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message 1: by Anne ✨ (last edited Aug 12, 2018 07:50PM) (new)

Anne ✨ Finds Joy (annefindsjoy) | 718 comments Our August theme is: "Adventure Trip" : adventure, travel, quest, trip, map, treasure etc

Here's how to participate in our new Monthly Read + Write (R+W) activity

*************** 1. READ *********************
Do you have an adventure book on your TBR? August is a GREAT time to read it!
- For new book ideas, see Goodreads Adventure genre page or see lists such as Adventure Quest book list
- Or choose an adventure book from our Icebreaker Book Recommendations. You can also recommend a favorite adventure book to others too!

******************* 2. WRITE *****************
- Write to a PenPal about a place you’ve visited or an adventurous experience you’ve had. Is there a place that you'd love to visit someday? Do you like reading adventure books? What are your favorites? If you and your PenPal both like adventure books, choose a book to buddy read together this month.

WHO do you write to, you ask?
i) Write to an existing PenPal you've corresponded with in previous challenges/activities
ii) Write to a new PenPal - check-out the 'Seeking a PenPal' threads, or Age Group threads, (or any activity thread) and choose someone new to correspond with this month.

********************** 3. SHARE ****************
Update below with what adventure books you're reading and how your PenPal connections are going this month!

Read, Write, Share, Connect. Read, Write, Share, Connect. Read, Write, Share, Connect.... you get the idea :) Happy adventuring PenPals! And don't forget to let us know how it's going with this activity!

message 2: by Anne ✨ (new)

Anne ✨ Finds Joy (annefindsjoy) | 718 comments For those doing the Summer Themed Task Challenge, an adventure book meets task #18: Time of Our Lives – Read a book in which the characters go on an adventure

I'm going to read The Boys in the Boat: Nine Americans and Their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics

My local area book club has chosen it for the September read, so I'll be ahead of the game for a change :)

message 3: by Jazzy (last edited Aug 15, 2018 09:45AM) (new)

Jazzy Lemon (jazzylemon) | 494 comments I'm reading The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams
for the Summer Themed Challenge, 12. Sun, Moon, and Stars – Read a book that takes place in outer space

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