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devo (yourdevotion) | 6 comments


hey y'all it's devo and i know you're sick and tired of the same old barbara palvin & francisco lachowski claims that appear oh so often, so i've complied a bunch of newer claims ranging from white to poc male and female. please keep in mind that not all
these face claims have tons of gifs, or gifs at all
. hopefully this is helpful to y'all, i will also post tumblr pages where i get my gifs and edits from (if any of you guys have any suggestions or want to add a faceclaim or tumblr page/gifhunt feel free to do so). all masterlists will be edited frequently so make sure to check back to see what's updated. enjoy!

ps, i am not a gif hunter, i can only help y’all so much

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cosmic (erosful) | 53 comments

wow what a queen

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devo (yourdevotion) | 6 comments cosmic [fluctuating] wrote: "

wow what a queen


i try

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devo (yourdevotion) | 6 comments


caucasain males

cole mohr
daniel illescas
darwin gray
carty caruso
gaspard menier
jaime ortiz
jonathan bellini
jhonattan burjack
lucky blue smith
neels visser
sean o pry
sam way
tim borrmann

south asain males

bang byungchan (korean)
choi minho (korean)
choi seungcheol (korean)
earth vangwithayakul (thai)
felix lee (korean)
hong jisoo (joshua) (korean)
huang renjun (korean)
im changkyun (korean)
jeon wonwoo (korean)
kim donghan (korean)
kim seungmin (korean)
lee hongbin (korean)
lee seokmin (korean)
lee taemin (korean)
liam samuels (thai)

person of color males

broderick hunter
brian whittaker
keith powers
reece king
trevor jackson
younes kahlaoui

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