the Ukulele and examined its base, running his finger over the strings softly so not to stir them. "Actually, I think I'd prefer to start with Ukulele. Especially after hearing your class play so nicely," he kept looking at it then back up at Dorothy. "Do you have a particular price for lessons?" He tried not to be rude in the asking, he was certainly on board of taking them... but since he left home he's still in the process of 'making enough' to get him through fun things other than necessities.

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Dorothy chuckled a little when he just touched the wood gently. “You won’t hurt it, I promise.” She joked. He was treating it like a newborn baby and it amused her. “Yes the children do very well with them. You shouldn’t have any problem.” She smiled. “There’s a flat fee of a hundred dollars each month for an hour individual lesson each week.” She explained. “You can do a lot in an hour, so I think it’s worth the price.” She explained. “It’s 75 a month for group lessons.”

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((Sorry about not responding right away, please forgive me)).

Arthur grew a bit embarrassed, but cracked under pressure and relaxed into a laugh, belonging to Dorothy's joke. "I'm a very peculiar person I tell you. Being careful is something you should hold on to when you see me be it," he said with a straight face then fell into yet another laugh. Where were these laughs coming from? He never felt so many.

It was indeed true, being more of a roughie with things- music was something delicate he didn't want to break the chance of doing within the first day.
Thinking over the pricing and what was most economical and self-sufficient, Arthur spilled his feelings. "Hm..." he acquired what he thought was right for his feelings instead of the money aspect, it did seem like his money would go to a good place... "I'll take the singular lessons if that works the best for you. Granted I'm still stabilizing my feet to economics, I feel as though, your classes seem most valued to my time and money." Now he needed to up the game of his own occupation.

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Dorothy laughed along with him but more laughing at his laugh. He was quite goofy and she enjoyed it a little bit. Part of her thought it was a little awkward but she wasn't going to say anything. "You do have to be a bit careful with the instruments, but I encourage you to touch and try to play some," she said.

"Works for me. What days of the week work best for you? I'm here Monday through Friday with a few other instructors and we have another instructor come on the weekends." She explained, bringing up the schedule on her desk. "I have openings Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday," she said.

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Arthur had taken a deep breath. Nothing needn't be said for Arthur to feel one's opinions. He had believed that longer messages traveled through one's eyes. Dorothy certainly thought he was a little quirky... He'd have to agree with her if he met himself, and her opinion wouldn't hurt him, but he tried his hardest to be a bit more normal for once.
"Then I'll be careful but not like I'm holding my history," he gave a joking wink of not a flirtatious style, but just to show he knew what she was saying.

"I think I'd be most free on Wednesday and Friday, a bit less scatterbrained," he commented and thought about the week's events to unfold. "My work requires random dates I must be prepared for but mostly on weekends." Arthur grinned softly and looked at the Ukulele closely, studying its detail. Snap out of thought, Arthur, you're making things more awkward and the pretty lady already is startled by your weirdness. He thought and shook his head, looking back at Dorothy about the scheduling.

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She smiled a bit when he winked at her. It was a nice, genuine little smile. It seemed he wanted to flirt with her but wasn’t sure about himself yet. Dorothy found it quite charming.

“Does Wednesday at 4:00 sound good for you?” She asked, her eyes scanning the master schedule. “I’ve also got and opening Friday at 4:00 as well.” Dorothy added. She flicked her eyes up at him. “Go on, Pick it up.” She grinned as he stared at the uke. “Strum a bit and see how you like the size.” She instructed.

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There was one thing Dorothy was thinking about that was very, very true. Arthur was certainly unsure of himself due to never having this contact with someone as pretty as Dorothy. Or, for instance, as kindhearted.
Arthur cleared his throat for-- then again, that dangerous thing- thinking. "That sounds wonderful and should work perfect," he'd replied and glared at Dorothy. "I think I'll start with Wednesday and seeing how I do, we can arrange my scheduling from there if that works for you." He let his eyes fall to the instrument again, obviously being caught this time around. "A-alright, I will give it a shot," he held it in front of him and let his fingers fall over the strings. "No promises," he laughed and apologized jokingly to the ukulele. His fingers smoothly fell down the piece, a loud and not rhythmic-yet-settled tune, started to blare through the room.

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“Wednesday sounds good.” She smiled and wrote it down on the schedule. “If you miss a day, we can just make it up another time.” She said, explaining as she wrote in down in her personal schedule.

