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Christine This months group read from the 100 list. I read this many, many years ago and really enjoyed it. I hope those of you who are going to give it a go this month enjoy it too.

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Buck (spectru) I read War and Peace last year. I didn't write a review.
I think I would have understood better what was happening if I knew the history. I expect that Russian readers were/are familiar with it but my knowledge of the Napoleonic wars is practically nil. I found the war parts exciting and interesting. The peace parts less so. It has faded in my memory so, I might recognize the characters if I heard their names, but I can't name them.

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Christine I read this a long, long time ago but I remember finding the war parts a bit boring and the peace parts interesting, the opposite of you Buck. It's one of those books that need a second reading, which I might do someday but not this month.

Charmaine Saliba  | 1 comments I am currently reading it. I am not that far into it, I am on Book 3 and I am struggling with the war part. I can't connect with any of the characters so far. The only one that I found interesting is Princess Anna (Boris's mother), she is unlikeable but at least keeps things interesting. Really I can't stand Prince Vasili. At first, I struggled to remember who is who and had to go and check the characters list but I am getting used to them. I have a question for those who had read this novel. Is it possible that Prince Nicholas is in love with the Emperor, not just admiration but real love?

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