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(i'll make this prettier eventually)

hawks (bnha)
byun baek-hyun
jackson wang
yoon jeonghan
kunpimook bhuwakul

lalisa manoban
cara delevinge
rose mcgowan (jawbreaker)
winona ryder

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「01.」 Supernatural      「02.」Age             「03.」Disposition
 ━━━ description━━━description━━━
「A」▾ ⋮ name:
▾ ⋮ species:
▾ ⋮ power lvl:
▾ ⋮ wealth :                 
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「B」▾ ⋮ place of birth:
▾ ⋮ influence:
▾ ⋮ year:
▾ ⋮ house:      
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「C」▾ ⋮ personality:

▾ ⋮ history:

▾ ⋮ lineage:
▻ mother - (mundane or sparked)
▻ father - (mundane or sparked)

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destiny is often jealous of us

name age species↲Smiley faceSmiley face
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Smiley faceSmiley faceSmiley faceinfluence year house↲
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history mother+father mundane or sparked
etc abilities, weapons,power lvl, wealth

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let's make a night
just you and i

jaesuk kim 18 incubus↲Smiley faceSmiley face
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power lvl 6.5
appearance jaesuk stands at 5'9, around the average height for a male his age. he has light tan skin, free of any blemishes. he has a small scar on the pinkie finger of his left hand, from trying to use a knife when he was younger. jaesuk's hair is dyed a shade of dark red, and when he doesn't take the time to style it, his hair will stick out in all directions. depending on his mood in the morning, jaesuk will choose whether or not to wear a bit of eye shadow. either way, he gets people falling for him left and right with his looks.
Smiley faceSmiley faceSmiley facemoon 7 house↲
Smiley face
personality jaesuk comes off as the type of person parents would want their children to become like. he's kind, he gets good grades, and he's naturally very social. people who aren't very perceptive would assume that that was all there was to him. obviously, that isn't the case. beneath the facade, he's a huge manipulator, very confident, a complete and total flirt, and overall a totally different person. he doesn't mind pushing others around to have something end in his favor. he's quite the heart breaker, enjoying playing around with other's emotions and feelings. of course he doesn't openly share that he enjoys doing so, and keeps this part of him to himself. while people say he shouldn't be proud of being the stereotypical incubus, he finds it amusing that people tend get so angry about his relationships. jaesuk, despite acting the way he does doesn't handle criticism very well. he often gets upset over a simple remark, and will become very snippety with whoever it was that upset him. jaesuk is a bit of a hypocrite, often playing around with other's feelings and tricking them. he on the other hand despises being tricked, and would prefer to control everyone and everything. while jaesuk doesn't get super angry easily, he does tend to argue a lot. he likes being right, even when he's wrong. even so, jaesuk is a student of addermire and he believes in their morals. surprisingly he enjoys attending addermire, and being around people like him. while he'd rather prefer not to make the first move in a relationship, he doesn't get flustered. he's surprisingly seen a lot, and been through his fair share of boyfriends.
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history jaesuk's mother was a succubus, while his father was a sparked sorcerer. his mother was known to be rather vile, having more enemies than friends. she lived in portermount, and one day met a sparked human. the two seemed to argue often, but in the end they really did love each other. at least, that's what the people around them thought. when jaesuk was born, things were already pretty terrible. his mother was caught hooking up with other men on the side. despite having a great connection with his mother, jaesuk's father was angry and tried to keep jaesuk away from her. he didn't want his son to grow up like her. even then, jaesuk is very similar to his mother. things went on like this for a while. his father insisted on watching jaesuk, and his mother would try to visit often. throughout his childhood his mother would constantly be out of the picture, as she eventually gave up on trying. jaesuk's father on the other hand, decided to remarry. he married a human from his former highschool. she was very, very mundane so it was strange for her to be in portermount. jaesuk and his step mother did not get along. part of him refused to get along with her,, because he felt she was a replacement for his real mother. the other part of him simply hated her. no matter what she said, or did, he'd be very fed up with it. when he started attending addermire. jaesuk felt free of his family and still enjoys it to this day. he tries not to visit often, unless him and his mother make plans. despite her giving up, he still prefers her over his step mother.

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