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-- near the entrance of the forgotten vale

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments Cricket was watching the sunlight peak through as the morning had arrived. The gardens were a peaceful place that calmed his murdeous appetite, espically in the morning. He sat on a rock with a mug of black coffee, sipping it occasionally. He wore duller clothes than usually, feeling the darker outfit was a match for his feeling today. His button up shirt was a grey color, and it wasnt buttoned up, letting his chest hang out. He also wore ripped jeans, sneakers ans a pair of aviators that refelcted the sunlight. The rock Cricket sat on was nice and sturdy to hold his wait, and brought a nice view to outside the vale.

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She'd been sleeping at Addermire less and less. Reason being, she felt like there were a few people who suspected her affiliation with Defacto. And with the recent death - well it just wasn't safe to be at Addermire much anymore. She'd been scouting the area when she noticed him, and at first she hadn't intended on approaching. But he looked... different. So as a spur of the moment decision - she crossed through the tall grass and stopped a few feet away, "What's up with you?" she questioned, tilting her head.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments Cricket ooked over and heard the honey voice of Denali asking what was wrong. "Oh, nothing, sugar. Just pondering life and all that other good stuff." He wasnt, to be honest, Cricket just liked the view. The sun made everything else look so vivid. He didnt bother fixing his shirt at all as he walked over to Denali. "What brings you out here, your highness?" Those little names were to agitate her, as Cricket already got her to be one of them, now he could mess with her anyway his heart desired. The coffee cup remained on the rock, steaming ahainst the morining chill.

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Clearly annoyed by the nickname, Denali rolled her eyes, folding her arms over her chest, "Scouting. It's better than sitting up here moping" she spoke with a challenging tone. She walked past him, taking the cup and sipping out of it calmly, "Hope you didn't plan on finishing this"

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments He put a hand to hid chest. "I am not mopping. I am just simply enjoying nature. Its a gorgeous view." He motion to the sky as she dared accused him of such an activity. "Well, not anymore. You enjoy the brew." He smirked and returned back to the rock, staring out once more. "Times, they are changing. Yes mame. I can feel it in the air. Life will be diffrent for everybody. It will happen." His eyes wandered towards the entrance of the vale, seeing folks stealthily make it by. Thank goodness for the simple cantrip of eagle vision to see them crawling or crouching around. It brought a more natural smile to his face and he appeared much more calm amd relaxed than usual

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments ..

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Denali sipped at the coffee, an unamused expression painting her sharp features as she raised a brow up at him, "You do realize I have a name right, bug" she questioned. She figured she wouldn't call him by his name if he didn't call her by hers. And she had a feeling she wouldn't be a princess for much longer. They'd revoke her right to the throne once they realized what she'd been getting up to.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments "Indeed I do, Denali, but it is so much easier to call you a name. And bug is a good choice." His hand waved a little and some sort of warmth hit the cold day, knocking some of the dew off as a small camp fire appeared in the dirt a few feet away from them. He didnt know why the girl was here, scouting seemed like a lame reason, even for her, but he wouldnt complain. The girl was a beauty and she had a fire in her that he liked so Cricket just smiled and let her move the conversation.

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Denali stared at him for a few moments longer than she needed to, tilting her chin up and folding her arms, "... I know" she said matter-of-factly. Even when she was agreeing with him it still somehow sounded as though she weren't exactly agreeing with him. "... I'm surprised you're not off selling booze to highschool students and being creepy. Well okay, you're always kinda creepy" she spoke, sitting down by the fire and pulling her hair up into a tie.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments "Creepy can be mysterious. Some woman like that. And that will be much later tonight. Also, for your information, I have a store in Syracuse where I make much more than liquor." Cricket shook his head, this woman could never sound not stuck up. He noticed that she stared fir a bit longr and streched, letting the shirt move away and his chest show off for a bit, not on purpose. He got up and sat on the other side of thr campfurr and felt its warmth.

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"Talking about what women like in the context of highschool students really isn't helping your case here" she pointed out, calmly sipping away at the coffee. She stared again before quickly looking away, "Or theirs" she muttered to herself, "what got you into making booze?"

