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A Brian Aldiss Group?

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message 1: by Shane (new)

Shane | 26 comments Mod
The official Brian Aldiss site has a forum but its a bit quiet and seems to have trouble with spammers. Since goodreads is full of readers hanging around online this seems like a good place to have an Aldiss group. With a new book just published (Walcot) , two more on the way and countless old ones theres plenty to talk about! Hopefully I'm not the only fan...


message 2: by Larry (new)

Larry (hal9000i) | 30 comments Nope, youre not the only fan! I'm also on that forum but like you say its quiet and troubled.

message 3: by Shane (new)

Shane | 26 comments Mod
Hi Larry

I dont suppose this place is likely to get too hectic either. The other site is nice though, lots of info and trivia etc.

message 4: by Larry (new)

Larry (hal9000i) | 30 comments Well let's spread the word eh!
BTW, What's your favourite Aldiss novel?

message 5: by Shane (new)

Shane | 26 comments Mod
Hmmm, thats a tough one. The Malacia Tapestry stands out for me, if I had to pick a favorite I'd go for that. Frankenstein Unbound was another favorite of the sci-fi novels and some of the stories in The Moment Of Eclipse are incredible. I also loved the squire books (more than the sci-fi maybe). Somewhere East Of Life was the first Aldiss book i read. Theres still a good few i have yet to read.

How about yourself?

message 6: by Larry (new)

Larry (hal9000i) | 30 comments Hmm, I've only read his SF to be honest-not a fan of mainstream fiction per se (tho I'd give Walcot a go).
My favourite so far is either Hothouse or The Dark Light Years

message 7: by Mohammed (new)

Mohammed  (mohammedaosman) | 5 comments I havent read much of Aldiss but i find interesting and plan to read one of his novels soon.

Read only a short story or two so far.

message 8: by Larry (new)

Larry (hal9000i) | 30 comments He's very diverse conn,and not just SF-he has a few contemporary novels including a new one out called Walcot. He has also done poetry and fantasy and done a version of Dracula. If you like HGWells type SF you must find the novella The Saliva Tree, its really good retro SF

message 9: by Mirek (new)

Mirek | 4 comments Favorite Aldiss novel would be Helliconia Spring.

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