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The shop is an inn that rents out rooms to travelers. It also has a small gift shop in the front that sells wooden crow figurines, which, not surprising, haven't once made a sale.

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Wren's gaze dropped to the crow figurines on the shelf. She grimaced slightly at their appearance. "No wonder none of then ever sell.." she muttered to herself. Wren tugged at the strap of her satchel, trying to pull it over her shoulder. She sighed and began making her way to the front desk. Of course, no one was there. Wren cursed softly, and rung the bell that was located a few inches from her. "Screw this." She mumbled to no one, and left a few coins on the desk. Wren grabbed a random room key, and began making her way to the stairs. She quickly hopped up the stairs, and ran to her room. Wren struggled with the key, but was eventually able to get it open. Wren literally threw her bags onto the bed, but kept her satchel close to her side. She locked the door, and decided to go to the bar.

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butterbean (formerly jellybean) (thatonerebelliousgirloverthere) | 338 comments Walking into the Inn with a smile on his face, Miles seemingly made his way up to the main counter and dug into his pocket for the coins needed to buy a room. He knew he should get out of the house for awhile and just chill out, so that's what he was trying to do. Turning around and looking all around the room, his gaze drifted onto a few small crow figurines. Grabbing one, Miles turned it around in his hands, looking at every single part of it and admiring it's old rough appearance. Moving back to place it onto it's spot, the crow slipped through his hands and fell to the floor sending a small, clunk throughout the room.

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Adeline | 133 comments "You break it you buy it," Grey said, stepping out from a small office when she heard the figurine fall to the floor. It might actually be broken, and she may just get some extra money today. "How can I help you?" She asked, eyeing the man in front of her. He was the third person here, a side from the girl who hadn't bothered to wait to get a room and had just taken a key and gone up. Grey was still a little mad about that. She had a sign that said 'Ring bell and wait until desk manager arrives please.' It was very annoying when people didn't look at it.

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Wren had already gone to the bar, and was seated at the end of the counter. She stared down into the brownish-caramel colored liquid and sighed. Wren needed to get away, and this was the perfect place. She felt slightly guilty about not waiting for a room, but she paid more than enough, and hoped it would cover it. Wren snapped out of her thoughts and picked up her glass. She brought the glass to her lips, but paused. After a few moments of thinking that she probably shouldn’t drown all her sorrows in alcohol, she downed the glass as fast as she possibly could.

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butterbean (formerly jellybean) (thatonerebelliousgirloverthere) | 338 comments Shooting upwards, Miles just froze, looking at the woman with a embrassessed grin on his face. "Uhh, so sorry ma'am." He responded, grabbing the crow and setting it carefully onto the shelf. "Well I would love to have a room here at the Inn if you don't mind me asking." Miles stated back, unfrozen from his spot and wiping his hands on his long tan coat. Folding his hands together before undoing so and placing them in his pockets, he just gave a nice warm grin towards the desk manager. "Sorry to give you trouble."

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Adeline | 133 comments Picking a key at random she looked at the number. "Room 14. I'll need your name, first and last. Don't worry about the crow. I can make another," She said, grabbing a pencil and a name card. "How long will you be here as well?" she asked, pencil poised above the paper, ready to write when he answered. Just then, the other guest in room 3 came stumbling down the stairs muttering a string of curses. Glaring at both of them, he barged out the door. "Must be the 'rat' again," she muttered.

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Wren let out another sigh, as she quickly ordered another drink. And another. And another. She was fine though, Wren could certainly handle her liquor. Once she finished her fourth drink, she grabbed a fistful of coins from her satchel onto the counter. Wren slid off of the chair, and steadied herself on the group. The clicking of Wren’s heels echoed through the Inn, as she made her way to the counter. Now, there was someone at the counter, and another male who looked to be getting a room. Wren’s violet eyes darted around the room, before stepping up to the counter. She patiently waited for the male to finish, and took that time to fish out her business card.

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butterbean (formerly jellybean) (thatonerebelliousgirloverthere) | 338 comments Miles nodded his head, taking the pencil and writing the small Miles Callow onto the name card. After writing one day right onto the line, he passed the card back towards the woman. Turning to the new woman right next to him, the male just grinned and slightly waved his hand in a welcome. "Room 14? Sounds good to me." Digging into his pocket for more coins, Miles muttered to himself. "I might need a drink after this."

((Hope this is okay. >~<))

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Adeline | 133 comments She took the card from him and glanced at it before putting it in a drawer. "If you have any questions or concerns please come talk to me or one of the other staff members Mr. Callow," she looked at the woman who had entered as she said this. "You already have a room, yes?" She recognized her as the one who had taken the key and gone up. "Please write your name and how long you'll be staying." She took another card out and handed the woman a pencil.

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Wren didn't respond. She just slid the woman her business card, which contained her name and occupation. Wren turned to the male, who had waved at her. Of course, Wren took this the wrong way. She flashed a quick smirk, before walking over to him. Wren balled her hand into a fist, and took a swing at him.

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butterbean (formerly jellybean) (thatonerebelliousgirloverthere) | 338 comments Miles didn't seem to understand what made the woman so angry, but seeing the incoming fist made him yelp in fear and turn. He was of course to slow and was slammed in the top of his arm. Gritting his teeth, he placed a hand up at the striking point and sent a glare the woman's way. "What the hell do you think you're doing?!" He yelled, sending small daggers through his eyes. "What is your problem?"

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Adeline | 133 comments "Miss Porter, how long will you be staying here?" Grey asked, trying very hard to ignore the growing tensions in the tiny front room. She had been very excited as Wren Porter was the royal doctor and she was staying at Black Crow. She was not excited anymore due to the fact that the royal doctor seemed to have violent mood swings. "And are you alright Mr. Callow?" That swing looked like it had packed quite a punch.

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