She giggled a bit at him. “It’s fine. Your a beginner, I don’t expect you to have perfect playing abilities. That’s why you come to me.” She smiled. “Besides, it’s hard to mess up just strumming without playing a chord.” She said.

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((Just wanted to let you know I won't be on the next two days)).

"Great," Arthur had grinned a soft and gentle grin. "I don't have much going on these days so I doubt I'd not be around much," he'd commented with a chuckle as he strummed a few more strings on the Ukulele, placing it on the desk when he was done.
"Indeed so and I look forward to learning from you, Miss Dorothy," he had responded with a happy smile, boy was he a man of many smiles, and he nodded to her comment. "It's simple for me to do that incorrectly though..."

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“I look forward to teaching you.” She said, smiling. “You need to have confidence in yourself! It’s hard to mess up, I promise.” She chuckled. “Here, you can have my phone number to contact if you need anything.”

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Arthur smiled warmly at Dorothy's generous comments. "I must agree to disagree... wait until you know me better to jump to conclusions, I really can mess anything up quicker than the human's heartbeat," he joked with a gentle laugh. "But I will try my hardest to believe," he gave a soft grin. Taking her business card and thanking her again, Arthur slipped it into his pocket. "You have a wonderful day and I'll see you Wednesday."

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“I’m sure you’ll be great. I look forward to Wednesday.” She grinned ((did you just wanna Skip to Wednesday?))

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((Yes, certainly. I think that's the best way to go. I'll start)).

Walking his way to the large building for Oz Music, Arthur kept a smile on his face all morning. He'd been excited for this Wednesday and especially to see if he'd found his 'thing' in life.

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Dorothy was in her classroom, gently getting things set up for her new student. She had brought out her own soprano ukulele and she got a concert ukulele for him.

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Entering the friendly and comforting building, Arthur searched for Dorothy. Finding her in the classroom, he smiled and knocked on the open door to notify her. "G'morning miss Dorothy."

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Dorothy looked up. “Good morning, aurther! Are you excited about today?” She asked, gettin up to shake his hand.

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Arthur had shaken her hand with a cheerful smile. He very much was excited. "I most certainly am!" He claimed happily.

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Dorothy giggled at his goofiness. “I’m excited too. I brought you one of the ukuleles we have in stock to see what kind of fits you.” She explained.

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"That's great," Arthur had replied with a gentle smile, "sounds like a plan!" He spotted the ukulele behind her shoulder on the table. Wow, he wondered if he would have any talent or no... "We shall find out if this is my 'thing' or not," he laughed.

(Just wanted to let you know that I won't be on for awhile- taking a slight break from the internet).

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“I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.” She smiled, inviting him to sit. She put some chord diagrams up on the music stand so he could see. “We’re gonna start with easy chords that you can use to play any song.” She explained

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(I'm back in action to start my RPs again. Hope your August had been well).

"I'm certainly sure of it too," Arthur said with a smile- then a nervous expression, noticing how much he sounded like a poem. "Sounds like a plan," Arthur snapped out of thought and studied the diagram before preparing for the beginning of his lesson.

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Dorothy smiled as she played a few chords absentmindedly on her ukulele. After he had investigated the diagrams enough, she started to explain them. “This is a c chords. It’s really easy, just your third finger on the first string on the third fret.” She said, demonstrating.

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Arthur watched in admiration as the cords had strung out in the air with a melodic rhythm. "Alright," she commented with a gentle smile that curled upon his lips, watching Dorothy and occasionally taking his glance to her perfectly soft face. He shook out of it and watched her fingers on the ukelele again, starting to grasp it though wishing he'd been more focused.

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“Can you strum that for me?” She asked, being quiet with her ukulele.

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"I can give it a try," Arthur walked closer to Dorothy with the same smile he had previously worn.

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Dorothy smiled, crossing her legs as she listened

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((I'm so terribly sorry for this late of a reply, I can't believe it! Time's moved faster than I have. Rrrr.))

Arthur had taken the ukelele from Dorthy and began to strum it gently, a few odd notes rolling off the strings.

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((It’s cool.))

Dorothy grinned. “Good! I little sharp but still good. Try it faster.” She said

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Arthur let his fingers strum across the strings at a bit more of a loose speed, sharp notes falling off, but a smile on his face.

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Dorothy smiled at him. “You’re doing so good.” She encouraged

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"I'm trying," he chuckled softly and balanced the ukelele, still strumming to a tune he remembered from being little. He did try his hardest to follow it.

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