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Just elaborating on what has been written on the first page. Please take a read through and sign your name below!

1) Respect is important so please be kind to your fellow roleplayers and deal with any problems maturely. If the mods see any bullying or rude behaviour it will result in a warning. Remarks of a racist, homophobic or sexist nature will not be permitted.

2) No god-modding. We understand that for some character's, pushy behaviour is in their nature. However if you do intend to write a scene that could be interpreted as god-modding please ensure that your roleplaying partner is comfortable with this.

3) No anime face claims, please only use images of real people.

4) Swearing is allowed within the role-play however please make sure that this is only done in character and not directed at other role-players. Again, play nice.

5) This is an advanced roleplay so try to write detailed posts (at least four sentences) where possible so that your rp partner has something to work with.

6) Try to avoid writing explicit scenes within the role-play, if you feel your characters are headed in that direction please take it to PM or fade to black. We do however actively encourage all romance so please get right on that.

7) Do not start roleplaying before a mod has approved your character

8) Please use proper grammar and spelling

9) Ensure that your character conforms to the setting of the rp and the general environment in which they reside.

10) Please include diversity in your characters, this is so important!!

Thanks all!

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