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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Kids chapter book main character is reading some book series and wants the next one but it’s checked out to a girl whose name (I think) is Melody Hicks...she also makes friends with another girl who has a pet wolf. [s]

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Ckipp | 13 comments The main character takes a bus to the library, she meets a very quiet girl who is small and wears her hair in a bun (?)...she imagines melody hicks to be a beautiful snobby girl who cares little about other people’s feelings and just wants her to return the book. Then she finds melody and she’s sort of scruffy and tough- looking. I remember the details for sure but it’s possible I have the name wrong

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Ann aka Iftcan (iftcan) | 6967 comments Mod
Ckipp, I've deleted the duplicate posting you made for this book.

Now, a few questions--when did you read this? Any memory of the book cover? Where did you find the book--library, book store, teacher recommended it/required reading for school?

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Ckipp | 13 comments Sorry I forgot to add that - definitely 1980s. I don’t remember the cover but there were a few pencil sketches throughout the book.

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Ckipp | 13 comments I probably got it at the library or bought it from one of those book orders.

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bookel | 2415 comments Search Google Books.
Wolf "Melody Hicks"

Veronica the Show-Off by Nancy K. Robinson.

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Ckipp | 13 comments Yes that’s it!!

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Ckipp | 13 comments I only have a mobile- can someone move it to solved? Thanks!!

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