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「01.」 Supernatural
▾ ⋮ name:
Colette "Ollie" Heart
▾ ⋮ species:
▾ ⋮ power lvl: (request anything above 7)
▾ ⋮ wealth :
middle class
▾ ⋮ place of birth:
▾ ⋮ influence: (sun, moon, or shade)
▾ ⋮ year:
▾ ⋮ house:
▾ ⋮ personality:
ollie is a very odd person. She is incredibly laid back and lazy, yet also incredibly smart. She cares as much about her grades as she does caring about what she's going to eat tomorrow for breakfast. Ollie appears shy, but really, she just doesn't want to talk to you. She's incredibly kind towards most people, mainly her friends; but she doesn't like interacting with people she's not really acquainted with. Ollie is a risk taker. She loves adventure, but she also likes lying on the couch with a plate full of taquitos. Ollie loves to explore when she's feeling motivated (usually after several cups of coffee or several cans of her favorite energy drink). She is very protective of her friends and is incredibly loyal towards them.
▾ ⋮ history:
ollie had a very, very boring past. She was born on a particularly chilly day, near the middle of February. Ollie's mother was an artist, as well as a sparked shapeshifter; while her father was a dentist. Ollie grew up in a very supportive household. Her parents never pressured her into doing anything. They encouraged her to do the things that she wanted to do. Ollie joined a few sports but quickly dropped out when she realized all the physical activity involved. She did get very into jogging though. When Ollie was 10, her mother didn't return home one night. She hasn't returned since. To this day, Ollie has no idea what happened to the poor woman. When Ollie got over her mother's disappearance, she was enrolled in Addermire Institute, where her mother had gone.
▾ ⋮ lineage:
▻ mother - sparked
▻ father - mundane

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