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments "But it works, so i dont mind too much. Though I never would do anything along thise lines if the girl is a young one. I maybe be in fact a pyschopath, but I still have morals." Yeah, Cricket knew he was a monster and not everyone thought like he did, thats why he loved defacto and its leader. Being defiant and 'villainous' in the name of bringing back a world where everything was right again made him smile with joy. His hand reach around the tiny campfure and took his cup from her to take a drink than retyrned it to her. "I make elixers, deary, potions and other liquids, not just booze." Cricket took pride in his work. "Ive always just had a knack for it, being both magically and alchemically gifted it just came easy to me. I use to be a boring old man, some of who I am today was tucked away in the corner of my mind. But Chaos opened my eyes and showed me the way, and for that I will always be grateful."

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"Those lines?" Denali didn't indulge any of the other things Cricket had said. The fact that she was even slightly interested in his sex life was probably pretty telling. She shook her head and reached up to brush a lock of hair behind her ear, finishing the coffee, "Whatever. So what you're saying is he gave you a sense of direction?" she questioned.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments "Fucking, Denali, fucking. I wont have sex with anyone too underage, but a bit of flirting never nurt of the boys or girls I do it to." He sighed, not understanding why he had to be that blunt with the girl. Though as he thought about it, that biy of hunger grew in his eyes as he realized that..she might be a little interested in what he had to say. This living breathing being of indiffrence and sass cared about something. Huh. "In a way, yes. He realized my true self before I did and opened it up for the world to see."

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Denali tensed faintly, not at the vulgarity, but at the implication that he was flirting with people. It annoyed her. It really annoyed her. Though she didn't show any indication of that. "Wow. That's kind of cute, pathetic but cute" she retorted, raising her brows and finishing up the rest of the coffee.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments "You will see in time Denali, then it wont be cute or pathetic, but powerful." This was the most serious he had ever talked to her before, but he had been able to spend plenty of alone time with her and sent her off to another harbringer to teach her things, whether or not she had gone to the widow was a diffrent story all together. He took the cup from her once she finished it and tossed it in the fire, muttering an incantation which turned it to wood, allowing the fure to consume it.

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She seemed startled when he took the cup from her, eyes widening faintly, "... You could have not" she grumbled, shaking her head, "God you're so extra sometimes I swear. If this gig doesn't work out, you should go join a circus" she added, trying to change the subject. She didn't like how serious it'd gotten, how tense it felt. She'd already been anxious enough these past few days.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments Cricket laughed. "Oh, did I scare the poor princess?" He chuckled again and streched out, button up only the bottom four buttons and adjudting his necklace he always wore, even in bed or in the shower. It was Cricket's good luch charm and it had to be worn at all times. "The circus? Never thought of that. But all of them are too fake and the magic too cheesy. I woukd kill a few of them even before my first show." Giving her a devilsh grin the fire magically went out as the sun was now out enough for the warmth of it to naturally heat the two.

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"Scare me?" she scoffed, narrowing her eyes and waving the thought away dismissively, "Don't flatter yourself." she added, ignoring his comment about the circus. It was a joke. Sometimes she swore he took things literally.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments "Well, I getting plenty praise from others so I dont need to flatter myself." He smirked again and pulled out a coin from his pocket and fiddled with it. The coin was obviously magical, golden and with an arcanic rune on it and as he fliped it into the air, it flashed slightly with magic and an image appeared for the moment of a gorgeous looking redhead with blue eyes and a gorgeous body in a black dress. Though the image was gone in a flash, but would return each time he flipped it. "Simple magic, but it is effective in drawing peolpe away from things. What magic can you do?" He asked, curious and his eyes showed the same feeling as his gaze turned to her

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Denali stared at him and furrowed her brows, "... The kind of magic I preform is none of your business" she said simply, tilting her head to the side and folding her hands together, "And anyways, it's not exactly appropriate to talk about casually" she added, thrumming her fingers against the wood below her.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments "Now, I think we are in a more private conversation, dont you? So come on..Show me." Bingo. Cricket found a thing she wasnt willing to share and he would egg her on until she showed him. This was her first lesson, always give the information your superiors want. Cricket was a harbinger, handpicked by Tobias to do his deed, or thats how he thought it was, and he wanted knowledge, as it was power.

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Denali raised her brows at him before smirking smugly, "No" she retorted, tilting her chin up pompously, "why would I?" She challenged, folding her arms.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments "Because..hmm..why should you.." He tapped his chin in mock thought and then raised a finger as if he had a sudden idea rush to his mind. "Because I shall kill you where you sit if you dont!" That was a partial joke, though his face still held the same grin. It was always hard to tell if Cricket took something as serious or not. It was part of his many skills he acquired over the years, his poker face was golden. The way she held herself made him want to grab her a push her down a few levels, show that she wasnt as hig and mighty as she thought she was but patience. That was what it was going to take.

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Her gaze flickered over him slowly, expression thoroughly unconvinced, fingers thrumming at her sides, "You're going to kill me." her brows raised, humored by his claim. "You? That's cute, brave, but cute" she retorted, shaking her head. She didn't believe he'd lay a hand on her - not just because she was literally a princess but because he was kind of a softy.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments As she was shaking her head, he sighed and muttered a few words before boom, he was right 8n front of her, nasty looking dagger right up against her throat and he was holind the back of her head to force her to look up at him. "How cute is it now, Denali?" He pushed the blade in slightly deeper as he held her. This wasnt to hurt her in any way, but to teach her another fine lesson. Lesson 2; Never underestimate anybody. Cricket had done that and nearly lost his legs because of it. He held her there for a mokent, looking direcrly in her eyes before kwtting hwr go and the knife returning to whatever little place he put it in. Cricket wasnt the most masterful magician, but knew an areay of speels and that was one of his few 'combative' spells, the boost of spped and reaction. Mostly it was his pocket whi cnnhc he hekd many things and charms.

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Denali tensed and stiffened at his grip, eyes widening faintly as she glanced down at the blade. Once he'd put it away she smirked, running the back of her fingertips up his arm and tracing symbols into his skin, though before he could pull away she brushed her lips against his, a spark of gold settling between them before the entirety of him was paralyzed. "Sex magic, second class runes" she said calmly, staring into his eyes for a moment before pushing him aside, letting him collapse to the ground, the symbols along his arm glowing gold. He'd be paralyzed for another fifteen seconds or so.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments God Damn. She was good. He smirked mentally as his body was frozen, but as he finally got control of his limbs he let out a laugh. "Geez-Us Fuck. Of all the magics a princess could choose, you thought sex magic would be the best for you?" He laughed for a bit longer before standing up and streching against the morning sun. He found that hilarious but even that brush against his lips made his brain tingle in way he hated and loved. "Any adverse side effects to those magics for you? Besides whatever stupid joke your thinking up of like having to kiss me yada yada yada." He pulled that blade back out again and a few bottles and herbs, with a small bowl. He began to work on something as she talked, having a seat on the stone and plucking a few nearby flowers until he made a perfect reddish colored dust. "There you are. Being of witch background, my magic more relies on making something. For instance." He then blew some right into her face. "Magic powder that blind someone for a minute or longer if i make it more stronger."

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"I didn't choose the magic - the magic chose me" She said simply, shrugging and watching him work, brows raised curiously, "I happen to be good at it - I'd like to think anyways. I work on other things, but that's my forte, even if I don't get very much practice" she explained. She blinked and coughed faintly, finding her own vision slightly impaired. It wasn't gone - but blurred quite a bit. She sat there, rubbing her eyes, "Dickhead" she grumbled.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments "Fair enough, dear. I just found it funny thats all." His laughter had comedown to a smirk as she called him a dickhead. "At your service." He stayed on the rocked but cleaned up his mess, keeping an to make sure she didnt burdt into flames, as some habe a bad reaction to the powder but she looked alright. It would have been fun to watch her be in pain though. "Have you gotten all your scouting in then? Seen the sights of the home of chaos?" He asked, sounding kind of like a brochure. "What all can magic, you called it? Do exacttly. I have looked into it myself, but found it harder to learn then most." What he didnt know was a lot of folks just had magic, Cricker had to learn all of his, through tomes and spellbooks. He had maybe a crooked deal more than once in his lifetime for knowledge in the darker arts

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"What I want it to" she replied matter of factly, folding her arms over her chest and raising her brows, "It depends on the intensity, and it's an intimate magic, but essentially I can do what I want to with it. I really don't want to get into the little details" she explained, grimacing faintly. She was a bit of a prude when it came to actually talking about that kind of stuff.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments Cricket listened to her, intrigued. "Fascinating. Well you might come in handy after all." He jested and stood up. "Well I am heading inisde deary if you care to join me?" Quickly buttoning up his shirt, he walked off, not giving her time to answer amd see if she jooned him or not. Thw princess seemed interested in him, Cricket didnt know how far that was but at least the bait was working, then he'd just have to snag her and then he would have his own mentor, someone to train in his craft and show her not to be a stuck up bitch all the time. But, for now, she would work with the Widow, no matter how much that woman hates him, or loves him from time to very rare time.

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